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Costs & Advert Rates of Non-Digital & Digital Billboard Advertising In Lagos State – Latest Prices

Billboard advertising in Lagos state has taken a paradigm shift since the introduction of government regulating agency known as LASAA (Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency). Back in the days individuals controlled the menace of illegal posting of adverts indiscriminately by using red paints stating POST NO BILL.

Since the introduction of advertising and signage agencies, the cost of starting an outdoor advertising business and advertising in Lagos has taken a new turn with the introduction of digital billboard advertising as well as traditional method of advertising including mobile advertising, the advert rates of third party advertising of products or services has greatly skyrocketed.

Costs & Advert Rates of Non-Digital & Digital Billboard Advertising In Lagos State - Latest Prices 1

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The owners of these billboards are made to remit annually a certain fee to the respective agency. For example, billboards erected in Lagos are made to pay to LASAA and as for other states, they are to pay to their respective agencies.

Advert rates in Lagos or any state in Nigeria, depends on the duration.There are various sizes and types of billboards and the duration also counts.

In this article, we will be furnishing you with the cost of advertising in Lagos state for all the various types of advertising and mobile,

Advert Rates of Mobile Advertising In Lagos State (Per Annum)

Mobile Advertising MethodsAnnual Fee
Truck/Trailers (Pick Up With More Than 4 Tyres)Not Available
Luxurious Buses (BRT, LagBus and Inter State and Country Buses) With More Than 4 Tyres.2,000,000 Naira
Bus/Pick Ups300,000 and above
Car130,000 and above
Tricycle50,000 Naira
Sports Utility Vehicles150,000 and above

Cost of Advertising On Digital Billboards And Non-Digital Billboards In Lagos State

16 sheet Billboard

This is a smaller form of billboard, you can get the electronic and digital form of advertising but as usual, the digital is more expensive than the static, that is the type of ads campaign that Flex banner material is used for displaying of ads campaigns for third party advertisers.
It is a double sided billboard structure, that is, the billboard faces both coming and going traffic and pedestrians.
Cost of advertising on 16 sheet billboard in Lagos is about 300,000 Naira annually per side, in total, clients are expected to pay 600,000 Naira annually, this is aside the ads campaign which of course you are expected to have had on ground before approaching the media company. In other states like Rivers, Ibadan, Ogun state, the cost of this billboard goes for around 150,000 Naira annually.

When broken down monthly, the cost of advertising on the 16 sheet billboard in Lagos is 50,000 Naira. The 16 sheet billboard is regarded as one of the smallest stand alone billboards.

Super 48 Sheet Billboard

The super 48 sheet comes both in form of digital and static (Banner) structure. It is a free standing billboard, the advertising space is usually 3inches by 6inches in length and breadth respectively.

An example of a Super 48 sheet sized digital billboard is the one at Allen round about at Ikeja. Currently, the banner super 48 sheet billboard is being faced out by LASAA, this is one of her moves in revamping the signage and advert industry in Lagos.

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The advert rate for super 48 sheet non digital billboard in Lagos is 700,000 naira per side, both sides goes for 1.4milliona naira. For digital billboards advert rate is between 900,000 and above.


The UNIPOLE is one of the most common form of billboard advertising in Lagos state. Unipole is also one of the most expensive method of advertising, a giant structure that spans over 40 feet in the air. Constructing and installing a UNIPOLE billboard cost over 6million Naira and above and that is excluding the LASAA approval fee.

Due to the cost of erecting this type of billboard, some Media companies take advantage of its cost implications and go for three sided Unipole structure, here, the Unipole billboard is constructed to have 3 sides, of equal lengths and breadths. For your information, they all cost the same amount annually.

The cost of advertising on a Unipole billboard in Lagos state is N9,000,000 per side, so for a double sided Unipole billboard, you will be expected to pay eighteen million naira (N18,000,000) and for a client taking all three sides, twenty seven million naira N27,000,000 is the cost annually.

In other less developed states like Oyo, Ogun state cost of advertising on a UNIPOLE billboard goes for around 5 to 6million naira for just a side. In Abuja, it goes for roughly 10million naira.

Though it is very rare for clients to take all sides, very few multinational corporations like Guinness Nigeria, Glo, Etisalat, MTN and other powerful organizations have the finance to fund such ad campaigns.

The duration of Advertising on a UNIPOLE billboard is very flexible, you can place ads for as low as two weeks, though you will be required to pay slightly higher.

Gantry Billboards

This type of billboard is well known to many but a few know the name. The Gantry billboard is that giant billboard that cuts across the roads, that is from one end of the traffic to the other end. It covers both going and coming traffic, an example of Gantry billoard is the huge billboard at Oshodi where you board a bus going to Opebi-Secretariat at Ikeja, at when coming from Isolo. It is one of the most expensive form of billboard advertising.

The Gantry billboard is built to withstand any form of environmental hazards except earthquakes. To register with LASAA to erect a Gantry billboard in Lagos goes for 1.5million Naira (N1,500,000). Due to the size of this billboard, series of soil tests are carried out by LASAA soil engineers to ascertain the strength of the soil when compared to the weight of the structure to be erected and most importantly, to be sure its environmentally safe and friendly should there be a disaster.

