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How To Correct And Change Your Date of Birth Or Name On WAEC Certificate

The problems associated with Correction or change of name or date of birth on WAEC certificates or Results has been existing for decades and many students or candidates seeking admission into various higher institutions in Nigeria or wanting to apply for whatever programme locally or internationally do have the need for this certificate and discrepancies in dates of birth or name has in over the years marred their application process.

How To Correct And Change Your Date of Birth Or Name On WAEC Certificate 1

The West Africa Examination Council WAEC processes over 5million candidates WAEC certificates every year therefore typographical errors cannibe completely ruled out.

In this post we will be addressing issues surrounding the change or correction of names or date of birth on your WAEC certificates, in simple terms we will teach you the step by step approach on how to change your name and date of birth or how to correct your name and date of birth on your WAEC certificates hould you find yourself in such situations.

How To Correct And Change Your Date of Birth Or Name On WAEC Certificate 2

How To Correct Or Change Your Date of Birth Or Name On WAEC Certificates

The following documents will be required by the West African Examination Council WAEC for changing or correcting mistakes, wrong spellings of your name, date of birth or any other corrections on your WAEC certificate.

  1. Police Report:
  2. Stamped Affidavit From High Court
  3. Birthcertificate (not age declaration o)
  4. Photocopies of Original Registration Forms
  5. Copy of Passport photograph on the registration form (if still available),
  6. Processing Fee 25,000naira.

Police Report

This is a document required when changing your date or birth or correcting a misspelling on your name on your WAEC statement of result or WAEC certificate. This document contains your real name. it is needed to prove why you are changing the name or correcting the date of birth on your WAEC certificate. It is to ascertain whether it is criminally motivated or not. So in correcting your name or changing your date of birth, Sexual or marital status, a police report is an important requirement that must be attached to list of other requirements needed in changing your date of birth or correction of data on your WAEC certificate.

Sworn Affidavit From High Court

Since an affidavit is a sworn statement or sworn testimony written you and duly signed by the Federal high court it represents that whatever you claim as the reason for your change of your date of birth or name or whatever information you provide is true and you will be liable to the judicial penalty liable to should there be a conflicting report from what is contained in the affidavit. This is a legal document that will be presented too alongside other documents when applying for a change or correction of data on your WAEC certificate.

Birth Certificate (Age Declaration Not Accepted)

Attaching your birth certificate is an important requirement when apply for correction of data on your WAEC certificate. Your birth certificate is a document that carries the original details of your real name, date of birth, place of birth and origin hence it is regarded as one of the most important documents needed when you want to change your date of birth, correction of name, marital status or any other data that is not correctly spelt on your original WAEC certificate or state of result.

Photocopies of Original Registration Forms

This is self explanatory, when registering for WAEC, you obviously bought the WAEC registration form, now when correcting your data on your WAEC certificate, upon application for such (correction or change of name or date of birth), you will need to make photocopies of your original registration form because this carries the details filled during your initial registration. The photocopy of this form will be required as a processing document for change of name, date of birth or any other information on your WAEC certificate.

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Passport Photographs (4 Copies)

A red background passport photograph preferably will be needed for changing your data on your WAEC certificate. Ideally, WAEC would require you come along with the passport photographs that was originally used during your WAEC registration exercise, however, another photograph would suffice in the absence of the photo initially used during your online WAEC registration.

Processing Fee (N25,000)

Lastly on the list of documents needed for changing or correcting your name, date of birth or data on your WAEC certificate is a processing fee of 25,000 Naira. This fee will be paid in any bank nationwide. Preferably First Bank of Nigeria, Guarantee Trust Bank Access bank or any other bank would still be fine. This fee is for all the logistics required for processing the changes required on your WAEC certificate as applied.

Upon completing and providing the above documents, take the documents and proof of payment if you paid via the bank or you could as well pay at WAEC offices as seen below for immediate processing:

WAEC Offices in Lagos For Processing Your Change of Date of Birth or Correction of Name and Other Data

Yaba Office

Address: 21 Hussey Rd, Yaba 100001, Lagos
Phone: 01 291 8562

Ikorodu  Office
Off .Ebute Road, Igbogbo.
P.M.B 1024 Ikorodu,
Lagos State.
Tel: 017378156

Ojo Satellite Office
Off Olojo Drive,
Behind Awori College, Ojo Town.
P.M.B 1033 Festac Town,
Lagos State.
Tel: 01-7378155

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Steps By Step Approach On Now To Correct or Change Your Data On Your WAEC Certificate

Step 1: Get a police report

Step 2: Get a sworn affidavit from any Federal High court in Nigeria

Step 3: Obtain your birth certificate (not age declaration), Photocopies of WAEC registration forms and Passport photograph (Red background)

Step 4: Carry along with you the above documents alongside a processing fee of 25,000 Naira to WAEC office closest to you on a week day between the hours of 8am to 3pm and the process will begin. You will be told when to expect it.

Your submitted documents will then be sent to Abuja (WAEC headquarters) for verification and further actions which may take up to 1 to 2 months for full verification and change to be fully effected hence patience is needed.

The process is a very simple one, all you need to do is follow the steps above, get all documents ready and head straight to any WAEC office closest to you to process. It would be ideal to start this early enough in order to afford yourself enough time before the completion of the process.

Hope this is well understood? we are open to questions on our comment section therefore if you have any question as regards how to change or correct your name, date of birth or any other data on your WAEC certificate, kindly get back to us via the comment section and we shall respond as fast as we can.

Kindly share this vital piece of information amongst friends and family as you might be helping a brother or sister in need.