ABU Zaria School Fees For Fresh & Returning Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria – ABU Zaria school fees for freshers 2024/2025 academic session is out therefore candidates that have chosen ABU Zaria as their preferred choice of Institution during the UTME registration or you just want to inquire about Ahmadu Bello University school fees for new students, see below for the comprehensive information.

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU Zaria) school fees for fresh and returning students 2024/2025 academic session is out. The management and school authority hereby inform the general public that ABU Zaria school fees is for candidates who recently gained admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria either via UTME or Direct Entry (DE) mode for the 2024/2025 academic session.

ABU Zaria school fees on this post is made available for all degree courses offered in the school. The management has announced that the tuition fee is for candidates that have been provisionally admitted into the school upon accepting the admission via JAMB CAPS and payment of the non-refundable acceptance fee.

ABU Zaria School Fees For Fresh & Returning Students [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

The info provided in this post will guide you on the followings:

  • ABU Zaria School fees for fresh students for 2024/2025 academic session
  • ABU Zaria school fees for returning students for the 2024/2025 academic session
  • ABU Zaria school fees payment portal
  • How to pay ABU Zaria school fees as well as equip you with necessary information needed in the school fees payment process.

All candidate will be clear on how to go about ABU Zaria school fees payment because I will break down the required steps needed in paying your school fees in the simplest form so new and prospective students can follow suit.

The tuition fee stated here are subject to change. Please note that the management of ABU Zaria reserves the right to an upward review of the current school fees payable by fresh and returning students without first seeking approval from parents and guardians.

ABU Zaria school fees and payment procedure for 2024/2025 academic session is not different from the previous session except some slight changes in school fees figures that seldom takes effect. School fees increase in ABU Zaria is rare. Oftentimes a tuition fee amount stays the same for more than 3 academic sessions. This is the norm with higher institutions. Before going into details as regards ABU Zaria School fees for 2024/2025 academic session, we shall be looking at the most frequently asked questions about ABU Zaria school fees by past and present candidates seeking admission into the school.

I will be listing and answering the most FAQs about the school’s school fees as this would help freshers in getting the accurate info as regards ABU Zaria tuition fee.

Below are the list of FAQ on ABU Zaria School fees;

Is ABU Zaria school fees for fresh students out?

How much is ABU Zaria school fees?

How much is ABU Zaria school fees for returning students?

How much is ABU Zaria school fees for DE students?

How can I pay my school fee?

When is ABU Zaria school fees payment deadline for fresh students?

When is ABU Zaria school fees payment deadline for returning students?

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What is the penalty for late payment of school fees at ABU Zaria?

FAQs on ABU Zaria School FeesAnswers To FAQs on ABU Zaria School Fees
Is ABU Zaria school fees for fresh students out?ABU Zaria School fees for fresh and returning students is out.
How much is ABU Zaria school fees?ABU Zaria school fees vary per department. Kindly scroll down to the school fees section below.
How much is ABU Zaria school fees for returning students?ABU Zaria school fees amount for both new and old students have been provided below.
How much is ABU Zaria school fees for DE students?Please refer to the school fees section below to see ABU Zaria school fees for all courses
How can I pay my school fee?Payment of school fees can be done via ABU Zaria portal
When is ABU Zaria school fees payment deadline for fresh students?Not specific date. Note that you cannot register your courses without school fees payment, hence no exam.
When is ABU Zaria school fees payment deadline for returning students?Without school fees you cannot register your courses. Freshers are to pay with 1 month after clearance.
What is the penalty for late payment of school fees at ABU Zaria?You will be required to pay an extra charge of about 5,000 naira.

Now in details, ABU Zaria school fees comes out every academic session and many of you just rush without waiting to confirm if you are eligible to apply or buy the form which is the reason most get stuck in the middle of the registration process.

ABU Zaria School Fees for Fresh and Returning Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

The table below is a detailed schedule of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU Zaria) School fees for all courses offered in ABU Zaria, and please note that this fee is strictly undergraduate (Degree and Direct Entry) students.

ABU Zaria School Fees For All Courses 2024/2025 Academic Session

All fresh and returning students are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2024/2025 academic session early online or the designated banks as approved by the school management.







