20 Sample Letter of Apology for Late Coming to Work or Meeting

Is it necessary for you to draft an apology letter for being late to work? Writing an apology letter to a boss might assist you in resolving a potentially unpleasant issue. With so many hours spent at the workplace, it is inevitable that you may make a mistake and arrive late to start the day or to an important meeting or even being absent and will need to apologize.

Drafting an apology letter is a great way to demonstrate that you are truly sorry for arriving to the office or for a scheduled meeting late. Taking out time to apologize will make it easier for you to avoid necessary official punishments.

In addition, in case you will not be able to make it to work at all due to reasons beyond your control, please make sure you write a letter of absentia from work to avoid being penalized.

20 Sample Letter of Apology for Late Coming to Work or Meeting 1

Here is why drafting an apology letter for being late is a good idea, as well as suggestions for what to include in your email or letter, also an example of an apologetic email.

Why Should You Apologize?

Recognizing mistakes at work and taking the steps to apologize to your boss is a sign of humility. Even if your employer does not see the error, it may be prudent to acknowledge it instead of expecting it would go unnoticed, because troubleshooting may be required to rectify the problem.

Some reasons are better than others when it comes to apologizing for being late. This is especially true if you have previously been late.

How to Write a Letter of Apology for Being Late at Work

Because this is a formal letter, the tone must stay professional. Accept responsibility for your tardiness without becoming overly emotional. This is best accomplished by being open and honest about your cause for being late. Here are some writing stages to help you get started.

a) Give an explanation for the circumstance.

Describe the circumstances that resulted in your failure to arrive at the workplace on time. This rationale should be straightforward and honest. Give specifics about when you were supposed to arrive at the office and when you arrived.

b) Recognize the harm done.

Describe the inconvenience caused by your tardiness. This may be inconveniencing the client, management, or your coworkers.

c) Accept that you are accountable.

Recognize that you are the one who is to blame and express your heartfelt regret. Let the person you’re writing to know that you didn’t do it on purpose, but that it was due to unavoidable circumstances.

d) Explain what caused you to be late.

Make this happen without making too many excuses. Explain your reasoning clearly. Too many justifications may persuade the person you’re writing to believe you’re hiding something or that you’re not sincere.

e) Promise that it will not happen again.

Do this by declaring that you have taken all required precautions to ensure that this error does not occur again.

f) Express your regret using a simple sentence.

For example, you may say that your error let the firm and the client down and that you regret it.

g) Describe the steps you intend to take to make up for any difficulties.

If you have inconvenienced a customer, you may correct this error by emailing the client; if the inconvenience has delayed certain outcomes at work, you can state that you will work on the issue as soon as feasible.

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We would be providing you with templates as well as various examples of apology letter you can write.

Template Sample 1

Jane white3326

Swick Hill Street




David Moultry

Manager, Bright Security

4758 Swick Hill Street


Dear Sir,

I sincerely apologize for not arriving at the workplace on time. This is really unprofessional of me. I have let my team members down, as they were waiting for me to give a presentation before they went to their different workstations. Please accept my sincere apologies for this behaviour.

I am well aware that timeliness is critical for better job results, and as the team leader, I should set a good example. I was driving to work when an accident occurred, closing my route for 20 minutes and forcing me to get at the workplace 30 minutes later.

I have learnt from this, and I have resolved to leave the house at least 30 minutes earlier than usual to avoid making the same mistake again. I spoke with the team members and rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow to ensure that we cover all that was intended to be addressed today.

I apologize for disappointing the management and my coworkers. This will not happen again, I guarantee. Please accept my apologies.

Thank you very much,

Jane White

Template Sample 2

To Mr Omarion

Please accept my apologies for arriving late this morning. I have never been a late comer. This is the first time, and I see why you may have questioned my capacity to bear responsibilities. I am using this time to write a handwritten apology letter to express my apologies for arriving late.

I know that my absence put you in an unpleasant situation. It not only made me seem terrible, but it also made you look awful, because you put your faith in me to act properly and professionally. When an employee fails to arrive on time, it conveys a lack of concern for their job and a desire to contribute to the success of his team as well as the company. I truly apologize for the grief and humiliation this has caused you.

With a sorrowful heart, I accept my part in this. That I am entirely to blame for my late arrival. I would want to take this opportunity to declare that this will never happen again, and that I will proceed with any and all ideas to rectify the issue so that I can win your confidence again.

I contacted human resources and demanded all of their materials for improving our time management abilities. While I’ve never actually been late before, I’ve always just gotten by, coming in at the last minute. As a result, I enrolled in an online time management workshop.

Please, let me know if there is something I can do to show you that I will never be late again. I am willing to learn how to be a better employee for the organization, and I will go to whatever length to guarantee that this does not repeat itself.

