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Grade Transferer – The Time-Saving Tool for Teachers

In the dynamic landscape of education, teachers continually seek tools that significantly reduce workload while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their tasks. This is where the Grading Assistant comes into play, an innovative Chrome extension designed exclusively for educators aiming to streamline the grading process seamlessly and securely.

Facilitating Grade Transfer Like Never Before

Grading Assistant is not just another tool; it’s an educator’s trustworthy companion, offering the capability to transfer and scale grades swiftly and accurately from various educational technology platforms to your chosen gradebook with just a few clicks. But what makes it stand out? The extension is meticulously crafted, embedding features that ensure swift grade transfers while safeguarding invaluable student data privacy. All these perks are neatly wrapped up with a user-friendly interface available right in your browser.

Integrations Galore

The spectrum of its utility is vast, supporting synchronization of grades between myriad platforms like Blooket, Edpuzzle, and many more, allowing ease of transfer to popular grade books, including Google Classroom, Canvas, and PowerSchool (PowerTeacher Pro).

Boost Productivity with Demonstrated Ease

Unveiling its working mechanism, the Grading Assistant extension illuminates green when you navigate on a supported platform, signaling it’s ready to find and fetch student names and grades. With a simple click on the icon and another on the ‘Grab data’ button post-detection, you are set to scale, filter, or replace names in the grades, save settings for future transfers, and eventually fill in your gradebook effortlessly using the grade transferer feature. All actions are performed within the secure confines of your browser, with data encrypted and temporarily stored, ensuring absolute privacy.

Remarkable Features for Effortless Grading

Grading Assistant is laden with features that not only make grade transfer hassle-free but also ensure the process is error-free and quick:

  • Auto-detection of supported platforms and grade books.
  • Easy copy-pasting of grades from any spreadsheet software.
  • Flexible grade scaling to various grading systems.
  • Handy replacements and filters for student names during transfer.
  • Export grades conveniently into CSV.
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Grade Scaling, Customized to Perfection

Whether your grading system is percentage-based, points-based, letter-based, GPA-based, or custom, Grading Assistant covers you. It dynamically scales student grades on the fly, adhering to your unique grading system, ensuring consistency and accuracy every time.

Student Data Privacy: A Priority

In the realm of digital grading, student data privacy is non-negotiable. Grading Assistant champions this cause by not collecting student data through the grade transferer feature. Temporary data used during the process is encrypted and stored in the browser, only to be irrevocably cleared upon completion, establishing a fortress of data privacy.

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Your Grading, Simplified

Grading Assistant is more than a tool; it’s a revolution in the grading process. Whether you are a seasoned educator or a novice, it promises to be your reliable assistant, ensuring your grading is swift straightforward, but also secure and accurate. With cost-effective pricing that mirrors the cost of a cup of coffee, it’s an investment that delivers unmatched value, heralding a new era of automated, simplified grading for educators globally.

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