List of Highest Paying IT Companies In Nigeria And Their Salary Structures 2024

Landing your dream IT (Information Technology) Job in Nigeria lies in your hands, your professional certification, communication skills, negotiation skills and technical know-how on the job which could mar or make your dream of working in some of the blue-chips IT companies in Nigeria a reality.

Many of us have only imagined the estimated monthly salary structure of these Multinational IT companies, today we intend putting you through by giving an accurate and comprehensive details as regards the list of highest paying IT companies in Nigeria and their basic monthly salary structures.

Information Technology industry in Nigeria is a quite a huge one, according to, Nigeria’s IT Industry is currently worth about 150Billion USD and has an exponential annual growth rate of 10%. With new and emerging IT companies springing up in Nigeria owing to the fact our population is a huge one, even the Biggest IT Companies in the world find it juicy investing in Nigeria and tapping from the opportunities that lie within and you would agree with us that IT jobs in Nigeria are currently the highest paying in the industry.

Truth be told, the monthly salaries top IT companies pay their workers in Nigeria is so structured that it meets international standard, the biggest IT Companies in Nigeria do not just pay their staff in US dollars, but have other welfare packages that covers their families as a whole.

Often times, the Federal Government in a bid to attract foreign investments, grant these Multinational IT companies either tax rebates or tax holidays, this in-turn has an effect on the per capital income of her citizens and in the long run, improves the economy.

Being a staff, whether full-time that is core staff or intern in an IT company can be both fufilling and challenging, as much as you make the money, be ready to chunk out a lot of your personal time and private moments especially in the area of getting the job done.

Unlike most Nigerian companies, their foreign counterparts careless about your degree, rather they are more concerned with your professional certifications, your experience on the job and willingness to learn. They are in an industry where trends are evolving daily and everyone must be at the top of their jobs in order not to be left behind, which means updating your soft skills on your scope of work and other related works are necessary if you intend keeping your job and willing to climb up the ladder.

In this post readers will be well furnished with the following information

  • Top 10 Highest Paying IT companies in Nigeria and their salary structures
  • Monthly salaries of top IT professionals in Nigeria
  • How To link up with top IT professionals via LinkedIN
  • List of highest paying companies in Nigeria
  • Biggest IT companies in Nigeria and their salary scales

The list of IT companies in Nigeria are mostly situated in Lagos, they are unarguably the biggest in Nigeria and without doubt, the highest paying IT companies in the country and clinching a job with them, you need to be the best at what you do by having the necessary certification, an in-depth background knowledge on the operations and proficient use of old and emerging IT products for integration purposes.

Since most foreign companies are result rather than efforts oriented, the idea of working from home is allowed, as an IT personnel, this is another plus to your job, however, you must be highly disciplined for this to work for you, because working from home can be quite distracting if you have distractions or lack the discipline to adhere strictly to work principles, this could have an adverse effect on your job and you understand the consequences of such on your job.

As mentioned  earlier, gaining employment with any of the biggest ICT companies in Nigeria can challenging especially when you are searching for a job with a first degree, for example, a B.Sc or HND degree holder stands no chance of landing a job with the under-listed IT companies in Nigeria stated below, because you do not have the pedigree to work in organizations of such caliber, WHY? to land a job in a multinational IT company, you need internationally recognized professional certifications in your field in order to stand out from the crowd.

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In addition to the above, proper research in the related field must be carried out to find out the exact soft skills needed in order not to waste precious energy and resources on courses that add no value to your intending field or career.

At the beginning of this post, we stated categorically that aside your knowledge and certification, your communication and negotiating skills would go a long way in deriving satisfaction on the job should you eventually land your dream job. In as much as you want to get the job at all cost maybe due to the perceived monthly basic salaries of staff, you need to be professional in your negotiation, remember you are dealing with experts in this field so no matter what you say, they know the range your salary would fall within but if you price yourself too low, you are going to be paid what you negotiated for and after some months you realize you are being paid lower than what your colleagues earn, dissatisfaction and frustration on your job begins to creep in and your output on the job is automatically affected.

To avoid the above, carry out proper research before your interview which could be via phone conversation or internet or physical. You can find out online for the IT company in question and search for their salary structures, you might not find the exact figures, however, getting the salary range of these companies would place you on a better platform to begin your negotiation.

