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Professional Application Letter Samples for IT Jobs

When applying for a job as an IT specialist, firstly, your resume should be tailed to suit the job being applied for the CV is finished, the next agenda is to submit your application letter to any potential employer that you have identified. Writing an application letter for a job application is required while doing this. Your CV will be sent with this application letter or cover letter. Its major goal is to make it possible for your CV to be viewed rather than merely thrown in the trash or “pending” file.

Given that many major firms receive a ton of CV’s, you should offer as much assistance as you can to increase the likelihood that your CV will be read. A strong application letter for a CV or job application will outline the position you seek and why.

Even though an application letter is sometimes thought of as just being used with paper applications, many online job applications frequently call for one as well. If not, there could be a part where you’re asked why you’re applying; you might utilize some of the letter’s wording for this.

Professional Application Letter Samples for IT Jobs 1

IT Professional Application Letter

A crucial stage in your job search process is creating a strong application letter for an IT professional position. Make sure to mention the prerequisites stated in the job description in your letter. Mention your most noteworthy or relevant qualifications in your letter to let employers know why you would be a fantastic match for the position. The following IT professional application letter example can assist you in writing an application letter that best showcases your expertise and credentials, similar to how you may use resume examples.

General IT Sample Letters

Amy Chan

080 55554444

April 16, 2022

Human Resource Person

Innovation Advertising

No 9 chung ghei street,


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am overjoyed to have the chance to apply for the IT Professional position at Innovation Advertising. In my lengthy career as an IT expert, I have thoroughly enjoyed picking up many new concepts and techniques along the road. I am confident that by putting strong IT principles into effect, I can considerably contribute to your company’s demands and objectives. I am extremely eager to work with Innovation Advertising, a reputable advertising firm, and support you in your efforts to provide the business community with innovative and effective advertising campaigns.

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I had the honor of leading the IT team in deploying a new company-wide adoption of an enterprise people and accounting software solution system while serving as the head of the IT department at Centurion Law Firm in my prior role.

I oversaw the research for the finished product and collaborated with the program manager during the project’s planning, development, and implementation phases. The software was effectively introduced, and the company experienced increases in productivity and cost savings.

I am really interested in learning about the most recent security and data integrity issues. I have many information security-related IT certifications, subscribe to a number of pertinent periodicals and newsgroups that disseminate the most recent information security news. I made sure that my staff was aware of and educated in best practices for all of their everyday work procedures in my capacity as the IT department’s manager.

I appreciate your thoughts and time. I look forward to learning more about Innovation Advertising and your future ambitions for your IT division. I’m confident that your organization can offer worthwhile insights into my expertise in addition to what I can contribute to your general business objectives.


Chan, Amy

2) IT Application Letter (Text Format)

August 7, 2021


Hiring Manager’s Name

341 Company Address

Palo Alto, CA 12345

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

I developed an interest in the [job] after I saw an advert that was just placed on your [website]. I am more than capable of investigating various forensic examination methods and monitoring security systems for several Fortune 500 firms thanks to my skill set and skills.

I have acquired expertise in reverse engineering, computer forensics, networking, and information security while earning an Associate Degree in Information Security and Digital Forensics at Trident Community College. I can now function on Linux and Windows systems and have mastered several security concepts thanks to this expertise.

In May 2011, I started my job with the Chicago government as an information security intern. I looked for potential gaps in the system’s security while working under the instruction of senior members.

I am presently employed with a Security organization Inc. as a Security Operations Center Security Analyst, where I have had the opportunity to further develop my technical knowledge. My résumé, which highlights my academic and professional qualifications, is attached. I anticipate a call or message from you very soon.



3) Web Developer Application Letter

Kartika Widjaya

1234 35th St, 6

Astoria, NY 11106

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March 15, 2019

Monique Stanley

Hiring Manager

Steinway Solutions

30-97 Steinway St.

