20 Best Project Management Courses You Can Apply Online Free

Project management is a very wide and in-depth soft skill for professionals. Before undertaking any project management course, it is ideal to understand the term project management. Now, WHAT IS PROJECT MANAGEMENT? The term project is accustomed with TIMING. In defining project management, 3 factors are involved;

  1. A team
  2. A product or service
  3. Timing (Expected duration for completion of the project)

Now what is project management? this is simply the process of directing the work of a team to achieve set goals and and objectives within a specified time with all things being equal.

20 Best Project Management Courses You Can Apply Online Free 1

Having known the definition of project management, now you can take the next step of what are project management courses all about? Project management Courses are a list of various programmes designed specifically to train individuals on the application of techniques, knowledge, tools, skills to project activities so as to meet the project required standard. Long before now, these courses were usually secondary course, until recent times that it has emerged as a distinct profession in the mid-20th century.

Project management process is categorized into 5 different stages;

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring & Controlling
  5. Closing.

Needless to say, Project management courses derive their scope of work from 10 different areas which are; Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Human resources, Communications, Risk management, and Stakeholder management.

Currently, Project managers are at very higher demands which makes it more beneficial to anyone that enroll in this profession. Qualified and professional Project managers are needed in almost all industries to help them plan and provision the work of the industry. A project manager in a top IT company like Oracle Nigeria receives at least 800,000 Naira monthly salary after all deductions have been made.

So If you have been wondering if project management courses are good for you or not, then here is the right platform that you will get all the necessary information that you need to be clarified about the benefits of any acquiring any of the under-listed project management courses because it is worth the stress.

Job Opportunities and Careers for project management Degree Holders

The main skills required of a professional project manager are the ability of organizing, planning, securing, leading, managing, and controlling an industry’s or company’s resources and draw out necessary plans to achieve business goals.

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Ideally, a project manager is highly paid. I said above that a project manager in Oracle Nigeria receives at least 800,000 naira monthly after tax and pension. This is excluding other allowances and benefits. The job of a project manager is quite demanding hence the high salary.

A professional project manager can be outsourced or internally employed by an organization to start, analyze and evaluate projects and project requirements, and suggest the required professionals on board for the success of the project, and also supervise the progress of the project till success is meet.

In such organization, the project manager will be hired or employed to decides the skills required to set up certain projects, Set the budget for the project, supervise, oversees and track the progress of the project, schedule time frame for projects and sub-projects, decides how failed projects can be completed, make accurate reports on the progress of a project to the company’s or industry’s stakeholders, and also manage the project culture of the company’s or industry’s project team and organization.

With the above listed, you will understand the importance of acquiring a soft skill in any of the list of project management courses outlined below.

Now, I will be listing the 20 best project management courses available online and offline. You can go through and make selections based on which suites your career path.

Top 20 Best Project Management Courses (Online & Offline Courses)

1. Designing and Implementing Monitoring and Evaluating Systems

Learn how to design and implement effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems with A free online course

2. Scrum Development

Learn the concepts of Scrum Developer training with A free online course

3. SCRUM Immersion

Learn the functions and features of SCRUM Immersion with A free online course @ Alison.

4. Introduction to Project Management

Discover how to become a successful Project Manager with this free online introductory course.

5. Project Management in Practice – Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management

Master the project management skills for handling negotiations and technical projects in A free online course

6. Diploma – Project Management in Practice

This course helps you in improving your project management skills for managing complex technical projects with this free online Diploma course.

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7. Project Management in Practice – Planning, Scheduling and Resource Management

This project management course will enhance your project management skills and practices for managing limited resources. You can start an online course free when you google alison on your web browser.

8. Modern Project Management – Working with Clients and Project Teams – Revised:

Learn problem-solving procedures and how to work with clients productively with this free project management course.

9. Project Management Professional (PMP):

This is one of the most common project management courses available online. With this soft skill, you can learn how to become a Project Management Professional (PMP) with A free online course at JFK Building along Ikorodu road or online from Alison

10. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Learn about the functions and features of Certified Associate in Project Management in A free online course @ Alison.

11. Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn how to successfully manage any project and understand important project phases and project management tools.

12. Diploma in Project Management

This free online project management course will teach you how to implement project phases like a true professional.

13. Modern Project Management – Quality, Risk, Procurement and Project Closeout

Acquire the soft skills and knowledge on how to take control of your project and ensure that goals are strategically aligned with A free online course @ Alison.

14. Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice

Gain the requisite skills and knowledge required for effective project management with A free online course @ Alison.

15. Diploma in Modern Project Management

With a diploma in Modern Project Management, you must have acquired an effective modern project management skills with the theories and practices taught in this free course upon completion of this project management course.

16. Modern Project Management – Managing the Start-up, Scheduling, and Budgeting

This project management course will help you in Improving your project management skills by learning how to start, schedule, and budget for a new project.

17. Project Management in Practice

This online course is like the introduction to project management. It will teach you from Concepts of project management from the elementary stage down to the principles of project management and finally to Project Kick-Off stage as well as learning the basics concepts of project management that will help you enhance your project management skill.

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18. Agile Essentials: This ranges from Practical Guide to the Agile Process

This is a free online course that will teach you more about the No.1 choice in software development, Agile Methodology.

19. Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP)

This project management course comprises of an elite class of business analysts who are recognized by the industry as experts in identifying business requirements of an organization to come up with business solutions. The CBAP business analytics course certifies the competence and advanced level of expertise of business analysis personnel.

20. Microsoft Project Professional 2016

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 course has been designed for the students intending to understand the concepts of project management and create and maintain the project plans. The students will learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Microsoft Project 2016 during the course that will help in creating and saving the project plans, plans updating while execution in Project 2016, project monitoring and phase controlling in the projects.

The above are the 20 best Project Management Courses you can apply for online for free 

  • While some certificate courses takes about 2 to 3 years to complete, some require between 20-40 hours to complete. You can break the learning process to reduce fatigue.
  • Diploma Courses which take about 8-10 hours to complete

Learning Paths Courses which includes:

  • Broaden your skill set
  • Progress your knowledge
  • Master a subject

From the above, you can confirm that project management courses are very broad and there is no way anyone can be a professional in all. Being a master at one thing is better than being a mediocre at everything. Take your take, carry our proper research on the project management courses available online and offline and select from. While some are online project management courses are free, the best project management courses online are actually paid for to be honest with you.

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