How To Check GLO Data Balance, Bonus & Data Bundles With SMS & Short-codes

Globacom also known as Glo is Nigeria’s indigenous biggest telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. GLO Nigeria as at today has over 46 million subscribers, making it the second largest network operator in Nigeria after MTN Nigeria.

Just as the multiplicity of services offered by a network provider gives it its strength. Glo has at its disposal all the skills and services that will give you maximum satisfaction.

GLO became the first telecommunication company in Nigeria to launch an $800 million high-capacity fibre-optic cable in 2011 known as Glo-1. It is a submarine cable that runs under deep sea from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. This submarine cable gave GLO the edge over other Telcos operating in Nigeria especially in the area of data services.

If you’ve looking for how to check Glo Data Balance. You are not completely lost. We have got some ways of checking it for you. Glo Data balance may be checked in many which. Any which suites you may apply.

How To Check GLO Data Balance, Bonus & Data Bundles With SMS & Short-codes 1


There are many methods of checking Glo data we have explicate below.

The SMS Method

This is the simplest way to check your data balance. Simply text INFO to 127 and wait for about thirty seconds or less, you’ll receive an SMS showing all the information you need to know about your latest data subscription. The information you’ll receive will contain the data volume and the date of expiry.

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The USSD Method

*777# is the code that solve it all for you. Just go to your phone dailer, dial *777# then select “current plan of a subscription”. Subsequently select “Manage data” and select “data balance”. Your data information will be displayed.


You may have been receiving additional data when you top up your line, But you are oblivious of how to check it. If you use any of the methods explained above in checking Glo data balance, you won’t get the desired results. But, using this method can make you see your bonus data.

Dial #122# on your dailer and select option ‘2’ or just simply dail #122*2#, you will get a pop-up notification showing all the various Glo bonus data balances.

Interestingly, Glo offers a data boosting services for its customers when they run of data before validity. You can boost your data by 1GB for just N500 or buy 300MB for just N200. You can dial *777# to buy the extra data.

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The heaviest load for a trader is an empty purse’ likewise the heaviest for an internet user is getting a message that he has ‘run out of data’. Glo has affordable plans you can buy. The Glo data plans are quite affordable and with as little as N50 you can get a 15MB plan. Also, these plans come with a 100% bonus on purchase.

These are some of Glo Data Plans and subscription codes that might interest you.

Glo Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Glo knowing that everyone is entitled to data, thought it necessary as part of their marketing strategy to reach even the lowest income earners and dependents, broke-down their data bundle plans. These plans comes very handy because even the lowest income earner or dependents can easily afford 50 or 100 Naira to subscribe for a daily plan for emergencies or get quick information online,

Please note that these plans cover for both whatsApp, Instagram, Facebook as well as surfing the internet for business or pleasure.

Go through the latest Glo Data bundle plans and subscription codes below and select which of them suits your current need.

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Data: 15MB
100% bonus: 15MB.
SMS 14 to 127 or dial *127*14# to subscribe.

Data: 35MB
100% bonus: 35MB.
Subscribe to this plan by SMS 51 to 127 or dial *127*51#

Data: 1.6GB
100% bonus: 1.6GB
How to subscribe: SMS 53 to 127 or dial *127*53#

Data: 12GB
100% bonus: 24GB
How to subscribe: SMS 11 to 127 or dial *127*2#

With these plans, you will surf through the internet plus you will receive a lot of bonuses on purchasing any data plan.

What are you waiting? if you have thrown or discarded your Glo simcard, you can always get another for free to start enjoying the great benefits that comes with using a Glo network.

Do you have any questions as regards how to check GLO data balance, bonus and data bundles with the use of  SMS and short-codes? you can reach us via our comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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