9 Popular Markets In Lagos To Buy Cheap Original Designers Clothes

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Africa and one of the fastest cities in the World.  The financial hub of the metropolis, known for its beach resorts, exotic nightlife, popularly referred to as the city of hustlers and  metropolitan city with diverse cultural heritage that accommodates every tribe in Nigeria.

There is an unconfirmed saying that if you can make it in Lagos, then you can make it anywhere in the world. Millions have made a fortune through hard work and consistency even though they came into the city with a pair of sandals and few clothing all packed in a polythene bag all in a bid to start up a business no matter how little. Students of various categories come into Lagos from other states looking for where to buy affordable designers clothes. Yes you heard me correctly. You can buy original designers clothes at very cheap prices in Lagos if only you know the various markets.

9 Popular Markets In Lagos To Buy Cheap Original Designers Clothes 1

Talking about students who want to look flashy and smart, with little money, those with white collar jobs wanting to look smart especially when they are in the business of constant interactions with clients and customers, here you will all see the most popular markets where you can buy good cheap clothes that suits your need irrespective of your status.

The information I’m about to reveal here might not be appealing to the so called big boys and slay queens who flaunt designers after washing and ironing them or giving them to dry cleaners after purchasing them from one of these Lagos markets below.

These markets fit into any need. Do you need corporate wears, corporate casuals, casuals (designers jeans, t-shirts, beach wears? just name it, you definitely will find them in these markets at very pocket friendly prices so you need not worry about your finance.

These are markets where bankers go and purchase their corporate wears as well as shoes. You can get a very nice designer for as low as 1,500 to 2,000 naira. These clothes on a good day go between 7,000 to 10,000 naira in boutiques. In as much as they are Okrika (another slang for first grade used clothes), they are far more quality than the so called new wears you purchase at boutiques.

Aside clothing (shirts and trousers), there are varieties of items that can also be purchased from these markets ranging from food items, souvenirs, materials for occasions, shoes and other household items.

Popular Markets To Buy Cheap Affordable Original Designers Clothes In Lagos


If you are new in Lagos this might probably sound foreign to your hearing. Kantagua simply means a market for everybody. It is one of the most popular markets where you can buy original designers clothes at very cheap prices. Their new arrivals popularly known as Bails are available every Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. So if you want to select the best clothes you’ve got to be there as early as possible. If you have waist problem, abeg avoid this market because you must be ready to constantly bend down.

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The market is “bend down select market”, Katangua market is where you can get authentic second hand (okrika) clothes and household items for jaw dropping prices. The place is a hub of activities and you will be amazed at the commercial activities going on in this market.n you see collections of good-looking things to buy.

Location: It is located around Super bus stop in Abule Egba, you can’t miss it, just ask any shop owner around and you will be directed.


Another popular market known to all students and workers is the Yaba market. This popular one stop market offers items that are less priced than the one you’ll find in Tejousho market. You can get very authentic clothes (first grade used) clothes for as low as 1,000 naira at Yaba market. Aside used clothes, you can do all sorts of customization on materials. For example, you can buy bulk materials and sew right there and customize at a very cheap price.

Location: As long as you can find your way to Yaba bus stop then you are there, you would be approached by sellers trying to persuade you to buy from them.


This Market has undergone a tremendous transformation by the Lagos state government. It has been concerted to an ultra modern market for all sort of wears. In early 2000, the market was a sham, it was later engulfed in a strange fire that many accused the Lagos state government of masterminding. It was after this occurrence the Lagos state government wasted no time in converting it to one of an ultra modern market you see today. Despite the changes, shops and open stores are still attached to the walls of this market where clothes and accessories can be purchased at mouth watery prices.

Despite the exorbitant cost of acquiring a lock up shop at the Tejuosho Ultra modern market, it still listed among one of the cheapest places you can buy original and affordable wears in Lagos state.

Location: It is off Yaba bus stop, shares same boundary with Yaba market.