1AdministrationB.A Local Government & Development Studies10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
2AdministrationB.A Local Government & Development Studies20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
3AdministrationB.A Local Government & Development Studies30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
4AdministrationB.A Local Government & Development Studies40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
5AdministrationB.Sc Public Administration10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
6AdministrationB.Sc Public Administration20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
7AdministrationB.Sc Public Administration30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
8AdministrationB.Sc Public Administration40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
9AgricultureB. Agriculture10078,875.00225,000.001,537,500.00
10AgricultureB. Agriculture20073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
11AgricultureB. Agriculture30073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
12AgricultureB. Agriculture40070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
13AgricultureB. Agriculture50070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
14AgricultureB. Fisheries and Aquaculture10078,875.00225,000.001,537,500.00
15AgricultureB. Fisheries and Aquaculture20073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
16AgricultureB. Fisheries and Aquaculture30073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
17AgricultureB. Fisheries and Aquaculture40070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
18AgricultureB. Fisheries and Aquaculture50070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
19AgricultureB. Forestry and Wildlife10078,875.00225,000.001,537,500.00
20AgricultureB. Forestry and Wildlife20073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
21AgricultureB. Forestry and Wildlife30073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
22AgricultureB. Forestry and Wildlife40070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
23AgricultureB. Forestry and Wildlife50070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
24AgricultureB.Sc Agricultural Extension10078,875.00225,000.001,537,500.00
25AgricultureB.Sc Agricultural Extension20073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
26AgricultureB.Sc Agricultural Extension30073,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
27AgricultureB.Sc Agricultural Extension40070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
28AgricultureB.Sc Agricultural Extension50070,250.00225,000.001,537,500.00
29Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Lab. Science10078,875.00225,000.003,075,000.00
30Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Lab. Science20077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
31Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Lab. Science30077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
32Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Lab. Science40074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
33Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Lab. Science50074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
34Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Radiography10078,875.00225,000.003,075,000.00
35Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Radiography20077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
36Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Radiography30077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
37Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Radiography40074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
38Allied Health SciencesBachelor of Medical Radiography50074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
39Allied Health SciencesBNSc. Nursing Science10078,875.00225,000.003,075,000.00
40Allied Health SciencesBNSc. Nursing Science20077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
41Allied Health SciencesBNSc. Nursing Science30077,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
42Allied Health SciencesBNSc. Nursing Science40074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00
43Allied Health SciencesBNSc. Nursing Science50074,000.00225,000.003,075,000.00








44ArtsB.A Arabic10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
45ArtsB.A Arabic20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
46ArtsB.A Arabic30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
47ArtsB.A Arabic40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
48ArtsB.A Archeology10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
49ArtsB.A Archeology20080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
50ArtsB.A Archeology30080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
51ArtsB.A Archeology40077,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
52ArtsB.A Archeology/History10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
53ArtsB.A Archeology/History20080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
54ArtsB.A Archeology/History30080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
55ArtsB.A Archeology/History40077,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
56ArtsB.A English (Drama)10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
57ArtsB.A English (Drama)20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
58ArtsB.A English (Drama)30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
59ArtsB.A English (Drama)40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
60ArtsB.A English (Language)10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
61ArtsB.A English (Language)20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
62ArtsB.A English (Language)30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
63ArtsB.A English (Language)40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
64ArtsB.A English (Literature)10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
65ArtsB.A English (Literature)20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
66ArtsB.A English (Literature)30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
67ArtsB.A English (Literature)40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
68ArtsB.A French10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
69ArtsB.A French20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
70ArtsB.A French30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
71ArtsB.A French40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
72ArtsB.A Hausa10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
73ArtsB.A Hausa20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
74ArtsB.A Hausa30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
75ArtsB.A Hausa40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
76ArtsB.A History10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
77ArtsB.A History20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
78ArtsB.A History30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
79ArtsB.A History40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
80ArtsB.A Theatre and Performing Arts10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
81ArtsB.A Theatre and Performing Arts20080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
82ArtsB.A Theatre and Performing Arts30080,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
83ArtsB.A Theatre and Performing Arts40077,750.00225,000.001,537,500.00
84Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Anatomy10078,875.00225,000.003,075,000.00
85Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Anatomy20073,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
86Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Anatomy30073,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
87Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Anatomy40070,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
88Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Physiology10078,875.00225,000.003,075,000.00
89Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Physiology20073,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
90Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Physiology30073,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
91Basic Medical SciencesB.Sc Human Physiology40070,250.00225,000.003,075,000.00
92Business SchoolB.Sc Accounting10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
93Business SchoolB.Sc Accounting20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
94Business SchoolB.Sc Accounting30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
95Business SchoolB.Sc Accounting40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
96Business SchoolB.Sc Actuarial Science10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
97Business SchoolB.Sc Actuarial Science20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
98Business SchoolB.Sc Actuarial Science30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
99Business SchoolB.Sc Actuarial Science40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
100Business SchoolB.Sc Banking & Finance10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
101Business SchoolB.Sc Banking & Finance20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
102Business SchoolB.Sc Banking & Finance30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
103Business SchoolB.Sc Banking & Finance40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
104Business SchoolB.Sc Business Administration10075,125.00225,000.001,537,500.00
105Business SchoolB.Sc Business Administration20069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
106Business SchoolB.Sc Business Administration30069,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00
107Business SchoolB.Sc Business Administration40066,500.00225,000.001,537,500.00

Kindly confirm the above figures from ABU Zaria bursary unit just to be double sure as regards any other hidden charges not displayed here.

How To Pay ABU Zaria School Fees

Students are strongly advised to adhere to the following payment procedure guidelines, as any deviation may result in delay or outright invalidation of your payment.

Step 1 – Payment of fees/charges shall be made online through the University’s Students’ Registration Portal

Step 2 – Login with your registration number and password

Step 3 – Follow the payment instructions to complete your payment

Step 4 – Print out a payment confirmation receipt.

ABU Zaria School Fees Payment Deadline

You cannot register your courses until payment of school fees is completed. Candidates are advised to pay their school fees early enough to avoid penalties.

If you have questions as regards ABU Zaria school fees for fresh or returning students for the 2024/2025 academic session, kindly reach out to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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