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35 Mind-Blowing Facts About Girls You Never Knew!

Girls are a completely different psychological species; and even if a million books were written about them, it would still not be enough to detail their behavior and traits. This collection of did you know facts about girls outlines a little information about the female creature.

Girls are specially made and lovely creatures, think about a world without girls and imagine what a pitiful world it would have been. There is a popular saying that no amount of words would be enough to describe ladies because of their mysterious nature.

It is only a small fraction of the volumes of information about women that is known to man. If at the end of the post you find that the information is inadequate, and that you still need to learn more, then you are correct.

Facts About Girls

Women are mysterious, and so all the information in the world may not be enough to describe them. Nevertheless, these are some facts to keep at the back of your mind.

35 Fun Facts About Girls You Never Knew

1. Girls Love Surprises

Girls love it when you surprise them with presents, trips, or other things. In fact they soon get tired when everything about you must be planned and budgeted. If you surprise a girl with a new phone, she will never forget it.

2.Girls Hate Failures

When you spend all your money surprising a girl, and then you fail to save or invest, that girl will leave you for someone more organized. That is one of the great ironies of life. Girls quickly tire of guys that are too organized, and as soon as he is disorganized they want an organized one.

3. Girls Like Funny Guys

Have you ever wondered why some guys have 3 girlfriends while others have none? Look closely. It must be that the guy with all the girls is very funny; he knows how to make them laugh.

4. It’s Not All About Money

It is a common and widespread misconception that women like money. That is not always true. Admittedly, money makes life comfortable, but women hate it when a man is always conscious about money, especially when he is always bragging about it. Women don’t like a person who is arrogant and who makes too much of himself.

5. Girls Are Not Very Good With Secrets

Girls are typically not very good with secrets; in fact it is rare to see a girl keep a secret for 42 hours. Interestingly, girls are always looking for someone to tell their innermost secrets, or whatever is bothering them.

6. Girls Are Clean

This is mostly where domestic quarrels come in, men are usually dirty and fail to keep the toilets, living quarters, and environment clean. Girls on the other hand like to leave the toilets sparkling clean, and to ensure that the environment is clean.

7. Girls Are Naturally Suspicious

It’s not something that they may be able to control. Girls often get suspicious especially about any move that is outside your normal routine. However, even when they are suspicious, they still love whoever they love.

8. Girls Communicate With Music

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Many guys still don’t understand this. When a girl plays a song repeatedly, you can understand what is going on in her mind by listening in on that song, and paying attention to the lyrics. Then you can take action based on what you have heard from the song, so as to make things good or better.

9. Girls Respond To Words

When a guy frequently praises a girl, calling her a “good girl” or a “Princess,” she starts to act like it. But when a man (or woman) frequently calls her bad names, she becomes inured to the words, and starts to behave in exactly that manner so as to spite the person further.

10. Girls Hate When You Make Them Wait

For people who keep others waiting while they try different dresses and put on makeup, girls get quite upset when you make them wait.  They like guys to show up earlier and wait for them instead. It shows that the guy is organized, and also that the she is the guy’s priority.

11. Girls Love Their Appearance

Girls can spend up 150 hours in a year just looking at themselves in the mirror. With the proliferation of social media apps that facilitate video sharing, that figure can go up several fold because girls now spend hours at a stretch looking at themselves on their phone screens.

12. Girls Like To Be Protected

Girls Like guys who can protect and defend them. It does not mean that you have to be a karate expert and beat up a whole community; they just like a guy that can step in and do something. Even if a guy takes a beating on a girl’s behalf, that would even make her love him more.

13. Girls Like Guys Who Ask Their Advice

A girl feels especially loved and valued when a guy asks her for advice. It shows her that the guy in question values her opinion, and that they are a team.

14. Girls Should Be Allowed To Cool

Telling a girl you are sorry when she is still angry often doesn’t work. It is usually better to let her anger cool down first, before offering your apology. Most girls have already forgiven by that time, and they just need to hear you say sorry.

15. Girls Have A Hard Time Deciding What To Wear

Girls spend roughly one year of their lives trying to figure out what to wear. To boys that may seem silly but to girls it is very important to dress well, and to look good.

16. Girls Are Tougher Than Boys

Not tougher in the sense of being able to fight, or being able to lift heavier loads, but girls can bear twice as much pain as boys.

17. Girls Always Find Out The Truth

That is one fact that men refuse to learn. It is also one of the greatest reasons why most marriages don’t last. Men try to lie to their wives but what they fail to realize is that no matter how long it takes, women will always find out the truth, and when they do, there will be consequences.