Cost of Advertising in Lagos on a Gantry Billboard per side is 20,000,000 Naira (N20,000,000) then for both sides is 40million Naira (N40,000,000). In Abuja, cost of advertising on a Gantry billboard is 25,000,000 flat rate for just one side (one way traffic) while 2 sided, that is going and coming traffic is 50,000,000 Naira (N50,000,000). Though the representing media company could give discount, this depends on the outcome of the meeting.

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Wall Drape Billboards

Here, wall panels are attached to the wall of a multiple storey building or sky scrapper and ads campaigns are placed on them. They also require approval from LASAA but first, the management of the building or landlord/Landlady must be contacted before any concrete decision can be made.

Cost of Advertising on a Wall drape is also dependent on the size. The length and breadth of the space plus duration of the ads campaign would determine the total cost of advertising on this type of billboard. Here we cannot categorically tell you the exact amount due to the various sizes attached to this type of billboard but the common wall drapes with size 6inches by 12 inches which goes for around 700,000 thousand naira per anum for a campaigns made with flex materials but for digital Wall drapes, cost of advertising is around 1,000,000 Naira and above. Please note that all wale drapes are one sided type of billboards since they are attached to the walls of any structure, it could be fences, buildings and the likes.

Roof Top Billboards

Just like the name implies, it is place on the roof of buildings that are strategically placed in high traffic zones. Just like the wall drapes, most roof tops are usually one sided billboards. They come in various sizes, you can place a 48 or a 96 sheet sized billboard on a building, this depends on the space available.

Roof top billboards are usually placed on buildings with decking (Concrete roofs), this gives it the firmness it requires to withstand heavy winds.

Cost of advertising on a roof top billboard is from 800,000 Naira and above, This depends on the size too though. The roof top billboard is a very strategic form of advertisement. It comes both in digital and static format.

Bridge Panels

They are popular advising methods. It is similar to Gantry but its a smaller structure, a typical example of bridge panel billboard is the one that cuts across the road showing motorists descriptions on directions. They are usually green in color. Another type of bridge panel billboards are the advert placed on the side of a pedestrian railings or the concrete, facing the traffic.

Cost of Advertising on a Bridge panel in Lagos is about 3million naira per side per anum.

Backlit Billboards

Backlit comes in 48 sheet and 96 sheet sized billboards. The spotting difference is that it is illuminated.  That is, inside of it, a candescent light is installed to give it proper visibilty and a catchy attraction especially at night.

Cost of advertising on a Backlit billboard in Lagos is N800,000 and above per annum, this could be negotiated notwithstanding.

Other Types of Billboards And Their Cost of Advertising In Lagos Includes;

Bus Branding

This  involves pasting ads campaign on a Luxurious bus, comutter buses especially. we are very conversant with the LAGBUS and BRT buses. This advantage of this type of advertisement is that your adverts are seen in all routes these buses are deigned to ply. Using bus branding would depend on your target audience. If your event, product or services are channeled along the route these buses ply then it would be best in helping achieve your objectives.

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Cost of BRT, LAGBUS and Luxurious Bus Branding In Lagos

As seen above in the table, BRT, LAGBUS and other luxurious bus branding advert rates in Lagos cost around 2,000,000 Naira per annum.

Street Lamposts

When we go out for our daily activities, we come across this type of advert on the streets, both on main roads and highways. It is usually attached to street lights and installed in an eye catching position.

Usually, it comes in flex and banner format, and it is always double sided, due to its small size, one ad campaign is usually attached to more than 20 street lights, it is done that way because of the high possibility of missing the message or ads campaign the advertiser is trying to pass on to the public, that is if you miss the first or second advert, there are numerous ads ahead to help add up from where you missed out from.

Most Telecommunication companies in Nigeria make best use of this type of advertisement.

The cost of advertising on a Streetlight Lamp post in Lagos is 250,000 naira per year, this also depends on the location of the billboard, some Media companies charge more while some charge less especially when competition is stiff.

Taking a cursory look from the above, we can confirm that the cost of digital and non-digital (Banner) advertising in Lagos state is high, this is due to the metropolitan nature of the state, high population and caliber of companies operating within the state.

So if you are thinking of placing your advert using any of the billboards listed above, you must first carry out proper survey and research on what kind of message you are trying to pass to the public, the population of the area, you also need to make sure the ads tally with the right audience. Say for you would not want to advertise a gas cooker, washing machines or dishwashers at rural areas in Lagos state, there is no connection as they are not financially capable for such.

Advertising of Matches boxes, cooking ingredients like Ajinomoto and other cheap products or items would be best suited for such audience.

In conclusion, understanding your market and audience would drive the funds to be committed into advertising since we know the reason for advertising is to drive sales and increase brand awareness at the same time.

Was this insightful? your opinions and comments would be highly regarded as regards the cost of advertising on digital billboards as well as non-digital boards in Lagos state. We shall keep updating this post as prices and costs changes.

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