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Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Salary Structure For Fresh Graduates 2024: How Much Are They Paid?

Guaranty Trust Bank also known as GT Bank has in recent times won various awards for excellence in her activities and customer service duties. They say Charity begins at home and GT Bank aside her top notch customer service efficiencies towards their customers, are well aware of what is takes when it comes to the importance of human resource development in the workplace and wit the robust GT Bank salary structure still in effect, they are true proponents of “A happy staff practically mean a happy bank”.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Salary Structure For Fresh Graduates [year]: How Much Are They Paid? 1

Most bankers work for the monthly salary, 70% of bank staff do not have plans of building a career from the profession because of the high rate of employee turnovers accustomed with the financial institutions in Nigeria because, however, the banking sector in Nigeria remains one of the best paid and highest employer of Labour in Nigeria.

GT Bank stands above other banks in Nigeria when it comes to staff development. According to report, GTB spends more than half a million on a fresh graduate after passing through their rigorous test and interview process.

The newly employed would be made to go through their compulsory four (4) months training school that involves theoretical and practical training of real life events. During this four months, you will be paid 40,000 Naira monthly until the 4 months is elapsed. This is done to make the blending process of real life banking much easier.

Working with GT bank could be the best thing that could ever happen to you, their welfare package is great, in fact they are rated among the top ten (10) highest paying banks in Nigeria.

At every level, every bank staff is entitled to benefits attached for that level, this development gives the staff the inspiration to work harder to climb up the ladder in their career pursuit.

GTB salary scale is very juicy, many have compared it to Zenith bank salary structure, which also boasts of a robust package for staff too.

In this article we will be providing our readers with GT Bank salary scale for service executives better known as Management trainees, this information will be very vital for fresh graduates seeking for employment in the Financial sector, Banking in particular.

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There have been cases where you go for job interviews and you are asked the popular question “ What is your salary expectation?” and you are left dumbfounded trying to hang in the balance.

At this stage, a wrong figure could put off the interviewer and this could mean losing your job. Also, you as the interviewee will be trying so hard not to over price yourself in order not to lose your chances.

Having an idea about the average salary scale for the position being applied for gives you the confidence to negotiate better and in turn tells the interviewer you are prepared for the task ahead.

Going by GT Bank’s work structure, unlike other banks like Diamond bank, First bank, Fidelity bank and the like, GTB do not engage the services of outsourcing agencies for filling up vacant spaces in available positions. They go through thorough employment process, select the best brains and invest in them, this is one reason GT bank is regarded as the bank with the least rate of employee turnover, staff stay for as long as five (5) years or more while gaining experience and developing their skills yet further.

Another take home point is that when you finally call out your salary expectation, please be mindful to include the word NET, for example ” My salary expectation from this job is N150,000 Net” including the word Net simply means after all deductions (PAYE Tax, Pension and other little deductions) have been made because just saying 150,000 Naira would generally imply Gross Salary payment and when you receive your monthly salary, you would see an amount less than what was initially bargained for, at this stage, it is already too late.

Kindly be informed that the information we are about to give out is GT Bank Salary structure for core staff, IT students and Non-core staff.

Since all banks are scheming out ways of reducing overhead costs, one of which is payment of staff salaried, most have resulted in the services of outsourcing companies to help in recruitment of staff, a practice that the Labour Union has condemned because of the ill-treatments faced by these category of staff, some of which are;

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a) Medical Allowances: They (Contract staff) in GTB are not entitled to the bank’s medical allowances

b) Bonuses: They are also not entitled to any form of bonuses, they remain on the same salary scale no matter the number of years of service..

c) Annual Leave: Most are not entitled to annual leaves.

d) Promotion: No, Contract staff have no business with promotions

The above are currently being looked upon by the Nigerian Labour Congress, hopefully this would be resolved in few years to come.

GT Bank since its establishment has maintained a robust salary structure for its staff from Entry level/Graduate Trainee/Management Executive Trainee this, we are about to bring to your notice.

The bank has maintained a super salary structure that covers a whole a wide area such as medical facilities for the bank staff and his or her family though restricted to his or her spouse and three (3) kids, traveling allowances, wardrobe allowance, school fees allowance and other basic allowances and bonuses (Profit Sharing).

A senior banking officer at GT is entitled to annual vacation abroad with his family, all expense paid by the Bank.

In as much as core staff enjoy some of the above, the bank managers and Senior Banking Executives of GT Bank are the highest beneficiaries of the juicy allowances and bonuses.

The tables below is a full reflection of Guarantee Trust Bank Staff Salary Scale For all Levels for 2024.

Guarantee Trust Bank – GTB Salary Structure For Managers (Bank Manager) As At 2024

Management Level GT Bank Annual Salary Scale GT Bank Monthly Salary Scale
GT Bank Manager Between N8,400,000 to N9,600,000 N700,000 and N800,000

Guarantee Trust Bank – GT Bank Salary Structure Core Staff – Fresh Entry Graduate Trainee For 2024

Management Level GT Bank Annual Salary GT Bank Monthly Salary
Fresh Graduate Trainee or Management Executive Trainee N2,640,000 N220,000
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Guarantee Trust Bank – GTBank Salary Structure Salary For IT Students 2024

Management Level Annual Salary Scale Monthly Salary Scale
IT Students N480,000 N48,000

The GT Bank salary structure is very competitive compared to other banks. In fact, GTB is the highest paying bank in Nigeria.

Many have argued this fact, claiming Zenith bank pays higher but a look a Zenith Bank salary scale for fresh graduates and senior level managers can confirm which bank pays higher between these two.

In as much as GT Bank pays reasonably well, many men still frown at the spouses working in the bank due to the pressure attached to it and lack of valuable time for their families.

Though the above could be managed if well looked into because, judging from the juicy salaries of GT Bank, so long as it keeps the home running, which is most important, so requesting the spouse to stop the banking job totally or finding an alternative would mean more financial pressure on the man alone.

Guarantee Trust bank (GTB) till date is still ranked as the best bank according to Financial Times. Hardly would you hear about massive sack or downsizing from the bank in the news, their managerial system of administration is top notch.

GTbank has carved a niche for itself and is a pathfinder to other commercial banking services in Nigeria, growth of full staff is imminent in this bank as well as salary increment as staff climb up the ladder.

So we hope this has helped you in making an informed decision should you find yourself in a position where you are asked about GTB’s monthly or annual salary scale for fresh graduates entry level, IT students and managers.

Your opinions and comment as regards the above are important, any info relating to Guarantee Trust bank – GT Bank salary structure would be much appreciated from other readers and individuals seeking information related to the salary range for the above positions.

Thank you.

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