Top 10 Professional Courses for Art Students In Nigeria and How To Apply

Finding a professional course with a high employment rate and a fat paycheck is no longer easy in the economy we live in. To worsen it all, the continuous debate between science students and Art students about which one is superior has left no positive impact or improvement in the Art courses or employment opportunities for Art students. It is therefore important for Art students to consider top professional courses in Art to ensure they choose a career that is lucrative enough and highly efficient.

In this article, we are going to list the top 10 professional courses for art students in Nigeria and how to apply.

Top 10 Professional Courses for Art Students In Nigeria and How To Apply 1

Top 10 Professional Courses for Art Students In Nigeria and How To Apply

English Language

This is believed to be one of the most marketable courses an Art student can choose to study in the tertiary institution as it provides numerous opportunities in the labour market and also leaves room for flexibility and self-employment. Several career opportunities in English could include, Copywriting, Editing, Teaching, Lexicography, Magazine Journalist, Newspaper Journalist, Broadcast Journalist and so on and so forth.


Law is taught to be the only true professional course for Art students that helps them measure up to science student and the course definitely lets you raise your shoulders and measure up to Medical Doctors in all their glory. However, Law is one of the most competitive Art courses to study in any Nigerian University as almost every Art student seeks after this course as it is very lucrative.

Top 10 Professional Courses for Art Students In Nigeria and How To Apply 2

Mass Communication

Mass communication involves the exchanging or imparting of information on a large scale to a wide range of people. This course is similar to English in terms of employment opportunities but has a wider scope and prepares the graduate much better for the field of journalism. Today, we have so many news media outlets who broadcast news and information and they need mass communication graduates to do this efficiently and effectively. This makes it one of the most lucrative areas of study for Art students.

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Theatre Art

Light, Camera, Action… Theatre Art is another great professional courses for Art students that provide Art students not only a chance to be famous but to earn big bucks by starring in movies as actors and actresses. Nigeria has one of the biggest movie industries and the movie industry requires more and better actors and actresses every single day. This makes it a great choice for Art students. Also, one of the most respected Nigerian actors Yul Edochie has his Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Art.


Although psychology would be thought to be a science course, it isn’t as it does not include science practices but that of art. In Nigeria, the course might not be highly respected but there are many great psychologists who have moved on to become therapists and stand in for couples and families. These people earn big time through counseling, making psychology one of the most lucrative courses an Art student can opt for.

Creative and Visual Art

In science, this course is under computer sciences and graduates work with computers, they are further known as graphic designers working with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other software to bring colorful logos, fliers and banners to life. Art students can also opt for this course as it provides them with the same opportunities as graphic designers and digital designers, and they literally do the same thing. This makes it a great choice and furthermore, it is one of the most lucrative options out there.

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Foreign Languages

While most Nigerian students could happily skip French in class, Art students should happily embrace learning foreign languages as this could open doors for you. Studying several foreign languages including Spanish, German and Russian provides you with opportunities to work in embassies, provide transcription and so on.


While you wouldn’t need to study for 4 years in the university to produce a hit song that would win you a great number of fans, you would need a good knowledge about music to keep you relevant in the music industry. Music is a great course and every student should not overlook this course even though it seems you can learn it all by yourself. Graduates of music like Davido should be your inspiration if you can’t think of a reason for picking this course.

International Relations

With a degree in international relations you would be looking at careers like a Diplomatic service office, government service office, intelligence analyst, international and development work and public affairs consultant. You can also opt for a Public relations officer for companies, organizations, government agencies.


Linguistics is another great course for Art students to study at the university as it offers opportunities similar to that of English language. However, graduates of Linguistics are well recognized in Nigeria and you would have to go further by earning a master’s or doctorate degree in this field for you to earn a sustainable means of living.

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How To Apply For Professional Courses In Art

All the professional courses listed above can be studied in every Nigerian universities and polytechnics, however, it is important to first check if the said university or polytechnic is accredited to teach the course before applying in such a university / polytechnic.

Also, it is important to study in a reputable university to increase your chances of gaining employment and getting recognized in the Nigerian labour market as several universities like the University of Lagos, the University of Ibadan, the University of Nigeria and the University of Ilorin are known to be the most reputable universities in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the competition in these universities is quite tough and students are required to be highly intelligent to gain admission and to scale through their studies.

That concludes our list of the top professional courses for Art students to study in Nigeria and how to apply for the courses. Also, note that these courses are the most lucrative Art courses and offer the most opportunities in the labour market for an art student. However, art students are one of the most versatile students and could work in any sector a social student can work in, be it in the bank or office, and so keep that in the back of your mind while picking any of the courses listed above.

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