Also, you could make good use of LinkedIn since its a platform for professionals in the world. Today, LinkedIN is worth over 26Billion USD and it is the biggest professional platform in the world at large, you can add up and view profiles of professionals in the IT field, ask questions as it relates to the basic monthly salaries of either graduate trainees or professionals in the IT industry, seek their opinions and you will get all you need without leaving your comfort zone.

In summary of the above, open a LinkedIn account and register online, search for professionals in  top IT companies in Nigeria, view their profile, check for their qualifications and by so doing, you will have an idea of what is required from you by the IT company, you can chat them up or send messages then wait for their replies. Please note that they will most likely not be willing to disclose information regarding their take home pay and other welfare benefits attached to their jobs, they could give you a hint as regards the salary range or scale you would fall within as a graduate with the basic certifications and with such information at your disposal, negotiating with the Human Resource manager is made easier.

Now we have gotten to the zenith of our discussion, that is, the list high paying IT companies in Nigeria and their basic monthly salary structures in no particular order.

Highest IT Companies In Nigeria And Their Basic Monthly Salaries

Oracle Nigeria

The Oracle Corporation is an American global computer technology corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. The company primarily specializes in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products — particularly its own brands of database management systems. Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue behind IT giant Microsoft.

Oracle Nigeria is one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria, they absorb both full time staff and accepts interns into their workplace.

Interns receive as much as 200,000 Naira monthly basic salary, this is the salary of a core staff in a bank.

As a fresh graduate, your salary range depends on your proficient use of the required soft skills and negotiating power, the truth is that you need to get well informed about their salary structure as mentioned above so you don’t under or over price yourself out. Oracle Nigeria pay as high as one million (1,000,000) Naira monthly to fresh graduates and four million to eight million (4,000,000 to 8,000,000) Naira to high ranking managers and country directors, this is aside other benefits like health and insurance, traveling expenses and other benefits and welfare packages for staff and their families.

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Microsoft Nigeria

Microsoft is the biggest IT company in Nigeria and the world at large. Owned by the Famous Bill Gates, talking about strength and size, Microsoft has all it takes.  As at August 2016, they acquired LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2Billion, this alone speaks of their strength and financial muscles.

They might no have their personal structures here in Nigeria, however, offices are made available for staff for administrative functions.

Top IT companies in Nigeria, there are no exact figures attached to the monthly salary for any level but there are benchmarks to for every level. Microsoft pays new intakes as much as 800,000 Naira per month, so it is left to you to negotiate properly, it is best you start with higher figures, for example, you could start with 1.2million Naira Net, not gross because gross includes other deductions like tax, insurance and other compulsory charges. While top management staff receive as much as 3,000,000 Naira Net payment per month as their basic salaries.

Till date Microsoft and Oracle Nigeria stands as the top two (2) biggest and highest paying IT companies in Nigeria.

Ericsson Nigeria

Ericsson is Swedish Multinational IT giant with office in Nigeria. It is a Multinational company, whose task cuts across various countries. Ericsson Nigeria provides a range of services, some of which include software, telecommunication, mobile, fixed broadband, operations, business support, video systems, cable TV and a host of other services.

Their clientele base are major players in the telecom Sector and Engineering industry. They provide services and network supports to these telecommunication companies and government facilities.

The basic monthly salary of an Ericsson staff of a fresh graduate starts at 450,000 Naira while professionals at senior level receive 950,000 Naira net as other benefits and severance packages are added. This is a good salary for an IT personnel in Nigeria.

Ericson Nigeria is located at Carington Crescent, Victoria Island Lagos.

IBM Nigeria

IBM (International Business Machines) has carved a niche in both software and in hardware development. IBM is an American-based multinational company that manufactures and promotes computer software, middleware, and hardware. They are one of the biggest IT companies in Nigeria and on the list of highest payment companies not just in the IT sector but other industries put together.

In Nigeria, IBM deliver services such as cloud computing, hosting and consulting services.

IBM pay as much as 500,000 Naira per month for starters, from reliable source, existing staff receive 750,000 Naira and are entitled to trips abroad for their immediate families.