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18. Hard To Impress

While you can impress a woman by being organized, competent and funny, there is no guarantee that a woman will be impressed by anything you do. What will be will be.

19. To Get A Woman’s Heart, First Get Her Mind

In order to get a woman’s heart it is usually best to first get her mind. That means understanding her interests, likes and dislikes. You also need to know what type of humor she likes, and what amount of that humor she likes. Gradually, you can get her to appreciate you, and to like you.

20. Girls Need Time To Say Yes

Just like girls need a lot of time to decide what to wear, they also need a lot of time to decide what kind of guy to move along with. After all people are going to see them with you, and so you need to “fit.”

21. Girls Want Your Attention

Girls want to have your undivided attention. They want to come first. That means your job, friends, and family are welcome, but must find a place in the rear. Furthermore, they can get jealous when you spend too much time playing video games.

22. Girls Have A Sixth Sense

They can predict what their kids need, when everything is alright, and when there is danger ahead. It seems like this sixth sense is designed to help them care for their children.

23. Girls Talk A Lot

Naturally, women tend to do a lot of talking. This means they will likely dominate the conversation whenever you talk to them. If you are going to succeed in a relationship with a woman it means you are going to be a good listener.

24. Girls Are Easier To Raise

As a parent, it is a lot easier to care for girls than boys. The reason is that girls have stronger immune systems, and rarely get sick. Furthermore, girls are less likely to go to the hospital for injuries sustained during play time. They are gentler, and more aware to risks.

25. Fear of Bugs

Research has shown that the fear of bugs comes naturally to most women. It seems that girls are naturally wired to fear what they believe to be harmful bugs and insects.

26. Girls Are More Emotional

This one is a rather well known fact; girls are a lot more emotional than guys. However what many people fail to realize is that baby girls have a better understanding of emotions than boys. They can therefore understand how their parents are feeling.

27. Growing Girls Get More Depressed Than Boys

At around the age of 13, girls become increasingly aware of their surroundings, and can feel unhappy, or even depressed. At around that age, it is important to ensure that the home is stable, and that there is no reason for her to be depressed. At this time, girls are especially vulnerable, and they could grow up damaged.

28. Girls Argue Less When Pregnant

Ladies argue lesser when pregnant due to their hormonal changes that occur during their pregnancy period. Also, the weight of the baby tend to sap a lot of their strengths so they rather nod their heads in response than waste their energies talking.

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29. Girls Love Bad Boys

It is an salient traits in most girls. Research have it that ladies like brave, courageous and stubborn guys. They believe these set of guys are go getters, have a mind of their own and can achieve anything unlike the good boys who are naturally tagged Mommy’s boy.

30 Girls Love Unique Guys

Uniqueness comes in different forms. Naturally girl love guys with unique features like muscles, dreadlocks, tattoos and the likes. They necessarily might not want such for marriage, but they want to be seen rolling with such guys due to the attention it draws to them.

31. Girls Have Better Memories Than Men

Statistics have proven that women have better memories than men. Let’s go back to the nuclear family units. Mothers can remember dates and events of occurrences than men like date of birth of all children, when and where they met their husbands, dates of events that men would hardly even ever believed occurred.

32. Girls Have Stronger Immune System Than Men

According to, women have stronger immune system than men as a result of their body being exposed to infections thereby strengthening their white blood cells as well as the changes their bodies go through before and after child birth.

33. Girls Live Longer Than Boys

Statistics have proven that girls live longer than boys. This is basically as a result of the general lifestyle of boys. Boys are more exposed to harsh and strenuous lifestyle and working conditions. By default, a boy is born and taught about responsibility of caring for his female siblings through any means possible. Some of these exposures make them prone to both health and environmental hazards which affects their lifespan.

34. Girls Are Better In Multi Tasking Compared To Men

Girls are naturally emotional and by default, born caregivers, saddled with the responsibilities of caring for their younger ones domestically. A girl can multitask by ensuring balance in the house. She can handle both personal and domestic matters all at a time because that is the way she’s built by nature.

35. Girls Are More Emotionally Tied With their Families

In this part of the world where boys are naturally more preferred than the girl child based on continuity of family, many parents especially the men have admitted that they get better care and attention from their female children.

These facts about women are just a tip of the iceberg; we could go on forever. It is hoped that the information provided above can help make more successful relationships and marriages. As long as there is understanding and a willingness to tolerate one another, one will learn that girls can be a lot of fun to deal w

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