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Top 10 Professional Courses For Civil & Mechanical Engineering Students: How To Apply

Engineering involves design, construction, innovation and maintenance of machines, structures, materials, systems, and devices. Engineers are one of the most disciplined and sought after professionals in the world today and they are required to invent, analyze, design, build and test machines and systems to fulfill the desired objective.

Today, there are millions of engineers and the area is consists of one of the largest number of professionals as more skills are being required daily and more opportunities being provided due to the advancement of technology.

There are several branches of engineering which include chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering. In this article, we are going to discuss the professional courses for civil and mechanical engineering graduates that will enable them to improve in their respective fields and also provide them with more opportunities in the field.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Civil & Mechanical Engineering Students: How To Apply 1

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves the construction and design of infrastructure. Civil Engineers are also likened to architects although they would perform the work of an architect in designing and drawing of building plans, they also do the construction of the building itself.

Civil Engineers are responsible for the construction of bridges, tunnels, buildings and infrastructures like roads, railways, water supply units, and airports.

As a civil engineer there are several sub-disciplines which you are required to specialize in after graduation which might include structural engineering, environmental engineering, and surveying, however, you would need several professional courses and certificate to help you scale through the thousands of civil engineers in the labour market seeking for the same opportunity you are going for.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Civil & Mechanical Engineering Students In Nigeria

Structural Engineering and Design Courses

These courses are aimed at sharpening the skills of the civil engineer in the areas of structural design and engineering. Below is a list of ongoing courses you can sign up to gain certification in this area.

Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers

This is an online course which focuses on construction which is the largest industry in the world today. This course is offered at the Engineering Institute of Technology, Canada. The fact that this course is taught online means you can take it anywhere irrespective of your location and get the certification. Note: the course lasts for 3 months.

Structural Engineering of Industrial Facilities

This course is aimed at improving the knowledge of the civil engineer in the design of industrial facilities. It is a 2-week course taught in RWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany.

Sitework Construction Courses

These courses are aimed at improving the knowledge of the civil engineer in the use of construction equipment, materials and methods. Below is an ongoing course you can sign up for in the area.

Civil Sitework Construction

This is another 2-year online professional course offered by the San Diego State University.  Its course module includes; Construction Equipment and Methods, Estimating Civil Constructing, Practical Applications of Civil Construction and Construction Materials and Processes.

Project and Construction Management Courses

Below are ongoing courses and certifications in project and construction management you can sign up for.

Construction Management

This is another great professional course for civil engineers who hope to work in construction companies. The course is taught by UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, California, United States and goes on for a period of 9 months.

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Construction Supervisory Series Certificate

This course is an online program that focuses on building the construction supervisory skills of civil engineers. It might not be recommended for entry-level civil engineers but those that have gained some years of experience in the field. The course is taught by the San Diego State University and lasts for 2 years.

Construction Management

This course is taught by Coursera in partnership with Columbia University and is aimed at helping the civil engineer develop and understand the foundations of scheduling techniques and project planning. It is a 6-month online course.

Project Management of Engineering Projects

This is a 49-day (7 weeks) free online course aimed at developing the civil engineer’s mind in the areas of project management. It is taught by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). This professional certification is however open to even non Engineering students, so long as the individual is able to pass the exams, he or she automatically becomes a project engineer.

Note that exams will still be written yearly in order to keep abreast of the latest development in the industry. Anyone who fails to write risk his or her chances of losing their certification and status as a Project Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering

From cars to weapons, to energy systems, mechanical engineers are one of the most valuable engineering disciplines in the world today. They are responsible for the design and manufacture of physical or mechanical systems.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Civil & Mechanical Engineering Students: How To Apply 2

Professional Courses for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

M.Tech In Mechanical Engineering

This should be an obvious choice for mechanical engineering graduates who wish to have an upper hand in the labour market and also gain more knowledge about their course. The admission requirements for the Master’s program will vary from university to university.

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Piping Design and Engineering Course

Masters of Engineering in Tool Design

It is advised to complete this course from reputable universities or institutes to ensure you not only get recognition locally but internationally. Also, check for the online course option before applying.


Robotics is an emerging field in engineering but is one of the most lucrative. However, robotics courses are not cheap and would require you to be financially buoyant before considering them.


Mechatronics is the combination of five disciplines in science; mechanics, electronics, robotics, automation, and informatics.


Nanotechnology course is mostly offered in the Master’s degree option in many universities, although you may study it as an online course in several Universities.

Remote Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics

This course is taught by the Engineering Institute of Technology, Canada and hosted by the International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE). You can study this course from any country and obtain the certificate after concluding the course.

Competency in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

This course is also taught by the Engineering Institute of Technology, Canada and hosted by the International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE)


There are many professional courses civil and mechanical engineering graduates could sign up for to brush up his/her skills in their field of study. Some courses are free while others have a service charge. However, it is important to study courses relevant to your field of study and from reputable universities. We took our time to look for some ongoing courses you would sign up to help you improve in your area of expertise.