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Top 10 Professional Courses For Chemists In Nigeria And How To Apply

Chemists in Nigeria and around the globe are one of the most respected professionals in the world today and without them, the advancement in modern medicine and the safety of the human race would have not been achieved. Being a chemist, is also profitable as the field provides various lucrative jobs and opportunities to degree holders.

There are various areas of specialization and professional courses for chemists who are recognized both locally and internationally. As a chemist you can work in almost any industry and be ensured of a very high pay as chemists are highly regarded in any position they are placed.

In this article, we are going to talk about the professional courses and areas of specialization of chemists in Nigeria.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Chemists Graduates And How To Apply


Pharmacy is the main course and another great option for chemists in Nigeria today. The course involves the preparing and dispensing of drugs and also to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharmacists are also one of the highest earners of all chemists and they are also one of the most highly regarded. A degree in pharmacy is titled a B.Pharma and should take about 5- 6 years to study depending on the University.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Studies)

This is one of the toughest and the most sought after professional course for most chemists in Nigeria. Pharmaceutical chemistry involves drug development, discovery, delivery and more. It requires a very intellectual and sound mind to even get a chance to study this course and get a degree in this department.

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It is, however, important to note that a degree in this course is quite different from a degree in pharmacy.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the toughest professional courses for chemists offered in the Nigerian universities and also one of the most versatile courses for chemists.

Chemical Engineering involves the design and development of new products from raw materials. The course uses principles from Chemistry, physics, economics, and mathematics to efficiently produce and transform chemical to more useful products like drugs, food, fuel and more.

Chemical Engineering is also known as transformers as they use their knowledge of chemical properties and reactions to transform materials from one state to another.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Chemists In Nigeria And How To Apply 1


Today, most biochemists in Nigeria have been confused with the Medical Laboratory Technologists and as time goes on the competition between these two professional courses seem to get hotter as most students prefer the latter to the former. However, Biochemistry is a very important course that involves the study of the chemical processes in a living organism including heredity, cell, development, and DNA. Biochemists research the effects of drugs and food on the biological processes and their research pave way for the advancement and the discovery of new drugs and medicines today.

Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry is another professional course for a chemist that is similar to chemical engineering. Industrial chemists work in chemical plants and laboratories and apply physical and chemical process towards the transformation and production of raw materials into beneficial products.

Industrial chemistry is also versatile and a top choice for most chemists as it offers more opportunities in Nigeria due to the continuous rise of chemical companies and demand for high-class chemists in the country.

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Forensic Chemistry

Although quite limited in Nigeria, Forensic scientist or chemist is another professional course chemists can opt for. Forensic scientists are very important in the law enforcement departments as they analyze forensic materials like bodily fluids and hair found at crime scenes to enable law enforcement officers solves cases accurately and faster.

Agricultural Chemistry

The increasing interest of the Federal Government in revitalizing the agricultural sector has made more students opt for more agricultural courses as the request for more agricultural graduates to help improve food production and pest control increases.

For Chemists, Agricultural chemistry is another great professional course to opt. Agricultural chemists or agro-chemists are involved in pesticide production and animal feeds to ensure farmers have a good yield and harvest and also boost crop production.

Food Engineering

Food engineering is another field for chemists which involves the use of science and engineering principles to process, preserve and store food in order to improve its quality, smell and texture. Food engineering or food chemists can also create and induce artificial flavours into food and beverages to improve the taste.

Food engineering is also a reputable course for chemists as it widely involves the use of chemistry to understand the compositions and properties of food to make them better and also to make them last longer.

Cosmetic Chemistry

Although almost everyone can learn how to produce cream, lip balm, and perfumes without getting professionally certified, you need to have a professional degree in this area to work for top companies and earn big time. Almost everyone in the world today uses a cosmetic product making cosmetic chemistry one of the most lucrative professional courses to opt for today.

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Chemist study the course chemistry in tertiary institutions with the hope of the becoming lecturers in the tertiary, middle or high schools. However, the degree required to teach chemistry in any of these institutions varies. Some tertiary institutions might require you have a masters degree or doctorates before you can be given a chance to teach while secondary schools might just require a bachelors degree before you can get hired.

How To Apply For Professional Courses As Chemists

All Professional courses listed above are taught in almost every Nigerian university and you would have to meet the requirements of any university you wish to apply to apply for before being accepted. However, it is easier to gain admission into any University in Nigeria to study the course Chemistry than Pharmacy as the latter is believed to be reserved for the most intellectual of students due to its high knowledge and IQ requirement.

Wrapping Up

Chemists are one of the most recognized professionals in the world today and also the highest paid professionals in the world. This is due to the fact that the research and materials and drugs produced by chemists from every profession are important for the continued existence of the human race.