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Let’s face it: Looking for a job is rarely enjoyable. It almost seems as though it has its own set of grieving process. At first, the depressing nature of job applications is denied. The frustration over either a lack of communication or rejection from potential employers follows. Of course, there is negotiating. “If I can find a new job, I pledge to never complain about my employment again!”

Depression and the perception that one is just a good applicant frequently follow. Acceptance follows, which is expressed as “This is terrible, but I have to continue going, nevertheless.”

However, there’s good news. You may enjoy yourself a bit while looking for work and you can even improve as an applicant in the process. In other words, your cover letter could contain the necessary magic needed.

Cover Letter

So, what is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a tool for expressing your enthusiasm for the position, commitment to the business, and the influence you’ve made in past roles. It also provides an opportunity to showcase a piece of writing that demonstrates your individuality and ability to effectively communicate ideas. One page long, and tailored to each application, cover letters should include a compelling introduction, pertinent qualifications and skills, and a powerful conclusion with a call to action.

Even if just 35% of recruiters believe that cover letters don’t significantly affect their recruiting decision, that may not imply to you and you may not be one of that 35%. The fact that not many of them stand out might be the reason why cover letters are thought to be unimportant. You have the chance to use your imagination at this early stage of the hiring process.

After all, personalization extends beyond just changing the title and business name in every mail you email to recruiters or the letter you send out. In this article, we would be showing you cover letters for various types of job applications.

Template for General Purpose Cover Letter

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State and Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email



Hiring Manager’s or Recruiter’s Name

Hiring Manager’s or Recruiter’s Title

Company or Organization Name


City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager/Recruiter’s Last Name],

You should introduce yourself to the recruiter in the opening paragraph of your cover letter and discuss why you are interested in the position. You can describe how your present or most recent job makes you the best fit for the post by going into depth about an accomplishment and presenting outcomes.]

[Your second paragraph should provide more information about your background to emphasize how you are a good fit for the position. A generic cover letter can include a summary of your job-related accomplishments and outcomes, broken down into bullet points:

  • Mention any managerial or executive experience.
  • Outline a specific development or achievement.
  • Describe any breakthroughs or concepts that helped the company advance.
  • List your technical prowess or expertise.
  • List one or two standout qualities.

[Your successes should be summarized in the third paragraph, which should also restate your qualifications for the position. To encourage the prospective employer to go on to the next stage of the hiring process, provide a call-to-action. Put your conclusion and contact information after this.]

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Yours Sincerely/ Best wishes

Thank you.

Your Signature

Your name typed in full

Programming Post Cover Letter

John Donaldson

8 Sue Circle

Smithtown, CA 08067


August 15, 2020


George Gilhooley

Times Union

87 Delaware Road

Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr. Gilbert,

I am contacting you, to apply for the programming post advertised in the Times Union. I have sent my entire application for the position, my certification, my résumé, and three references as required.

I find the opportunity to be extremely intriguing, and I think my excellent technical background and education make me a very competitive applicant for this post. My main assets that would help me succeed in this role are as follows:

I’ve successfully created, supported, and designed programs for real usage. I keep pushing for perfection. I provide all clients with above-average customer service contributions.

I have a thorough grasp of the whole lifecycle of software development projects thanks to my BSc in computer programming. Additionally, I’ve had success acquiring and using new technology.

Please refer to my résumé for further details about my experience.

You can reach me at any moment on or 09055559966 on my mobile phone.

I appreciate your thoughts and time. I am looking forward to discussing this job opportunity with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Donald James (signature hard copy letter)

3) Academic Adviser Cover Letter

Rhonda A. Sanchez

Academic Advisor

3476 West Drive

Chicago, IL,60605


Chicago, 5/15/2019


Lorraine D. Watson

Director of Personnel

Northwestern University

633 Clark St.

Evanston, IL 60208

Dear Emeka,

I was overjoyed to see that your university had an opportunity for an Academic Advisor job as a Northwestern University alumnus. I’ve contributed to GPA and score gains of up to 35% in my present position as an Academic Advisor at DePaul University. I’m sure that my experience will be useful for Northwestern’s potential problems.

I am aware of what it takes to assist instructors, help students succeed, and bring in more money for the organization. I have mentored over 300 students while working at DePaul University, discussed career and academic options, and located at-risk kids. I also assisted in the field’s mentoring of fresh academic advisers, raising our total student satisfaction rating by 15%.

I am really thrilled about this opportunity since Northwestern University has such a strong emphasis on assisting students in having the best success possible. I would like the chance to continue my professional development while using the new abilities I acquired to help Northwestern University improve all significant KPIs.

Can we arrange a call for next week to talk more about the Academic Advisor position at Northwestern University?

Yours Sincerely,

Jennifer A. Sanchez


4) General Purpose Cover Letter

George Orwell

705 Oleander Ct.

Portland, OR 97216


June 1, 2019


Michael Cortez

Talent Acquisition

TopTier Data Analysts, Inc.

9307 Washington Blvd.

Seattle, WA 98109

Dear, Mr. Cortez

I am a devoted professional looking for a chance to flourish at Top Tier Data Analysts, Inc. At my present job with Facebook Information Technology, I surpassed our production quota by 7% while leading a team to consistently accomplish project targets a few days early. I’m sure that, in a variety of administrative jobs, my skills, knowledge, and experience will enable me to produce positive outcomes for any organization.

