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Chikamso Ozonigbo Biography, Age, Wife And Net Worth 2023

Chikamso Ozonigbo is that little boy with a pudgy face you see on Nollywood comedies acting in a funny manner, and making people laugh till they spill their drinks. He is definitely one of the fastest rising talents in the Nigerian movie industry; he has already established himself in the hearts and minds of the industry’s followers not just within the country; it even looks like most of his fans are from outside Nigeria.

Chikamso Ozonigbo as certainly helped by his diminutive stature; but that does not take anything away from his abundance of natural talent. He is reminiscent of the acting prowess of Aki and PawPaw back in the day, before the pair grew up. He has already featured in several highly rated comedies which have become fans favorites in the country and beyond.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Biography

Chikamso Ozonigbo

In this post we want to find out as much as we can about him, as well as how far he has come in acting, and what the future looks like for this promising young man.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Biodata

Real Name: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo

Date of Birth: March 6th, 1994

Place of Birth: Anambra State, Nigeria

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: Nigerian

Chikamso Ozonigbo Biography

Despite being so young he has already established himself as a big actor in Nollywood; Chikamso Ozonigbo has succeeded in making a name for himself as a comedian. He has featured in several top films such as Sweet and TomTom, Nwa Eze Ndiara, Commissioner Happiness, Problem Child, Billionaire Gang, Disco Dancers, and Sunny Boy.

He has forged great on screen rapports with top Nollywood personalities like Zubby Michael (who many people think is his father), as well as with Obio Oluebube, Sylvester Madu, Queen Nwokoye, Chiwetalu Agu, Chioma Anosike, and so on.

He owes his fame to Zubby Michael; it was he who brought Chikamso Ozonigbo to limelight by giving him the role in the movie Nwa Eze Ndi Ala; but it was Chikamso who grabbed the opportunity with both hands, and put up a display worthy of star, and today, he reaps the rewards.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Chikamso Ozonigbo’s career is that his small stature which makes him look like a 10 year old, when in fact he is approaching 30. It is unreasonable to even think that Zubby Michael is his father, unless you do not actually know his age.

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The reason for his small stature is possibly a genetic defect resulting in stunted growth, although this has not been specified. Nevertheless, his small body has certainly worked to his advantage; it has been his biggest selling point as an actor.

Personal Life

Chikamso Ozonigbo is just as lively as he appears on screen. He is playful and fun to be with, but at the same time he is someone who prefers to be at home with loved ones, rather than to be in the public eye all the time.

Chikamso Ozonigbo is a believer in the doctrine of hard work; even though Zubby Michael has been his godfather in the movie business,, he has not relented or gone soft when it comes

Chikamso Ozonigbo Early Life

Chikamso Ozonigbo was born on March 6th, 1994, in Anambra State, Nigeria. He attended both primary and secondary schools in his native Anambra State; one unspecified report said he obtained his first school leaving certificate at the Onitsha High School in Anambra State, Nigeria. he grew up watching Aki and PAwPaw, as well as other comic actors like Chiwetalu Agu, Osofia, and Mr. Ibu, and he stated that he was inspired to pursue acting as a career.

Growing up in Anambra certainly gave him the added advantage because he was able to get inside information about the movie industry; such as when there was an audition, or a production house was looking for fresh actors to feature in movies. His family supported his dream and he was able to attend as many auditions as he could, until he met Zubby Michael; resulting in him being featured in his first film Nwa Eze Ndi ala, which became a big hit.

Career Progression

Since his successful appearance in Nwa Eze Ndi Ala he has gone on to feature in several movies; showing his talent, and wooing over more fans all over the world. As mentioned above, he seems to have made more fans outside the country than within it; our investigations revealed that his profile appears on blogs and magazines in India, Kenya, South Africa, and of course, Nigeria.

He has also garnered awards and nominations in recognition of his work, showing that the entertainment industry has taken note of his abundance of natural talent.

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Chikamso Ozonigbo has built a strong working relationship with ROCKCELLY FILMS LTD; which helped launch him to stardom; and he has also built a strong relationship with many top actors in the country.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Filmography

Chikamso Ozonigbo has featured in several films during his young career; some of his movies include:

Sweet & tomtom

Problem child

Disco dancers

Sunny boy

Billionaire Gang

Commissioner Happiness

Chikamso Ozonigbo Age

Chikamso Ozonigbo was born on March 6th, 1994, which makes him 29 years old as at 2023. It is understandable that his age is somewhat contentious considering the fact that he looks so young, and that most of the roles he is given depict a young child of about 10 years old.

In truth he is a mature man, and behaves as such when off set.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Wife

Chikamso Ozonigbo is yet unmarried, and so there is no wife at the moment. However, it is understandable that there should be some confusion as to his marital status because there are pictures of him circulating throughout the internet in which he is in a posture that looks like a proposal.

There are many other pictures as well, which show him smiling with beautiful ladies. Perhaps they have all added to the flames of speculation about his marital status.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Net Worth 2023 – $70,000

Chikamso Ozonigbo is estimated to be worth around $70,000. The money comes from his acting. Even though he has not featured in as many films as some of his contemporaries, he has been a top earner in the movies where he has featured. This is mostly because he usually plays the lead role or a supporting role that is vital to the movie.

This net worth is fully expected to grow in leaps and bounds because he is very talented; and there are very few people out there who can compete with him based on his stature. He will therefore continue to be famous, and command a higher salary for his work.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Contact

Chikamso Ozonigbo is active on social media; especially on instagram where he has about 99 thousand followers. He can also be contacted via email through:

It is important to mention that messages will most likely be filtered so the email is only for important communication such as bookings or business proposals. If you wish to just show appreciation for his work as an actor you may do so on his social media handles instead.

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Other Endeavors

Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo also maintains a Youtube account with which he teases clips on movies about to be released. He also does short videos and comedy skits with that youtube account. It is not known how much he earns from this youtube account, but it is estimated that he makes some money from it. You can search out his videos on youtube; his account is Ozonigbonolly Tv.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Social Media

As mentioned above; he is active on social media; his instagram is @realchikamso_ejiofor.

Chikamso Ozonigbo Interesting Facts

The most striking thing is how many people think he is Zubby Michael’s son. This obviously comes from his small stature which causes many people to think he is a child of around 8 to 10 years old, while in actual fact he is about 30 years old. Yes, Zubby Michael is an influential figure in his career, but he is much too old to be Zubby Michael’s son.

Another sinister rumour that surfaced recently was that of his death. There are actually several bloggers and youtube account who went about saying that he had died. The reason for such a callous statement is not known, but we can confirm categorically that Chikamso Ozonigbo is very much alive and well.

Many fans continue to ask if he is married; it could be his female fans who want to know whether they have a chance of marrying this hardworking and versatile actor. Well, as of now he remains unmarried, and so there is still that opportunity to settle down with him, although there is already a woman in his life according to one source, even though the identity of said woman remains unknown.

Chikamso Ozonigbo is a very private person; there is no information about his family and background, although one source says that most of his family members reside in Anambra State, Nigeria.

This is a child of grace and providence; he had no connections to the movie industry but only continued to attend auditions until he was eventually picked by Zubby Michael; and now the rest is history.

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