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How To Buy and Pay on Konga, Customer Care line, Email & Address

An e-commerce company popularly known as Konga is a Nigerian company founded in July 2012 having its headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State. It was founded by Sim Shagaya but its owner is Konga Holdings. The CEO(s) of Konga is Nick Imudia and Nnamdi Ekeh. Having Olusiji Ijogun as chairperson.

Konga is a well-known online shop in Nigeria as one of the top shopping malls for things you need, ranging from Groceries, sports and Fitness, Books, Furniture, and more. Konga connects with top brands in Nigeria and satisfies its customers with 100% assurance and also ships at a fast pace.

Konga is a Nigerian-owned e-commerce company having its headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State in July 2012. Konga is an e-commerce company that also retails its products. Konga has 1000 employees as of January 2020 and offers a third-party marketplace found online. It also offers first-party retail directly ranging from various stocks of consumer goods, such as home appliances, fashion, children’s items, computers and accessories, electronics, personal care products, phones and tablets, and health care.

How To Buy and Pay on Konga, Customer Care line, Email & Address 1

Konga offers shipment and delivery of goods purchased by customers through their logistic service known as EXPRESS which guarantees their customers receive the goods ordered on time.

Konga Express makes a quick availability of the product ordered by a customer in 1 to 3 days with tracking online.

With Konga, businesses can showcase their products to the world via the Konga marketplace online and are being offered simple but free delivery. The order packages of the business owners which are associated with the details of SellerHQ are known before dropping the parcel.

With the success of Konga Marketplace, great opportunities have been created.

Konga offers a service called the Self-Fulfil Model which enables the sellers to control the parcel management from when it is ordered till the point of delivery. Payment for the goods delivered is made flexible in the sense that payments are made directly from the buyers to the sellers after receiving their parcel ordered.

The Self-Fulfil Model service enables faster and flexible delivery of parcels to their buyers thereby making buying and selling easy, giving 100% satisfaction. Konga online shopping offers the best deals when it comes to purchases of goods by their customers. Their services offered are top-notch that is why they are ranked number one in Nigeria. Konga offers the best and latest deals at special offers and the customer tends to save more.

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How to buy on Konga?

Buying on Konga is made easy with the following steps:

  • Step 1: search for the desired item on the page
  • Step 2: Review details of the desired product. Here, you get to check on the product about how many have been sold out.
  • Step 3: Review the details of the seller. Here, you also check out successful sales of the product by the seller.
  • Step 4: Identify the Address that will be closer to you for delivery purposes
  • Step 5: Choose the method of payment that you are comfortable with.

Payments are flexible and also speed in that payments are made directly from the buyers to the sellers via the Self-Fulfil Model.

However, after the above-listed steps which are made easy and simple. One may ask: How long does it take for a quick response from Konga after placing the order for the product?

The standard time for delivery to take place is 7 business days but this however might vary depending on the location of the buyer and also the product. This is usually shown on the detail page of the product.

One might also ask; can the item purchased and delivered be returned and the money refunded? There is good news which is yes. The item on arrival can be returned when it is not functioning as expected by the customer without having any sort of issues with the seller. Also, the paid money for the cost of the item and the shipping fee will be refunded after a thorough check on the product.

Konga is a legitimate business that is a well-trusted online site and any order will be delivered to the buyer clean and safe and in good quality as pre-ordered.

Konga has 100% buyer’s protection, that is, it is safe and well trusted for any business deal with either the seller of the product or the buyer of the product. Konga is a sure bet for their customer safety and Is 100 percent reliable on their end.

How to Pay on Konga

Konga made it easy and simple for their customers to make payments. The following steps can be used in making payments:

-Step 1: Log in with your number and four digits pin

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-Step 2: Click ‘Pay’ and scan the QR code or add the merchant ID or the code or you can insert the merchant name in the name tab

-Step 3: After confirmation of the transaction amount, authorize the transaction through KongaPay with a one-time password and four digits pin that is sent via your bank to your phone number

Konga which is well trusted makes sure the paid good Is been delivered with its quality intact. Konga is very safe and also her products are affordable and of good quality.

Another pressing question that one might ask is; does Konga also do what we know as a Black Friday for sales of products where some percentage are removed for the purchase of the product? The answer is Yes, Konga introduced Black Friday into their system of business in 2013 and this has been going on yearly ever since then till date.

Konga Black Friday termed YAKATA Plus is an event where people shop each year which the company offers a huge discount for sales, which is up to 90 percent for all her products. Konga’s Black Friday products are superb in that it comes with good quality and is very affordable to their customers and at the end of the deal puts a smile on the face of the buyer.

Konga’s Black Friday enables her customers to purchase products for a certain percentage that is lower than the real price of that item which is thereby putting smiles on millions of people’s faces. Konga’s online site has a catalog where people can search for the product needed by them and their deals also with the price of the product.


Konga to satisfy her customers’ needs and ensure her customers’ needs are met duly has been able to create a feed where complaints could be laid and also answered duly. Any complaints or comments can be addressed to their customer care with the number 07007000000 or customers could reach the line 08094605555, alongside reaching their customer care service via their email to seek help at

Over the years Konga has improved its site and also made sure that its customer complaints are attended to. They have enabled their customer care service unit to get information from their customers accurately and respond with speed 24/7 by attending to all the inquiries and getting the needed support. With the fast-rising and innovative technology, Konga can keep up with its pace thereby creating a chat room on WhatsApp where customers could lay their complaints. The number made available to that effect is 08095605555 or the customer could live chat on the website.

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Konga has made sure that their customer care service is interactive, in that there is a possibility of question and answer, also where the customers could get the opportunity of having feedback on the product they are interested in.

Konga, which makes its products affordable and of high quality, also makes the product available from the seller to the buyer.

Konga guarantees the best prices for their products and enables an online order and payment on delivery for the product ordered. To take advantage of Konga’s Buyer Protection Program, customers are advised to pre-pay to via KongaPay, cash transfer/deposit, or ATM.

Konga as a well-trusted marketplace has the option of making goods be delivered via their reputable couriers or the goods being delivered directly to the buyer according to what the buyer chooses.

Konga, which is a well-known online shop, satisfies her customers all around in terms of good products, prices of products, method of payment, mode of delivery, customer care service, and a lot more.

Konga is also not making the place comfortable for transactions for her product’s buyer but also making the site comfortable for the sellers of the product to carry out transactions or deals successfully. Opportunities such as employment and also creating avenues for roadside sellers to showcase and sell their products online to the world and meet more prospective customers.

The Self-Fulfil Model service that was created by this fast-rising business place has generated good responses from both sellers and buyers. This service which helps the seller track the progress of the ordered goods till when it is delivered has also generated a sense of satisfaction on the side of the buyer of the product.

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