Top 10 Professional Courses For Computer Science And How To Apply

Computer science course involves the study of computers and computing concepts. Over the years, technological advancements and heavy reliance on computers have made the course one of the most lucrative careers a student can opt for.

There are several areas of specialization in computer science and professional courses in computer science that a computer science graduate or undergraduate can go for increase his/her expertise and hands-on technical experience in his/her chosen area or field. Majority of professional lucrative computer science courses will involve learning to programme and becoming a top-level programmer.

In this article, we will list all the professional courses for computer science and how to apply.

Top 10 Professional Courses For Computer Science And How To Apply 1

List of Top 10 Professional Courses For Computer Science And How To Apply

Computer Programming and Web Design

Computer programming simply involves writing code and creating software programs that tell computers what do to. These codes written and developed by engineers and software development are known as computer language and are the instructions a computer program or software will follow to carry out an operation.

There are various software in existence today and more are being created every day to solve the present problems and also provide comfort and ease to daily processes.

Web design also makes use of several high, mid and low level programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, ELIXIR, SQL, Python, HTML and JAVA to create codes that browsers translate into images, texts, tables, sliders and frames which make up the beautiful websites we see on the internet today.

Cyber Security

Due to the continuous heavy reliance of mankind on computers, the need for strong and secure networks to store information has never been more important. Today, processes like the use of electronic credit cards, storing of personal information and several other electronic processes occur due to the aid of computers, therefore, increasing the worries over potential or actual security breaches in government, public and private computer systems.

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This course is highly technical and one of the most lucrative although it is a less popular choice for computer science aspirants and graduates in Nigeria.

Computer Networking

Computer networking incorporates several related fields in computing and involves how digital devices communicate between one another. CISCO networking administration is a well-known computer networking program that helps clients prepare for tasks related to implementation and maintaining of computer networks.

People who complete the computer networking course are known as network administrators and they specialize in the installation and maintaining of local area networks (LANs), wide areas networks (WANs) and internet networks.

Computer networking might not be as lucrative as the first two options but there are a handful of organizations that require the services of a network administrator such as banks, cyber cafes, government agencies, and other firms.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is another top professional course for computer science students however it can be studied by almost anyone in any other field. Graphic design involves the use of visual compositions to proffer solutions and communicate ideas through imagery, color, form, and typography. In simpler terms, it is the skill of combining text and pictures in magazines, books, and advertisements.

Graphic designers would use computer software or hand to create visual concepts, all that matters is that the design communicates the right idea to the consumer.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering involves computer programming but goes beyond computer programming. It involves the designing and writing of programs for computers and other electronic devices. A software engineer would be required to write software or improve existing software.

Software engineering is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria today. They are highly paid and highly respected individuals as their creativity is needed to build fast, intelligent and well-designed computer programs. They also double as security programmers as their software must be secure from breaches to ensure the user of safety and security.

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Mobile and Web App Development

Apps are computer programs that are developed by computer programmers or software engineers. Today, mobile and web app development is a very lucrative course for computer science students to choose from, however, it requires a lot of creativity on the part of the student. App developers can work for smartphone manufacturing companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and any firm who wish to create an app for their business such as e-commerce sites and organizations and even government agencies.

Hardware Engineering

While software engineers work on the parts of the computers we can’t touch, Hardware engineers are responsible for the design and development of computer systems and components such as memory devices, networks, circuit boards, and processors.

Hardware engineers are required for upgrades and improvements made to computer components, layouts and the design of the computer hardware for increased efficiency. They are, however, not as lucrative as the software engineering option in Nigeria.

Database Management

Database management involves the managing and maintaining of databases. This is another professional course for computer science although it would also be studied by various professionals from other fields of study.

The most commonly used and studied database management system is Oracle.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quite similar to database management and involves the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the cloud (internet) to store and process data. This is much faster and probably safer than storing it in a local server or personal computer.

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Data Science

Data science is a professional course that uses scientific methods, systems and process to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms. Data science is a hectic course and requires adept knowledge and technical skills in computer science to become a professional data scientist. As a data scientist, you are required to have knowledge of several computer platforms, python coding, SQL database, SQL coding, data visualization, and AI.

There are several other minor professional courses for computer science students which are not quite lucrative but also important. They include;

  1. Server infrastructure
  2. MMS Management
  3. PMP5
  4. MIS (A management information system)

These are the professional courses available for computer science students in Nigeria. It is important for every computer science to note how versatile these courses are and allow them to shift from one field to another.

How To Apply For Professional Courses In Computer Science

There are various reputable universities in Nigeria to study these professional courses including several professional bodies who give certifications in these courses. The most reputable universities include FUTA, FUTO, UNILAG, UNN, UNIZiK, UI and so on.

The most reputable and well known professional body that offers certification in these professional courses is NIIT. They also offer scholarships during the mid-year to eligible candidates.

So if you have any question related to the top 10 most sought after professional courses for computer scientist and how to apply for any of the above, you can send them down to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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