Charles Soludo: Biography, Political Party, Wife, Family, Local Govt and Net Worth 2024

Charles Soludo is one of the most illustrious sons of Nigeria; his biography is evidence of talent at an unprecedented level, and he has all the attributes of a leader who is poised to make a great impact on the people he leads. He has served as an academic, teaching students in various universities, advising various international development organizations. Charles Soludo has been Governor and Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as well as a member of the Economic Advisory Committee of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Charles Soludo has twice attempted to become governor of his native Anambra State, and he has succeeded at proving himself to be an astute manager of resources, as well as a planner of Economic Policies. His talent has been recognized by the International Monetary Fund, and many other international organizations.

Charles Soludo was born into a poor family. So one may wonder how he managed to rise to prominence, and what he has done to ensure that at the end of his career, he does not return to poverty.

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Charles Soludo Biography

Charles Soludo was born on 28 July 1960 in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. He attended primary and secondary school in his native Anambra before going to the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, Enugu State for higher education. Charles Soludo shared that education saved him from generational poverty.

At the University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Charles Soludo graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 1984, and then an MSc Economics in 1987, and then a PhD in 1989. He won prizes for the best student at all three levels of study.

He further broadened his horizons by receiving training in research, teaching, and auditing. He has become an authority in the field of macro-economics; and he has taught at various institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Warwick. Charles Soludo has written a number of books and reports; he has also co-authored and co-edited several books and papers.

Charles Soludo Political Party

Charles Soludo is an example of a man whose vision attracts people to him. He is presently with the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), but he has previously been with the PDP. Charles Soludo was declared winner of the Anambra governorship elections of 2021, defeating candidates from the PDP and APC.

In 2009 he was the governorship candidate of the PDP but lost to Peter Obi of APGA. Some four years later (in 2013) he resigned from the PDP, and then joined APGA in order to contest for the governorship election.

However, he was soon disqualified from the election by the APGA leadership. By 2021 he declared his intention to run for the governorship office, and after the elections were held he was declared winner.

Charles Soludo Wife

Charles Soludo is married to the beautiful and lovely Nonye Chukwuma. Charles Soludo has been married to Nonye Chukwuma since December 26, 1992. Nonye Chukwuma is a home maker; she has been in the background supporting her husband in his illustrious career.

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She is a passionate mother who has put her family’s health and well being above all else. She is a Christian, an administrator, and a businessperson.

Nonye Chukwuma was born on July 31, 1970. She hails from Aguata LGA of Anambra State. She attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka between 1991 and 1995, and she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. She then went to the University of Westminster from where she obtained a Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Nonye Chukwuma controls two companies; She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Living Foods Ltd, based in the UK, as well as the Managing Director of a real estate company, Charles Frances Properties in London.

Charles Soludo Family

Charles Soludo is a family man; he has a large household. He is blessed with 6 children being 2 boys and 4 girls. One of his sons Ozonna Soludo is a musician of impressive musical talent. He has already received some recognition for his musical prowess in New York where he is based, and he is set to release his debut album.

Not much else is known about Charles Soludo’s family, except for the many group photographs where they pose together as a family.

However, there is an extended family of Soludos; even though nothing is known about them. It is only known that his father was a small trader, and that he lost his mother at an early age.

Charles Soludo Local Government

Charles Soludo is from Aguata LGA of Anambra State. Aguata is a large local government area with some major towns in it being Aguata, Aguluezechukwu, and Ekwulobia which is a commercial town. The capital of Agwuata LGA is Aguata Town, while the most popular town is Ekwulobia.

Aguata Local Government has a total population of about 370,172 people. Even though most of the official channels only mention Aguata Local Government as Charles Soludo’s origin, investigations have revealed that he is from Umueze Village in Isuofia Town of Agwuata Local Government area of Anambra State.

Umueze Village is known for their Umueze Day celebration in which children of the village come in from all over the world to celebrate their culture, to socialize with one another, and to partake in the Iri Ji festival.

Charles Soludo Net Worth

Charles Soludo is estimated to be worth around N500 Million. This modest estimate comes from his lecturing jobs, from his book sales, and from the various committees where he is a Chairman or a member. Keep in mind that Professor Charles Soludo maintains guest lecturing positions with various universities both in Nigeria and abroad. Some of the universities include; the University of Cambridge (England), the Brookings Institution (USA), the University of Warwick (USA), and the University of Oxford (USA) as well as Swarthmore College (USA).

Charles Soludo is also earning money from his work at the International Monetary Fund, and the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) which reports directly to the President of Nigeria.

He also earned a lot of money from his work as CBN governor, and before then he served as chief economic adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo.

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The estimated net worth accrued to Prof Charles Soludo does not include the businesses run by his wife since it is believed that she has full autonomy on the management of the businesses, and the use of the profits generated from them.