9 Popular Markets In Lagos To Buy Cheap Original Designers Clothes 2


Oshodi undergone a fabulous transformation from the administration of ex-governor Babatunde Fashola, down to Ambode and the current Governor of Lagos state Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Oshodi market, once a home to all manner of nefarious activities now turning to a super modern market center. Are you a lover of Ankara (tie and dye materials) then this market is for you though it cannot be compared to the popular Balogun market on the Island. Casuals are sold in this market at very cheap prices but most are known as Aba made otherwise referred to as low quality clothes. If you do not want to see yourself all dressed up with a matching outfits with Lagos touts and bus conductors, please avoid this market however, the choice is yours.

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This is unarguably one of the best market of white collar jobs. You need to visit this market and do a bit of window shopping and you will be glad you did. Bali market is known for designers only. This is where Lagos big boys codedly buy their clothes. The only down side of this market is that they are best at Office Shirts and corporate casuals. The price of a very authentic designers office shirt or casual at this market goes for 2,000 Naira. The prices of the clothes in this market betrays the actual worth of the clothes sold at this market. I can boldly attest to the quality of clothes sold in this market. A try will convince you.

LOCATION: It is located off broad street, the road directly in front of former AfriBank, Lagos Island.


Balogun market is on the Lagos island, off the popular broad street. This market is unarguably the most popular market for all textiles and fabrics in Lagos. Here is where our Igbo brothers offload their container of goods from abroad. At balogun market is where you have the wholesalers of all manner of wears. The unique Bali market listed above is also sited in this location. You definitely can’t get enough of what the Balogun market has to offer.

The market is the most crowed in Lagos because you can find type of cloth or material in this market, all you need do is ask questions. Inside balogun there are areas for original used US made clothes and shoes, also, if you need Turkey imported, British wears and Italian made designers, you can get all at this market at very pocket friendly prices.

At Balogun market the average price of new chinos and jeans trouser is 5,000 Naira while used jeans and chinos or a pair of pant trouser cost between 1,000 to 2,000 Niara only so the choice is yours. When shopping here, you need to be very smart as there are miscreants ready to rob you off your money in the smartest possible ways.

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LOCATION: Off Broad street, Balogun, Lagos Island.


If you are a very low income earner or still living under your parents and guardians, then Aswani market is best for you. The Aswani popular and brings a euphoric feeling when the name is mentioned. It is known for its long years of attending to consumers’ needs in terms of clothing, fabric and accessories. Tuesdays are special days and you have you tighten your belt when you go there. It is the home of bend down select as well as high-grade clothes okrika (foreign used). You can get your favorite clothe at the cheapest possible prices for as low as 1000 naira. Unbelievable? yes I mean ONE THOUSAND NAIRA ONLY.

8. Under Bridge Market (Beside Article Market)

Are you a fan of office casuals and polos? Then this market is for you. Here you can get affordable quality clothes within the ranges of 1,000 to 2000 naira. Bails are opened 3 times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). If you are early enough (be there by 7am) you will be lucky to get new clothes are 1000 to 1500 naira because the best are sold to the early birds. Late comers scramble for what’s left after the best have been handpicked especially by boutique sellers.

9. Online Marketplaces

There are several online marketplaces in Nigeria where you can buy cheap clothes, including Jumia, Konga, and OLX. These platforms offer a wide range of clothing items at affordable prices, and you can even shop from the comfort of your home. This already saves you the cost of transportation and commuting stress.

There are other markets in Lagos where you can buy cheap authentic clothes. Orile night market is one of them, You can get good clothes directly under the bridge for those living on the mainland. Other places are Iyana-oba market, Ikeja along and under bridge. Though these places are fairly small in size that is why they aren’t as popular as the above mentioned.

Through the comment section, you could add areas you know that sells cheap and affordable original clothes in Lagos as well as their locations so interested persons can trace and do their shopping. We shall update your comment in the post should we find them to be true.

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