These Subscription Boxes Can Make University Life Even Better

Staying at a dorm in college or university definitely has its advantages, like only needing a few minutes to get to class. However, being confined to your campus presents a few challenges, especially if your school is far from the nearest town or city. Not only is it difficult to find a source of entertainment, but your shopping and clothing choices are limited, too. Thankfully, there are services and products out there that are designed to make university life easier, and one of them is subscription box memberships. Such is the demand for subscription boxes that in October 2019, there was a significant increase in the number and variety of those available, with 3,500 more box services created that month alone. Some box services have even proven to be quite invaluable to students. To know which ones to get, here are the types of subscription boxes that can make university life better.

These Subscription Boxes Can Make University Life Even Better 1

Food subscription boxes

Being busy with schoolwork means having no time to cook healthy meals Moreover, it means having to eat the same things day after day. Signing up for a food subscription box ensures more variety in your diet as you get a carefully curated selection of items that suit your palate and dietary requirements. For instance, vegans can sign up for a vegetarian box, while those who are looking to maintain a healthy weight can get a box service for low calorie snacks. Meanwhile, those who want a taste of home can sign up for a subscription box of meals or snacks from their home country. This is especially valuable for those who are attending university in a different country, as having access to familiar food can help to ease homesickness while pursuing an academic career.

Beauty and skincare box services

If you’ve had a difficult time finding that special Japanese facial wash or Korean moisturizer since entering college in another town, then signing up for a beauty or skincare subscription ensures that you’ve got all the beauty products that you need while staying on campus. There are tons of beauty and skincare box services out there to choose from, and while you can certainly get one from your tried-and-tested brand, there’s no harm in trying other products. Who knows, you may just find a new favorite toner or lip balm by being a bit adventurous with your choices.

Stationery, art, and school supplies subscription boxes

Artistic students or those who are particular about their pens, notebooks, and stationery know that the items that they can get from the university store simply won’t do at all. This is why signing up for a stationery, art, or school supplies box service will be worth it as you can get quality items that you can use throughout the year. With these types of subscription boxes, you can get various pen sets from different countries, special paper for letter writing or arts and crafts, and colouring materials on a monthly basis, so you’ll always have something on hand to make doing homework, presentations, or crafts a little more enjoyable.

Signing up for a subscription box can transform your university life for the better. Make sure to do your research before selecting a box service, consider your budget, and only sign up for the box services that you need so you won’t end up regretting your purchases.