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Here are some of my strongest traits

  • I efficiently and effectively manage my time by organizing my job activities and making cautious plans.
  • Have a talent for quickly spotting issues and finding solutions; • Have excellent interpersonal communication skills; • Always meet deadlines and deliver thorough, full work of a high grade;

In my role as a leader, I continually demonstrated my ability to apply new material effectively and fast. I also have strong computer abilities and am proficient in MS Office.

I’m confident that I can contribute in any role that calls for perseverance, zeal, and dependability. Can we arrange a meeting to talk about how I can help TopTier? I anticipate hearing from you soon. I have listed all of my relevant skills and qualifications on the résumé that is enclosed.

I appreciate your thoughts and time.

Yours Sincerely,

George Orwell


5) Cover Letter for Internship

Timothy Thurlow

Spruce Drive, 49

90045 Los Angeles, California

October 10, 2019

Watkins, James

The human resources director

D&B Finance

Massachusetts Avenue, 551

90024 Los Angeles, California


Dear Mr. Olaiton,

I was overjoyed, when my student project on improving cash flow took home the top honor at a regional business club competition. Two months later, a construction business used my solution, which reduced the processing time for modification orders by 20%.

But I have to say, that was not a chance victory. I have always had a strong ambition to work in the financial area as a leader. I utilized my time at university to cultivate initiative and accountability since I think the only way to achieve this aim is to adopt a result-oriented approach. Taking classes like:

Analytical Techniques for Business

Statistical Inference in Management

Business Communication

I would want to show you that my GPA of 3.98 not only indicate my dedication to studying but also my innate love of money and tendency to flourish in a company with like-minded people.

When Professor Agu Joseph informed me of a D&B Finance internship opportunity, I felt this was a golden chance for further development in the company of exceptional financial experts.

I would appreciate it, if we could we set up a meeting for next week to talk about how I can support the Finance Leadership Development Program and assist your organization in identifying the best solutions for its current business needs?

Best wishes

Timothy Thurlow

At this point, we expect that you should already have an idea on how to properly include an address in a cover letter as the following letters would just be a representation of what a good cover letter should be.

6) General Purpose Cover Letter

Dear Mr Smith,

I read with great interest the job description for the Middleburg University position of Anatomy and Physiology Professor. I am glad to apply for the position since I think my expertise is a good fit for the duties associated with it.

At Amery University where I worked as an adjunct Lecturer, I most recently taught anatomy and physiology. I also participated in a research project and held positions on two faculty committees.

To this letter, I’ve attached my résumé. I hope it will provide you additional information about my history, schooling, accomplishments, and honors.

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I hope I would be called soon for us to meet. Please do inform me, if there is anything else I can do to help.

Thank you,



7) General Purpose Cover Letter

To whom it may Concern,

I am excited to apply for the Communications Manager position at Company ABC, as it was posted on LinkedIn. My entire job application and résumé are enclosed.

I find the job to be quite intriguing. I feel I am well-positioned to serve your business as a professional with more than 20 years of broad experience in written communications, marketing, management, and consulting.

The samples from my résumé below demonstrate the value I can provide to this position:

  • Attracted media attention, which increased prospects for direct sales by 22%.
  • Started an ORM campaign to observe a 19% spike in traffic over a 3-month period.
  • Delivered thousands of pieces of content and saw a 25% spike in blog leads.

I have had the chance to work with multinational teams throughout my career, which has deepened my understanding of the variety of alternatives available for marketing services and communications. My résumé is included, and you can see that I’m committed to working with others to achieve our creative objectives.

I also like your business’s commitment to providing inclusive and creative messaging. I would sincerely appreciate the chance to talk about how I can fulfill the requirements of this position while also advancing the general objective of your company. I’ve listed my contact information above.

We appreciate you reading this message and the supporting documents.

Yours sincerely,

(Hard copy signature)

Judith Smith

8) General Purpose Cover Letter

Email Subject: IT Director Job Application

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am happy to apply for the position of IT Director with your business, as advertised on Indeed. I consider myself to be well-positioned to help IT Services Company as a professional with over 20 years of varied expertise in Information Technology. The samples from my résumé below demonstrate the value I can provide to this position:

  • Consolidated several IT systems into a single, worldwide platform with 3K users.
  • Also, I saved N1million naira on the cost of redundant and obsolete systems and management.
  • Supervised eight IT specialists whose duties included running the network for 20 000 workers.

I have a thorough grasp of internet technology and all of its components thanks to my MS.c in Information Technology, with a focus in cyber learning and computational thinking.

The fact that your IT department is expanding and adding a new client management system to accommodate international operations further excites me. I would much appreciate the chance to personally discuss how I can best fulfill the requirements of that project and my involvement in advancing the broader purpose of the IT department. Call me at 07055778812 or contact me at

I appreciate your reading of my letter, as well as the supporting documents enclosed therein.

Best Regards,

Mr. Smith

Download General Purpose Cover Letter – Free Word Doc

At the end of this article, everyone should be comfortable enough to draft a captivating cover letter that would intrigue his/her recruiter to request for a meeting or hire him/her immediately.