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Rotimi Salami: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies And Net Worth 2023

Every once in a long while, you see an actor who combines top level talent with stunning good looks. Rotimi Salami fits that description perfectly; he is the audience sweetheart because he gives them something to behold; good looks for the ladies, and top performances for everyone else.

Rotimi Salami is a versatile actor; he is one who is comfortable playing a diverse range of roles, and who is comfortable on the sets of different types of movies, including comedies, tragedies, and movies with deep moral lessons. He can play the bad boy, the lover boy, the responsible father, or the cheating husband.

Rotimi Salami is one of the popular actors in the new face of Nollywood, and he is one of those tipped to be in the forefront in the years to come. Such a raw talent will always have plenty of stories surrounding him; this post will present the facts.

Rotimi Salami: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies And Net Worth [year] 1

Rotimi Salami Profile

  • Real Name: Rotimi Salami
  • Also Known As: Rotimi Salami
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer
  • Date of Birth: December 30
  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
  • State of Origin: Lagos Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Net Worth: 500,000 USD

Rotimi Salami Biography

Rotimi Salami was born in Surulere, Lagos State, but grew up in Ajangbadi, in the suburbs of the same state. He is the first son in a family of 5; he has 1 brother and 3 sisters. His father is a steel construction engineer, while his mother is a businesswoman.

He stated that he had a sheltered childhood; he was well taken care of as a child, and he did not know much of what was going on in the streets. This was until he got to secondary school, and started making friends.

Rotimi Salami attended St. Mary Nursery and Primary School, Ajangbadi Lagos, and then went to Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta, Ogun State (a boarding school) for his secondary schooling. He then went to the Lagos State University where he graduated with a degree in sociology.

After having established a solid career, he later went to the New York film academy.

Rotimi Salami Career Development

From a young age Rotimi Salami set his eyes on having a great career in acting; his earliest forays into the business include a film he shot with his friend just after leaving secondary school. Unfortunately that film never came out because of technical issues, but that did not stop Rotimi from charging forward.

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In an interview with a popular Nigerian newspaper he stated that he had the most embarrassing moment in his life during his early days in the industry. In a movie he was to play the role of a Newscaster. He was quite prepared for the role and had memorized the lines when the director changed on line.

He said he had to retake the scene 12 times before he was able to deliver it, and that at one point the Director lost patience and shouted at him in front of everyone. He stated that that was one of his most embarrassing moments, but that he still got the scene right in the end, and the director congratulated him.

He then featured on Shahinsha Kingdom, which was a TV series that actually came out years after the production. But it was worth the wait; it opened doors for him in the form of a role of WAP TV’s Super Story.

He played a role on one of the drama series there; it was called “Because You Loved Me.” he shared a set with David Afolayan and David Nnaji. He stated that it was his first major success; and it brought him recognition because he resonated with the audience. He said that was the first time in his career when he was walking on the street, and people would say “I saw you on TV.”

From there on he became quite established; he could have continued with the series, or done more for WAP TV, but he wanted to be a producer; so he went on to produce his own films. In an interview he stated that his first production only managed to do two episodes, and then nothing else.

After reinforcements he did another production, and that one landed on TV, even getting him a nomination. It was called Kuti’s Career Place, and it was done in 2010. It was a comedy, and it was that success that provided the steam with which he went forward.

He states that he did not find the industry easy at all, especially getting roles.  However, with determination, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome.

Rotimi Salami Movies (Filmography)

  • Unknown Revenge
  • One Love
  • Cascade
  • About to wed
  • Super Story (TV Series)
  • This Life (TV Series)
  • 11th Hour
  • Papa Ajasco (TV Series)
  • Crack in the Wall (TV Series)
  • Silent Night
  • Emerald
  • Leave My Boyfriend
  • Bella’s Place
  • Alan Poza
  • Dear Mother
  • Not Just Married
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Rotimi Salami Awards And Accolades

  • Rotimi Salami has already started to stock his shelf with awards and plaques; some of them are cited below.
  • AMVCA (2014) for Best Comedy Writer (Nomination)
  • Best of Nollywood Awards (2017) as Most Promising Actor (Won)
  • Best of Nollywood Awards (2017) for Best Supporting Actor (Won)

Rotimi Salami Age

Rotimi Salami was born on December 30, sometime in the 1980’s; his exact date of birth is not known, but it is possible to hazard a guess. From his appearance he looks to be around 35 to 37 years old.

That is also in conjunction with other available facts, such as his primary school, and the time he made his first film which failed to get to the media houses.

It is important to note that Rotimi Salami has a baby face which makes him look like a teenager or a young adult. He even stated in an interview that the young look was a career hindrance because it stopped him from getting certain roles.

Many who think he is a young boy are often surprised to learn about his wife.

Rotimi Salami: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies And Net Worth [year] 2

Rotimi and his wife (Jumoke)

Rotimi Salami Wife

Rotimi Salami is married. Her name is Jumoke Arinola Salami, and she graduated from the University of Lagos where she read Theatre Arts. Rotimi, in an interview stated that she is very understanding, and that it is through her support that he is able to go on making waves in the movie and television industry.

He said that he is grateful to be married to a supportive person, and that she understands the kind of industry he is in, and that she has been a blessing to him. He particularly mentioned how she has never made a fuss about female fans flocking around him, especially as she understands that many of them are only looking for ways to promote themselves; to get media attention and recognition.

He further stated that he is quick to tell female fans that he is married because that helped to avoid problems going forward. He says that even though some are happy to continue swooning over him, most immediately change the tone of the conversation to a more casual one.

He credits this discipline to his mother who taught him from a young age to never attempt to play on the intelligence of females, but to treat them with respect. He believes that do this has kept him away from trouble, and kept his name scandal free.

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Rotimi Salami Net Worth 2023

With his acting prowess and his TV series which he has produced, one can estimate that Rotimi Salami is quite a wealthy man. The most popular figure that is quoted by media outlets is $500,000.

Rotimi Salami is primarily an actor and a producer, and not surprisingly most of his endeavors are around that. In an interview he stated that just shuttling between work and family time is hectic enough.

He stated that he would like to groom future stars, most likely giving them their first shot on TV, which means that he could be credited to bringing fresh blood into the industry. He has some productions in the works, and while they have not yet hit the screens, the audience can be sure that Rotimi Salami will not disappoint.

How To Contact Rotimi Salami

Rotimi Salami is open to communication that can be potentially profitable to all parties involved. Brands looking to promote their products and services, and film makers looking to collaborate with him on movie productions can contact him on social media.

His preferred social media platforms are instagram and twitter. He can be reached on the handles provided below.

  • Instagram: @SalamiRotimi
  • Twitter: @Rotimi_Salami

However, please be advised that the volume of communication he receives is quite high, and as such, in order for the communication to be prioritized, it needs to be clear and to the point.

Furthermore, Rotimi Salami does not receive the communication directly, so before sending please bear in mind that it will pass through the vetting process of a third party.

That is all you need to know about the talented actor and producer Rotimi Salami. If his performances are anything to go by, then he is just getting started; we expect to see more explosive performances leading to more awards in the future.

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