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Keystone Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level And Experienced Staff Positions 2024

On Friday the 5th of August 2011, Keystone Bank Limited former Bank PHB was founded and issued a commercial banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Fast forward to the 22nd of March 2017, AMCON (Asset Management Company of Nigeria) announced that Keystone bank had been sold to investors for 25 billion naira ($81.5 million). It was sold to Sigma Golf-Riverbank consortium who are now the original owners of Keystone Bank and today the bank is worth over US$1.916 billion (NGN:307.5 billion).

Today we will be discussing about Keystone Bank salary structure for both entry level staff and other senior banking officers just like we have discussed in previous posts.

Keystone Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level And Experienced Staff Positions [year] 1

Daily we are faced with questions from individuals from different walks of life most especially graduates seeking employment in Keystone Bank and other new generation banks like what is Keystone Bank salary structure for entry level? how much does Keystone Bank pay experienced applicants with 2 years and above experience? How much does Keystone Bank pay entry level fresh graduates? What is Keystone Bank Salary scale like? these and many other related questions as regards Keystone Bank salary structure will be discussed here today.

Keystone Bank is rated among the list of top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria and their salary structures this feat alone states that the bank is a major player in the banking industry not just in terms or affairs but welfare of staff ranging from Entry Level to senior executive level.

Keystone Bank has over the years maintained a high salary structure for staff, both junior and senior banking officers (SBOs), thanks to their Human resource management team.

Keystone Bank pays well actually, if you have been in the banking sector, your would agree with me that Keystone Bank salary scale is also at the top, their health benefits and other packages are top notch. They give soft loans to confirmed staff to purchase vehicles and pay with little or no interest.

Keystone Bank salary for entry level is in six (6) figures, Senior banking executives are paid as much as 750,000 Naira and above excluding bonuses and other profit sharing that are accrued to staff, the table below explains in details, how much Keystone Bank take into considerations, staff welfare and emoluments.

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This post cuts across salary structure for both entry level position and experience levels at Keystone bank (Former Bank PHB)

It is common among interviewees to judge what a bank pays based on the physical outlook (how well dressed) the staff within the premises are dressed. This to a great extent works but in the banking sector, it does not necessarily work that way because the banking sector is know for well dressed individuals, in fact your dress sense is taken note of by your madam or oga as it is popularly referred to. Without undergoing proper findings as to what Keystone Bank pay their staff, if you base your answers on the physical appearances of the staff then consider the job lost upon arrival.

When the popular question pops up ‘What is your salary expectation from Keystone Bank?’ at this stage, you are left completely confused as regards the exact amount to mention when quizzed and in as much as you do not want to scare your interviewer away with a high salary expectation knowing you practically do not have the required experience for the job especially for positions that require more than the number of years of experience you have gathered so far, you also will not want to feel cheated and under paid so you are left in dilemma as to what exact figure to call.

This post will help your sail through with ease during your interview session with the HR (Human Resource) team and note that giving the right answers to questions asked can override the so called required number of years of experience needed for the job.

Research has proven that over 70% to 80% of job seeker tend to value themselves lower than their actual worth in order to stand a better chance of being called for the job, this practice in the long run has a negative effect on the overall performance of the staff because job dissatisfaction sets in based on the salary scale they are placed on.

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However, the above becomes history when the individual is properly informed with the right information as regards how much Keystone Bank pay their entry level staff up to the SBOs (Senior Banking Officers).

Keystone Bank salary structure as discussed earlier so far ranks among despite not being rated among the top 10 best banks at the moment so if you are one of those applying for a job at this bank, you are right on trac.

In as much as Keystone Bank pay well, you will agree with me that the responsibilities attached to working in the bank plus employee rate turn over is high, therefore you must be up and doing if you must retain your job.

In summary, Keystone Bank salary structure for fresh entry level graduate is quite encouraging though could still be improved upon but bear it in mind the responsibilities attached to this job is quite demanding therefore, get your mind prepared.

How Much Does Keystone Bank Pay Their Graduate Trainee?

Upon gaining employment as a graduate in Keystone Bank, like other banks like Heritage bank, Fidelity bank, Zenith bank, Union Bank, First bank and other new generation banks, you will be required to attend a compulsory four (4) months Keystone Bank bank training school.

The training includes a combination of theory, practical and live training, this move is necessitated to get trainees acquainted with the internal workings of the bank and get the trainees prepared for the task ahead.

Please note that towards the end of the 4 months compulsory training, all trainees will be sent on a two or three weeks compulsory attachment with various Keystone Bank branches closest to the residences of the trainees and upon completion of the training, successful trainees are selected while the unsuccessful are asked to leave.

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During the training period, Keystone Bank pay their Graduate Trainees N44,000 monthly for the period of 4 months, this is to cater for their transport majorly as they are fed by the bank during the training session

How Much Does Keystone Bank Pay Their Entry Level Staff?

Now we are here, the crux of the article where we are about to expose what Keystone Bank salary structure for Entry level staff is all about. Those who have friends or relatives working with Keystone Bank would find this very interesting to know, don’t worry, keep calm as we are about to wet your appetite.

Keystone Bank Monthly Salary Structure 2024

So as discussed above, Keystone Bank as at today has one of the best salary structure for fresh graduates (Entry Level Staff).

Fidelity Bank pay between 170,000 to 180,000 Naira for Entry Level staff and this is excluding other bonuses and profit sharing usually carried out towards their financial year end. This amount is big enough to cater for basic needs and daily expenses while developing your skills yet further.

Keystone Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff

Management LevelKeystone Bank Monthly SalaryKeystone Bank Annual Salary Scale
Entry Level StaffN95,000N2.1Million

Keystone Bank Salary Structure For Contract Staff

Management LevelKeystone Bank Monthly Salary ScaleKeystone Bank Annual Salary Scale
Manager And Senior Banking OfficersN700,000 and aboveN8.4Million

Keystone Bank salary structure as seen above is still active and in force, we hope this was informative enough and should you be in a position where you are quizzed how much Keystone Bank pay their entry level staff or senior banking officers, your contribution would hold waters based on the above information so far.

Kindly note that your opinion as regards the above matters to us, also, any information at your disposal related to Keystone Bank salary structure would be much appreciated from other readers and individuals seeking information related to the salary range for the above positions.

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