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How To Send Money From India To Nigeria Via Western Union, Money Gram & Others

Nigerians are great travelers infact, they are termed the black Jews due to the fact they can be found everywhere in the world. One country Nigerians travel to for business, medical or school purposes is India. Since there are many Nigerians schooling, working and earning a living in India, the need for sending money from India to Nigeria or vice versa becomes highly necessary, It is important to know how to send money from India to Nigeria. While there are several ways to do this; it mostly depends on the amount of money involved, and also the capacity of the receiver. Sometimes, especially when the money is intended for corporate purposes many people prefer to leave a paper trail for as much documentation as possible, with the understanding that it may reduce the speed with which the transaction is done.

Other people may decide to use other avenues that will explore internet options, or other ways that will allow for greater speed; with the understanding that there won’t be many documentation processes involved. There are many different and reliable ways to send money to Nigeria from India. However, they are most convenient for family and friends, without any need for accountability.

With the huge number of business and other personal activities happening between India and Nigeria; it is understandable that the search for the best and most reliable ways of sending money from India to their relatives and business partners in Nigeria is on the rise.

How To Send Money From India To Nigeria Via Western Union, Money Gram & Others 1

How to Send Money From India to Nigeria

Below are the list of methods and their steps for you to send funds from India to Nigeria.

1) Western Union

This is one of the oldest and most reliable and convenient ways for sending money from India to Nigeria or Nigeria to India. Western Union Money transfer is safe, fast and reliable. Many Nigerians in India have adopted this method of sending money to their loved ones and has gained the confidence of many around the world. One of the biggest selling points of this company which has several partnerships with banks all across the world is safety.

Steps on how to send money from India to Nigeria using Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT).

Step 1:

The first thing to do is visit WU website to find the nearest physical location in India. This is usually a bank, or gas station, or sometimes even a post office. Western Union sometimes even has its own branded offices. It is also possible to use their site to transfer funds.

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Step 2:

Take your cash to the Western Union location; but please go along with your ID (passport) or other document that identifies you.

Step 3:

When you get to the Western Union office, you tell the attendant or cashier that you want to transfer some money. He will likely ask for your identification before providing you with a form.

Step 4:

There should be a special ‘send money’ form you’ll have to complete. Of course, you must already know the recipient’s name; as well as other details such as the person’s phone number, address, and other details. You will need to enter those details as well as the funds amount.

Step 5:

After the money has been sent you will be issued with a secret code called the MTCN code. Please ensure that you guard the MTCN code very carefully. Write it down somewhere safe; where it will not be misplaced.

Step 6:

Tell the recipient that the money has been sent. Then let them know the MTCN.

Step 7:

The receiver in Nigeria can now track the money to know when it is available for pick up; your receiver in Nigeria can go to the bank to pick up the money; he should first make sure that the bank he goes to is a partner bank with Western Union. When he goes to the bank he should remember to take his ID card for identification, as well as the MTCN number which you have sent to him previously.

He will then fill a form; in which he will explain the source of the funds, as well as the reason for it. He will then type the MTCN; after which he will be given the money in cash.

Aside from Western Union there is another very popular way of sending money across to Nigeria. It is a rival company called Money Gram.

Money Gram

Money Gram is a rival company to Wester Union. They are constantly trying to outdo eachother via latest innovations on money transfers. Money Gram is one that breaks the Western Union monopoly. This is a popular company through which people send money across the world; and can be used to send money from India to Nigeria. It can be used to send money to relatives, business partners or workers.

Step 1:

The first step is to go online to find an agent office in India closest to you. Money Gram Offices are usually banks, post offices or gas stations. Sometimes, you can find business outlets that are labeled Money Gram offices.

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Step 2:

After you have found a money gram outlet close to you, you can visit it, with your Identification documents. Your International Passport can be used, or if you are an Indian National you could use your ID, or Drivers License.

Step 3:

When you get to the Money Gram outlet you tell the attendant that you wish to send some money with Money Gram. You may be requested to show your ID, before being given a Send Money from which you will need to complete. You’ll need to write down your personal details, as well as the recipient’s name, the amount of money, phone number and so on.

Step 4:

After sending the money you will then receive a tracking number (special code). Please keep it very safe; if you do not keep it safe, criminals can use the code to divert the money. You must then provide that tracking number to the receiver, to enable him receive the money in cash.

Step 5:

The recipient in Nigeria can go to the bank to get the cash. Before going he has to make sure that the bank is a Money Gram partner; some of such banks are First Bank, Ecobank or UBA. When he or she goes to receive the cash he has to go along with his Identification Papers and the special transaction code which you have previously sent to him. He will fill a receiver’s form where he will state the amount expected, the source and the reason.

Of course there are other ways of sending money from India to Nigeria even though they are not exactly official ways:


The Nigerian government recently placed a ban bitcoin and other crypto currencies; this move has failed to yield its desired results while crypto currency is continuing to enjoy a high amount of popularity. There are several online exchangers that can receive the bitcoin, and then send Nigerian Naira to the receiver’s bank account. Therefore, bitcoin is a way of sending money very fast from India to Nigeria.

It all depends on whether the receiver knows how to use a computer or any other mobile device, and whether the user has a bitcoin account. If the receiver has a bitcoin account all you have to do is ask him to send you his wallet ID; which is a mash up of letters and numbers amounting to about 16. You will then copy that information, and then open your wallet where you hold your bitcoin or any other crypto assets.

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Some of the popular wallets are, Coinbase, Exodus, Electrum, and so on. You will then login to your wallet and then click on ‘send bitcoin.’ A dialogue will then appear for you to put the receiver wallet ID. You will then paste the wallet ID that your person in Nigeria has given you.

Then you will specify the amount of money you wish to send. In most cases it will be calculated in dollars; but it can also be calculated in Rupees as well. It will display both the sending amount in bitcoin, and also in fiat currency.

As long as you have up to the money you in put into the system, and the charges (usually less than $5) then the money will be sent.

Please remember that the bitcoin blockchain is dynamic; the speed with which the money is sent and received depends on the speed of the hashrate, and on the number of transactions pending. Nevertheless, bitcoin transactions are processed speedily, usually before 5 hours.

Local Bank To Bank Transfers

Some Nigerians or foreign nationals who have Nigerian bank accounts may continue to use their accounts and bank apps to make transfers to family, friends and business partners in Nigeria, even when they have traveled to India. This is as long as they have their have their bank details with them, and they have fully validated their bank sending apps before travelling.

There are many ways of sending money from India to Nigeria and from Nigeria to India, however you want it; the best are via Western Union and Money Gram being the most popular and secure options. However; if you were using your bank apps to send money before; then you can continue to use them after travelling out of the country. Furthermore, bitcoin is becoming increasingly important as a way of sending money, and many people are starting to use it to send money from India to their people in Nigeria.

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