Top 10 Best Herbal Tea For Sleep Without Side Effects

Anyone who has ever suffered insomnia will readily tell you that it is not a pleasant experience at all. Insomnia deprives the body of the much-needed rest after a hard day. Insomnia if you’re not already familiar with it is the lack of sleep at night. When you are finding it difficult falling asleep at night then you are probably suffering from 10 best herbal tea for Sound sleep

There are many treatment methods and tricks out there to help you fall asleep if you’re suffering from insomnia. Some treatment method involving prescription drugs are quite dangerous. This is because you can easily become dependent, addicted to these drugs. It is beneficial that you go natural when trying to find your sleep again.

There are many ways to gain sleep apart from prescription drugs. You can include exercise in your daily routine, change your diet and even take a few sips of natural herb tea which are known to cure sleeplessness.

For the body to fall asleep the mind must be calm, relaxed and at peace. This state of mind is often difficult to achieve especially after a hard, stressful day. But with a good lifestyle and drinking of herbal tea, you can easily attain this calm state of mind each night. Natural herbal tea has been known for more than a thousand years for its calming effects on the mind and for its ability to reduce stress and put you to sleep.

Most herbal teas have zero or very little calories hence they are often referred to as flavored water – they add no calories to the body, so you can take as much tea as you want without worrying about your weight.

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In fact, herbal tea can actually help you keep your weight in check. So if you’re suffering from sleeplessness and are worried about your weight, well you don’t have to be, because herbal tea adds nothing to your body and actually gives you a chance to easily fall asleep. So before you pop the next sleeping pill, why not try some of the herbal teas listed below?

Top 10 Best Herbal Tea For Sleep Without Side Effects

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been known for its calming effects on the mind. It helps to reduce stress. Even if you are not suffering from insomnia, you still might want to take this tea. It has good flavors and contains powerful antioxidants which can help prevent cancer. Chamomile Tea is also a good drink for diabetic patients.

2. Lavender Tea

Do you like the sweet scent of the Lavender flower? Well, you might also love the tea made from this wonderful flower. The Lavender Tea is not only an effective medicine to the body but a powerful sleep aid that can help your brain shut down quickly at night.

3. Lemon Balm Tea

While most people are aware of the effectiveness of lemon balm tea in treating anxiety, cold sores and indigestion, few are aware of the sedative properties of this tea. Lemon balm herbal tea is a powerful sleeping aid that can help cure your insomnia.

4. Peppermint Tea

The best part of this wonderful tea is its flavor. Peppermint Tea leaves a menthol flavor in your mouth making your body feel relaxed and your mind calms after each sip. Peppermint tea is also thought to aid digestion making it a good after dinner drink.

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5. Magnolia Bark Tea

Magnolia Bark Tea have bee widely used since ancient times to treat nervous disorders and anxiety. It has been shown in current research that the Magnolia Bark tea is not only effective in treating anxiety and nervous disorder but also a powerful sleep aid. It was found that Magnolia bark contains magnolol, a mild sedative which can make anyone fall into a deep asleep.

6. Valerian Root Tea

A few sip of this tea might be all you might need to get a good night sleep. Valerian tea has been found to contain mild sedatives which help the brain to shut down slowly when taken. If you are suffering from anxiety or any other mood problems, you might want to consider including this tea in your diet as it is effective in calming the mind.

7. Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Ginger is well known for its numerous health benefits. It contains powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which can help keep the body healthy. Tea made from ginger especially when flavored with Turmeric has been shown to help anyone fall easily asleep as it helps calm the mind and relax the muscles.

8. Passionflower

One herbal tea that can easily reduce the activities of the brain and facilitate its faster shutting down is tea made from passion flower. This tea contains powerful sedatives and is also effective in treating mood problems

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9. St John’s Wort

I’d warn you, before taking herbal tea made from St John’s Wort, you should at least consult your doctor, especially if you are having other health conditions. St John’s Wort herbal tea contains natural antidepressants which are effective in treating anxiety and depression.

10. Green Tea

It has nice flavors hence a popular drink for most people especially those in the western world. Apart from its excellent flavors, Green tea is well known for its ability to slow down the progress of diabetes in patients and for its excellent ability to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. This popular tea contains healing in every drop. Green Tea is not only effective against diabetes but also against sleeplessness. Green tea can help your mind to wind down after every day’s work when you need to have your rest.

The above are some of the best herbal tea for getting some sleep. You can try as many of them as you want. The best part is finding the tea with the best flavor. You can add sweeteners to these herbal teas but if you care a lot about your weight or health, then you should consider a non-caloric sweetener since it won’t add any calories to the tea.

We’ll like to hear your opinion about this. Tell us about some of the herbal tea you’ve tried before and did it cure your sleeplessness?

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