Astoria, NY 11103

Dear Monique,

I was thrilled to notice your new opportunity for the junior web developer position as a computer science graduate and all-around techie. My understanding of code evaluation and website development has been formed by my experience as a web developer intern, which I recently completed. I am certain that I have the HTML, CSS, and JS expertise necessary to support Steinway Solutions’ success.

I gained several new skills and honed my current ones during my web developer internship at Brooklyn Media, all of which would be helpful to me at Steinway Solutions. My web development internship sharpened my skills in a variety of areas, including object-oriented programming, wireframes, user interfaces, and Python.

My accomplishments at Brooklyn Media range from:

Greater efficiency of website code (reduction of 5 customer projects by over 50% each)

I worked with a client on a project that received the 2018 CSS Design Awards for Innovation, UI Design, and UX Design.

These few successes demonstrate that I not only like and take great pleasure in my job as a web developer. I will bring the same work ethic and motivation if I have the chance to work at SS as a web developer.

I would welcome the chance to talk with you about your forthcoming initiatives and objectives. I would also like to show you how Steinway Solutions can build on and build on the successes I achieved at Brooklyn Media.

Yours Sincerely,

Kartika Widjaya

4) Front-End Developer Application Letter

Joseph Edwards

Front-End Developer


Aug 29, 2017

Edith Scully

Head Recruiter

Hattori Design

2008 Boggess Street

Frisco, TX 75034

Dear Edith,

I am thrilled about the prospect of working as a Front End Developer with Hattori Design. My mobile-first strategy at Quorian increased mobile traffic by 15%. I am enthusiastic to use my knowledge of CSS HTML5 and JavaScript to propel Hattori’s growth and increase earnings.

During my time at Qorian, I had to work regularly in an agile environment and do a fair amount of object-oriented programming—two skills that have since become second nature to me and that I think Hattori would find to be very beneficial. Among my other accomplishments are:

To improve cross-browser compatibility, I made the clients’ website cut down on its loading time by 25% for Firefox and Edge.

Through my effort, HTML5 syntax cleaning will on average, make websites more responsive by 12%.

I Obtained certifications in Python and Java while maintaining a full-time job.

I honestly believe that I would improve your team in Hattori by bringing the same commitment and focus. It struck a chord with me when I read about Hattori’s purpose and how much you respect the details.

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It would be great to get the chance to talk about life at Hattori. I would be happy to talk about how my current experience and how i can help both sides progress.

Yours Sincerely,

Lawrence Edwards

Front-End Developer

5) UX Developer Application Letter

Your Name

Your Job Title

Mailing Address

Phone Number

Email Address


Hiring Manager Name

Job Title

Company Name

Mailing Address

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

As a UX designer at Gradea, I made many changes to the main SaaS platform that raised conversion rates by 12%. The outcome was an increase in income of N25,000,000 million  annually. I would love to have the chance to use my abilities to help Aspeess drive development and income in a similar manner.

Aspeess needs a committed product team with in-depth knowledge of client wants and expectations if it is to realize its vision of being the market leader. My prior work as a UX designer demonstrates how effectively I would do in this position. Top career achievements include:

  • User satisfaction grew by 25% as a result of focused, research-based interface enhancements.
  • Over 50 high- and low-fidelity prototypes were made and tested; two of them eventually became the company’s flagship goods and brought in an average of N300,000,000 million annually.
  • Introducing the organization to the technique of iterative testing and design, averaging a usability improvement rate of 45% every iteration.

It would be a pleasure to work with a group that has such a stellar reputation of developing appealing, user-friendly solutions. Online services, in my opinion, should not only be useful but also really entertaining to use. Aspeess’ commitment to ongoing modernization and enhancement is particularly impressive in light of this; your most recent revamp of the mobile user interface is a prime illustration of your user-centered perspective and flexibility.

I would want to go into greater depth about how my research and design abilities may help Aspeess maintain its success and expansion.

Best regards,

[Your name], UX designer.

This article provides IT specialists with a perfect template for an application letter when applying for different positions. You can easily edit any of the letters above depending on the position you are applying for.