However, Charles Soludo has published several books and papers, and he has also co authored several other documents and edited others. These books and documents are used by scholars and researchers; some of them are recommended reading for students, and so they sell in large numbers.

Charles Soludo Accomplishments

Charles Soludo rose from a poor village boy to international recognition. He is extremely talented as a person, and his brilliant mind made a way for him. His intellect may not have been noticed during his time in his village when he was in primary and secondary schools, but as soon as he made it to University it became evident that this is a man of destiny.

  • Charles Soludo earned prizes during his University days as the best student in B.Sc, Masters, and Ph.D levels. He then went on to become a Professor, which gave him the platform to achieve even more in a career that was already successful.
  • Professor Charles Soludo  authored several highly acclaimed works in economics. Some of his books and publications include;     “North-South Macroeconomic Interactions: Comparative Analysis using the MULTIMOD and INTERMOD global models.” He wrote this in 1992 for Brookings Institution.
  •  “Implications of alternative macroeconomic policy responses to external shocks in Africa”. He wrote this 1993 for United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
  •  “Growth performance in Africa: Further evidence on the external shocks versus domestic policy debate”. He wrote this in 1993 for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
  •  “Macroeconomic adjustment, trade, and growth: Policy analysis using a macroeconomic model of Nigeria.” He wrote this in 1995 as an independent research paper.
  •   “The Consequences of US Fiscal Actions in a Global Model with Alternative Assumptions about the Exchange Regime in Developing Countries”. He wrote this together with Ralph C. Bryan for the Centre for Economic Policy Research.
  •  “Our Continent, Our Future: African Perspectives on Structural Adjustment”. He wrote this together with T. Mkandawire for the  Council for the Development of Social Science- This was in 1999.
  •   The Debt Trap in Nigeria: Towards a Sustainable Debt Strategy. This was co-written by Okonjo-Iweala, Ngozi; Charles Chukwuma Soludo and Mansur Muhtar (2002). Africa World Press. ISBN 1-59221-001-5.
  • The above do not include works that were edited or co edited by Charles Soludo.
  • Charles Soludo was given the national honour of Commander of the Federal Republic. He has also received several awards and recognitions for his work in economics.
  • He was named as the ‘Global and African Central Bank Governor of the Year, in 2005, 2006 and 2007 by The Banker Magazine which is published by the Financial Times of London. He also received a Global Banker’s Award in London at about the same time.
  •  Charles Soludo has also received other important awards such as being named as a ‘Great Reformer’ by the Financial Times of London, for his reforming the Nigerian Banking System which led to recapitalization, and a series of mergers and acquisitions.
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Charles Soludo Economic Vision

Charles Soludo’s vision is to make Nigeria the economic hub of Africa. He stated this during his time as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; he foresaw that the recapitalization would lead to consolidation among the banks, and that the banks would become stronger; even able to compete with other financial institutions from other countries.

Presently; Nigerian banks rank among the biggest on the continent- showing the accuracy of his prediction. Nigerian banks are also able to fund big projects in industry and trade; giving rise to a more robust business environment where Nigerian business institutions have the power to thrive and to compete with their contemporaries around the world.

As governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo has advocated the advancement of the local economy through the direct participation of the government. On resumption of office he declared that everything to be used by the government would be produced locally; including clothes, cars, food and drinks.

In fulfillment of that promise he has always made public appearances in traditional attires; mostly in the dress locally called “Senator.” Charles Soludo has also selected one of the powerful Innoson SUVs as his official car; the vehicles are produced right there in Anambra State.

Charles Soludo’s tenure as governor has already seen massive investments in the industrial sector; many factories have been set up because the government has promised direct participation in the economy by buying from them.

Charles Soludo Controversies

In response to Peter Obi’s rise as one of the main contenders for the Presidency, which he achieved on the platform of the Labour Party, Charles Soludo made a statement in which he declared that APGA was the third force in Nigerian politics. Some analysts and rumor mongers said this meant that he resented Peter Obi and his increasing popularity.

Another worrying headline appeared on several news distribution websites in which he is alleged to have sent thugs to disrupt the burial ceremony of his wife’s aunt Gloria Akunyili after he was left out of the preparations of the burial. Even though the burial went ahead, it was gathered that thugs really did visit the burial and they beat up both the host and guests.

How it was determined that it was Charles Soludo who actually sent the thugs remains unknown, and even the Soludos have largely ignored the event without making much comments about it.

Perhaps the biggest scandal that has been associated with Charles Soludo’s name is the fight that broke out between Ebele Obiano (wife of outgoing Governor Willie Obiano), and Bianca Ojukwu; wife of former Warlord Dim Chukuemeka Ojukwu. The fight nearly overshadowed the whole proceedings.