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Is it Safe to Use a Paraphrasing Tool for Students?

The paraphrasing tool is designed to create unique content out of already existing one in order to remove plagiarism. It helps students with their assignments and other academic writings.

With the help of the paraphrasing tool students save a lot of time and hassle of writing lengthy papers. Not only the content generated via the paraphrasing tool is grammatically correct but also orthographically.

Is it Safe to Use a Paraphrasing Tool for Students? 1

These are all the perks students can have while using the paraphrasing tools but is it safe for them? Let’s discuss in detail, that is it really safe for students to use the paraphrasing tool?

Is Paraphrasing Tool Safe

As mentioned above, the paraphrasing tool is designed for convenience and time-saving purposes. A standard assignment writing manually could require hours but with a paraphrasing tool, it is minimized to a few minutes.

But along with convenience being on the safe side matters a lot in academics. Online tools are always kept under suspicion due to many concerns and experts avoid the use of them.

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Some disregard the use of online paraphrasing tools concerning the breach of online data. They suspect that content uploaded on online servers is not safe and could be copied. However, that’s not true, when content is uploaded to a paraphrasing tools server they don’t keep it.

As soon as you download the paraphrased content or paste some other paragraph in the tool the previously uploaded content is automatically removed from the tool. The paraphrasing tool doesn’t save any piece of uploaded content on their servers and is safe to use.

Another concern, the safety of students while using the paraphrasing tool includes plagiarism allegations. As a paraphrasing tool, generates content by entering already existing content. Only the sentence structure and synonyms are altered while retaining the original context; some consider this as cheating.

However, paraphrasing doesn’t count as cheating, because an entirely unique sentence is generated with having completely different sentence structure and synonyms. Due to the usage of already present content experts suspect it to come under plagiarism.

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While if students use a seasoned paraphrasing tool and properly cite their sources from where the content has been picked it’s not considered plagiarism. Hence, students are again on the safe side while using the paraphrasing tool.

Furthermore, most of the paraphrasing tools are available free to use, they don’t require hefty amounts to be paid. Student life is about being on a low budget, they simply can’t afford expensive alternatives for writing their assignments.

With a free plagiarism checker, their money is also saved along with the money and hassle to write papers. While some free paraphrasing tools work so badly that the content provided by them is unable to be read.

Such content is easily detected by teachers as copied and rewritten and is not safe for students. However, they can avoid this bad luck by using an AI-based paraphrasing tool. Tools having artificial intelligence give results just like human-generated work.

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With the use of an AI, paraphrasing tool students can have meaningful, unique, and error and plagiarism-free content that is also grammatically correct. Therefore, using an AI based tool for paraphrasing is safe for students and doesn’t let them get caught in plagiarism allegations.


For every tool and software usage, there are several perks and inconveniences however, it all depends upon the usage and quality of the tool. If students use the paraphrasing tool wisely while also citing the sources side by side it’s entirely safe for them to use in their academics.