IBM Nigeria head office address is located at Karimu Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

MainOne Cable

“MainOne” also known as “Main One Cable” or “Main One” is a leading provider of innovative telecom services and network solutions for businesses in West Africa.

MainOne was launched in 2010 and has since developed a reputation for highly reliable services to become the preferred provider of wholesale Internet services to major telecom operators, ISPs, government agencies, large enterprises, and educational institutions across Western African countries. Glo Nigeria started as a major benefactor of their services before other Telecom and top IT organizations followed suits.

MainOne’s world class submarine cable system running down the coast of West Africa, state of the art IP NGN network, growing regional and metro terrestrial fiber optic networks, and data center facilities enable broadband services for businesses needing online connectivity solutions in West Africa.

Iterswitch Group

Interswitch is an indigenous Nigerian IT company poised at integrating digital payments and commercial organizations towards facilitating electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals and organizations.

Other functions includes integrating payment and transaction processing between two or more financial institutions companies, provide advisory services, technology integration, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to banks, government, and corporate bodies.

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Graduate trainees at Interswitch group are paid up to 150,000 Naira monthly for a start, and upon confirmation (after 4 months), there is an upward review of staff salaries, you are entitled to profit sharing (PS), dividends and other juicy allowances. Not a bad start for a Nigerian graduate.

Senior staff management receive as much as 550,000 Naira net income as basic monthly salary excluding allowances and other fringe benefits.

Interswitch Group was founded in 2002 with head office address at Oke Awo close, Victoria, island, Opposite Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.

Google Nigeria

Google, fondly called the the G is the most popular IT company in the world. Bloggers around the world are eking a living out of them through blogging and the famous google adsense.

Google is currently the leading and most reliable search engine giant in the world. The American based, Multinational search engine giant has operations that cut across several countries of the world.

Working with google can be one of the most fulfilling dreams of many IT professionals. Google seldom put up adverts for vacancies, they are very selective in terms of recruitment procedures, only the ‘A’ list of individuals are eligible to work in Google.

Aside being the most reliable search engine in the world, google offer other services like  cloud computing, online advertising, development of Android software and applications and lot more.

Google Nigeria monthly salary is quite attractive, the Multinational IT giant pay up to 750,000 Naira monthly for fresh intakes. They have very good welfare packages staff benefit from.

Google Nigeria contact address in Nigeria, Google Nigeria is located at Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

HP Inc Nig Ltd

Makers of HP Laptops, Cameras, Desktops and other top devices. Their office in Nigeria functions more as the sales and distribution arm of HP.

Their salary structure for graduate trainees at HP is between 355,000 to 680,000 Naira net monthly.

HP NIgeria Limited is located at Muliner Towers, 5th Floor. 39 Alfred Rewane Road. Ikoyi – Lagos.


Dataflex is one of the foremost indigenous ICT companies in Nigeria, with over 25 years of operation. They started out as suppliers of computer hardwares and other related technology products to clients within and outside Lagos state. Today, Dataflex have expanded their scope of operation to providing enterprise services for large and medium sized companies.

Over the years, the indigenous company have amassed a large number of global partners which include: Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, EMC and many more.

Being one of the biggest indigenous IT companies in Nigeria they have maintained a standard

Dataflex’s head office address is at Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Facebook Nigeria

They are not an complete IT company persay but as of today Facebook have so far some of the best IT experts in all fields so it would do us to harm if we refer them as an IT Company.

Facebook is owned by the famous Mark Zuckerberg, a young and daring entrepreneur, today he is according to Forbes magazine, the 3rd richest man on earth.

Facebook Nigeria do not operate directly from here despite have an office for admin purposes, they have a country director that over sees activities here in Nigeria. Nigeria is a big player in the social media-sphere, In Africa, Nigerians are the highest consumers of Facebook products, so having an office in Nigeria is simply not luxury but for commercial purposes.

The company pays considerably well, though they do not require many staff, they pay handsomely. Salary structure of a fresh graduate at Facebook in Nigeria is between 350,000 to 400,000 Naira. Other senior executives earn 800,000 Naira and above.

Was this informative enough? we would like to get your feedback on the list of biggest IT companies in Nigeria, your opinion about their monthly basic salaries and their operations in Nigeria. You can send them to us via the comment section and we shall respond accordingly.

Thank you.