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Arthur Nkusi: Biography, Age, Instagram, Father, Wedding & Net Worth (2023)

Arthur Nkusi is a comedian, a singer, radio personality, actor, choreographer, and painter. Due to how versatile he is and how he blends smoothly into other fields has made lots of his colleagues call him jack of all trades.

Arthur Nkusi Biography

Arthur was born on the 22nd of July in an Home town of Kigali, Rwanda. he’s a former Big Brother Africa housemate. He represented Rwanda during the 9th season of the show where he became the eighth housemate to be evicted on Day 28 after receiving 1/14 votes to save.

Arthur Nkusi: Biography, Age, Instagram, Father, Wedding & Net Worth ([year]) 1

Big Brother Africa 9

Arthur describes himself as ‘funny, humorous and humble’. He loves the very fact that he’s social and associates with people easily. He enjoys people that are humble, and strongly dislikes people that are not responsible. His favourite foods are rice and beans, his favourite book “The Whole Truth”, and favourite television program “Real Husbands of Hollywood”. He so much loves Usher’s music and his favourite actor in the person of Kevin Hart, is the star of his favourite film, “Think like a Man Too”.

Arthur Nkusi Profile
Real Name: Arthur Nkusi
Date of Birth:     22nd of July,1991 (32 years)
Place of Birth:    Kigali
State of Origin   –
Nationality:         Rwandan
Marital Status:   Single
Occupation:        Actor and Comedian
Net Worth          $200, 000

He says that viewers can expect ‘talent and humour’ from him and if he wins eventually, he’ll invest his money in business. What won’t he do to win? ‘Anything that goes against my human nature’. He strongly believes that ‘originality’ is the neatest thing about Africa, in terms of its culture. His favourite place outside the continent is that the U K , ‘because of the calmness – especially Wales’. Arthur’s model is Chris Rock, because ‘he is basically good when it involves comedy and he has helped numerous comedians to form it on the market’.

In an interview with Sharon Kantengwa, he was asked few things the public might not know about him.

1. What would you say so far is your biggest accomplishment till date?

Well i would say that the level at which my brand as Arthur has reached in Rwanda and mostly East Africa . Once you hear the name Arthur, the word comedy involves mind, which isn’t something easy to accomplish.

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2. Worst habit?

My worst habit, i would say, is spend a lot of cash when it involves making anything happen for a show we are organizing. That’s why I even have a manager that helps control my finances.

3. what’s your favourite time of the day?

The end of day. I always have an honest feeling because that’s once I know what I even have accomplished for the day, and what’s before me. I call it the “me time” and i end it with watching movies.

4. What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my phone, because it’s my mobile office. All the gigs and planning of my projects depend solely on my phone.

5. What would your colleagues and friends say they appreciate about you?

That’s a difficult question, because i’m unsure what they might say. But generally, I’m a giver – most of my friends say that about me. i think that the hand that gives is that same hand that receives.

6. What fictitious character best describes your personality?

I would say “The Bakame character in our books”. It’s smart, creative and a bit rational when it comes to creative thinking.

7. Which is more logical to go with – your heart or your head?

Personally i feel the heart gives you the ideal instincts, and also the head plans the way to use it. i feel it’s logical to follow your heart but use your head while doing so.

8. what’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

The first time a woman told me “I love you”. By then it was magical. you know what I mean?

9. What are your three weaknesses?

I spend money a lot, saying yes all the time and i trust so easily. i’m currently working hard to enhance myself though.

10. What happened the last time you cried?

It was a family matter. It’s a touch personal but it really cracked me to tears.

11. what’s your biggest regret in life so far?

I regret the day I bought a car for the primary time, and it had been a second hand car. It nearly made me run out of finance because I had to repair it all the time. Honestly i will always recall that and will never such again.

12. What’s more important, truth or happiness?

What’s more important is the truth. As they assert , the reality can set you free. What’s the purpose of being happy during a lie?

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13. Where does one often end up singing?

I often find myself singing in the studio once I am on radio. once we play a good song, I increase the volume and sing . I actually do this a day .

14. If you were to concentrate to a song over and over again. What would it be?

It must be a bob marley song; i’m an enormous reggae music fan. Any song from that guy is worth listening 1,000,000 times.

15. What question does one hate to answer?

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I find it in most of the interviews I do or attend .

16. what’s the funniest thing you have ever done or said?

In recent sets that I even have wiped out Kenya and Uganda, it had been a Sauti Sol joke of how they are doing all their songs around one story.

It starts with meeting a woman , you’re taking her home, make love and ask her not to abort. once you meet her it’s “hey Isabella” (the Isabella song). But you see all ladies needs some money, then you ask, “do you want some money?” (the Money Love song). You then take her home and say “turn off the lights sweet baby” (Nishike song) then you end up making out (Shake Your Bum song). She then gets pregnant, calls you with an abortion idea, and that’s when Nerea comes in. Is that a joke?

17. If you didn’t have to worry about money or employment , where in the world would you would like to live?

I would like to live at an island, like Madagascar for instance , or Mauritius. it might be an adventure.

18. What’s your most favourite movie and why?

“Roots”. It’s actually a series; it’s very interesting and shows the comprehensive history of how blacks came to become slaves. The book is additionally amazing because it takes the story in-depth.

19. What would you do in just a week if it’s the sole time you had on earth?

First, i might throw my last shows so as to keep the legacy alive, then i’d ensure I throw a re-union party with all my friends. Throughout the entire week, i might be on the brink of God, praying. Then spend the remainder of my time with my family, and writing my will as well.

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20. Would you rather take photos or be in photos?

I personally love photography, so i might rather take photos.

21. What special item do you possess in your wallet and why do you carry it around?

It’s the image of my mother. Whenever I check out it, there’s a voice, or should I say a spirit, that jogs my memory of each inspirational story and advice she has ever given me. It reminds me of the difficult life she had to endure just to bring me up and that It keeps me going.

Arthur Nkusi Instagram

Arthur Nkusi can be reached via his Instagram handle.

Arthur Nkusi Father

Arthur the comedian and musician have spoken highly of his father who has been a source of inspiration to him. He also talked about how he as always emulated his father from the onset and that his father profession has always been his aspiration, so he to took lots of motiation from it. Arthur believes he  is living his dream life now.

Arthur Nkusi Wedding

Arthur Nkusi, a comedian and local radio personality, married former Miss African 2015 Fiona Muthoni in a private ceremony on August 14, 2021.

Arthur Nkusi’s Age, Birthday & Year

Arthur Nkusi was born on the 22nd of July,1991. She’s currently 32 years old. He celebrated widely with family, friends colleagues and fans nationwide. She is widely known for her versatile roles the star have featured in. She has also earned the respect of fans nationwide due to her reserved personality and the uniqueness of how he does his things.

Arthur Nkusi: Biography, Age, Instagram, Father, Wedding & Net Worth ([year]) 2

Arthur Nkusi Net Worth (2023)

Nollywood Actor Nkusi is worth 200,000 USD in 2023. He aims to surely surpass this figure. However, we’ll keep you updated when information from credible sources get to us.

That’s all on Arthur Nkusi personal life, biography, Net-worth and the likes which have been made very comprehensive on this post. There are other thrilling and exciting updates as regards your favorite celebrities  so kindly subscribe to our website to get fresh updates.

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