Yours Sincerely,


Template Sample 3

Dear. Mike,

I apologize for being 30 minutes late this morning for the second time this month, which prompted the staff to get more calls than usual. I know my coworkers rely on me to be on time to handle my part of the calls in line, especially since lengthier wait times may be quite inconvenient for our consumers.

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I should be more alert of potential traffic concerns on my way to work, and I should have left earlier just in case. As is sadly usual on I-78, I became caught in traffic due to an accident and was unable to exit to take another route.

If I had left the house earlier, I feel I would have arrived early, avoiding the accident entirely, or at least on time.

Hence, I will leave my house for work earlier than usual to guarantee that I arrive on time, regardless of traffic. I deeply apologize disappointing you and our staff, as well as severely impacting our consumers, by failing to arrive on time. If you want any more assistance with phone calls or would want me to work overtime at work, to ease the workload of my colleagues, I would be delighted to assist.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Template Sample 4

Dear Fallon,

I regret being about an hour late this morning and for being unable to present to the Quin Group as scheduled. I am aware that the Quin Group is a major customer of ours, and that there was no one else that could present in my place, forcing us to ask for an extension at the last minute. This has a detrimental impact on my coworkers, our customer, and yourself, and it is unacceptable.

I was unready for the scenario, and I accept responsibility for it. Because I was unaware that my block had lost power overnight, hence my alarm clock did not ring when it was supposed to.

Therefore, I was not awake in time for our meeting since I did not set another alarm on my handset, which was my fault. This will not happen again because I will get a battery-powered alarm clock and set my mobile phone alarm every time I have an important appointment from now on.

I deeply regret disappointing you, disappointing my coworkers, and leaving a terrible image on the Quin Group. With your permission, I would want to contact our Quin Group contacts right once to convey my regrets and demonstrate our commitment to continue our business partnership by postponing the meeting.


Ann Lucy

Template Sample 5

Dear Chen,

I apologize for being late for yesterday’s key sales presentation with The Star Agency. My lateness nearly cost us a crucial customer. I believe that as a sales team, we must constantly appear ourselves as competent and dependable, and punctuality is a big part of that. As a result, my actions I let the whole sales team.

I am now making plans to never be late for a client meeting again (or any other work-related event). I was delayed because my car broke down, so I am having it serviced.

I will also make an effort to leave my house for meetings much earlier than usual, so that even if an emergency arises, I can still be on time.

Kindly let me know if there is anything further I can do to ensure you and the rest of the organization that I appreciate my role on the sales team and will not let it down again. I appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.


Holden, Serena.

Template Sample 6

Your Name

Your Address

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Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number, Email






City, State Zip Code

   Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

                                                          Re: Apology letter for being late

I am completely aware of the importance of arriving at work on time. While I made every effort to be to the office on time, the worst happened, and I came in very late to work.

Because of my tardiness, I have caused several issues for your firm. I know for a certainty that I have seriously inconvenienced my team mates, not to mention reduced their productivity.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To compensate for the inconvenience, I offer to lengthen my working hours today by the equivalent of two hours.

This, I feel, will ensure that I produce the same number of hours of performance that my tardiness has caused.

Please accept my apologies.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Complete Name

Template Sample 7


(Full Name of Boss)

(Position of Boss)

(Name of the Company)


Dear (Boss Full Name),

Please accept my heartfelt apologies for arriving at work late on (Exact date). It was very awful that the road(s) I used to use to work (mention them) were closed without warning due to (explain the reason). This forced me to take a different, more crowded route, forcing me to come an hour and a half late. I genuinely regret disappointing you and my colleagues, and I vow to take the necessary steps to avoid doing so in the future. To make amends for the time wasted, I shall expand my obligations after work.



(Your Complete Name)

(Your Job Title)

If You Prefer to Call or Text Them Instead

In certain circumstances, contacting your supervisor informally may make more sense—whether because that’s how they usually convey their tardiness, because that’s what they requested you to do, or because you’re not going to be so late for and you don’t want things blown out of proportion. It may also be a preferable technique if you want to ensure that your employer receives your apology message before it’s too late (for example, if they have back-to-back meetings).

So, in your message, you may say:

Hello [Name], I just want to inform you know that I’m going to be [minutes] late because of [reason]. I apologize for the inconvenience and pledge to maintain an open channel to wherever I go.


I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m going late this morning due to [reason]. I intend to arrive by [time], but will notify you if this changes. In the meanwhile, I will be available for urgent problems [way of contact].I’m hoping to make it by [meeting], but if not, [how will you compensate for missing it]. Please accept my heartfelt apologies!

This article provides you with the best examples of how to draft an apology letter both formal and informal purposes, be it meeting, getting to work or office late and any related appointment.

You can share your opinion via the comment section below so other readers can benefit.

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