10 Best Jobs For Lazy People – Work from Your Comfort Zones

The labor market is congested. The increasing number of unemployed graduates seeking means to earn a living is causing more young people to consider career options that people are less likely to consider two decades ago as a full time or part time job. Today, new businesses that satisfy needs, and require less hard work and stress are so popular and lucrative that people choose them as a full time career, and have no need to worry. Here in the post, we have compiled the best Jobs for lazy people or should we say, easy jobs for people who don’t like being pressured.

10 Best Jobs For Lazy People - Work from Your Comfort Zones 1

The Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, once said “ I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it”. If you consider exploring job options that give precedence to your intellect before your physical strength, resilience and anything  else; or you just hate to be in an office setup, and be bossed around  as an employee then you definitely need this post.

List of Best Jobs for lazy people

  1. Content Writing and Copywriting
  2. Photography
  3. Blogging and Vlogging
  4. Social Media manager
  5. Computer programmer
  6. Food critics
  7. ‘Shopper
  8. Thought/Idea Expert’
  9. Online Tutor
  10. Translator

10 Best Jobs for Lazy People

Content Writing and Copywriting:

The future of digital marketing is content marketing. The best creator of contents gets more leads, and can eventually monopolize the niche if competitors don’t buckle up. This simple fact has placed blog owners, news agencies, and all others marketing online in a situation where the service of a writer is essential for their business. If you want to work from the comfort of your home, improve your grammar and punctuation skills, study how to use online writing tools, set your rate and write away.

Copywriting on the other hand involves writing precise compositions to create impression in the minds of adverts viewers, and improve the effectiveness of wordings of adverts by making them more appealing and easy to remember.

Most writers work as freelancers and can make a whole lot of money, especially when they write for businesses that require good grammar in written contents.

Blogging and Vlogging (Video blogging)

Uploading specific classes of contents consistently to audiences in a niche and getting paid for adverts displayed on such contents  can be very profitable these days. The increasing number of social platforms have made blogging and video blogging a high earning job. Blogging has become a full time job and a source of income for so many. Anyone that is able to find a good niche, constantly give out content, and keep the traffic coming will make a lot of money and get so  much popularity, eventually walking their way up to earn a celebrity status.

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On YouTube and in 2019, Mark Fischbach that is popularly known as “Markiplier,” earned 13 million dollars playing games online and he is sponsors go to man when they look to reach the gaming community. Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, hosts of Good Mythical Morning, make 17 million dollars from eating food and telling jokes at it. You get it!!!

Uh…oh I forgot to mention Anastasia Radzinskaya, a 5-year-old  Russian girl that Legoland gave out six figures to work with her just because she uploads videos of herself playing with dad.

Social Media Manager:

Social media marketing is becoming more popular as many companies are now more informed about how effective and affordable it can be to achieve their marketing and sales goals. Facebook being the biggest of them all can allow businesses to customize their ads preferences like nothing from the past. Marketing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, tiktok, snapchat etc. among others are social media sites that organizations and companies need someone who understands the algorithms, demographics and psychographic of the business niche to explore and help drive sales.

If you spend time studying and taking online courses, there are quite a few platforms to learn and ways to practice on your handle before looking out for offers and these days  you should easily find one. You can also focus on your accounts and build it to personally have an account with so many followers, you have rich engagements that are enough to get you to be contacted to do publicity for events and products.

Online Tutor

This is an interesting job. It is definitely not the one for the laziest of all. Teaching something that you have learnt may look very easy,  but people don’t come to you just  for the sake of coming to learn, they come for a goal. If you are teaching language (e.g English), your students probably need to pass proficiency tests, entry exams e.t.c. For you to succeed in this job you must know what you are to teach, and you should update your knowledge to fit the context of the students. The cost of online tutoring is much cheaper, and good tutors are usually well paid. You can get the job done on a part time basis`. Online tutoring is a perfect fit for intelligent but lazy people. It is also necessary to  possess great qualities that students yearn to see in their tutors even when you are highly qualified.

Computer programming

Programmers are often portrayed with a stereotype: geeks with socially awkward behaviors that spend most of their time glued to the monitor, but this is not entirely true. Computer programming is a high earning skill and it involves learning to give instructions in the form of codes to the computer on what tasks to perform. The aim of codes is to create web pages, software, e.t.c. There is hardly a business that doesn’t need the service of a computer programmer.

Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers, otherwise known as fashion stylists, or sales assistants are employees or sometimes freelancers  of stores that offer advice and recommendations to customers with the goal of making sales for the store. The service of a personal shopper is peculiar to clothing and fashion industry, but the benefits of having them around is getting clearer to businesses outside the clothing stores like gadget stores, interior design accessories store e.t.c.


Photography has become even more popular with the coming of social media. There are so many job opportunities that accompany photography: from lecturing photography in universities, to working as photo journalists: making pictures along with newspaper contents; commercial photography: making product photographs; nature photography: traveling the world, documenting travels, and taking landscape pictures e.t.c


Being an idea expert or consultant is something that has raised curiosity lately. This is not a job for the faint-hearted. It doesn’t involve any heavy lifting but it does require nerves. Take your time to study a particular aspect of interest to a niche, and establish yourself as a genuine authority in it. For example social media algorithm expert, sales experts, Facebook advertising expert. Legal adviser (if you are a lawyer), content marketing expert e.t.c.

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Food Critics

Food critics dine in restaurants to have assessment of restaurants food quality, taste, and services and then give a review on commercial magazines and newspapers. As simple as this sounds, it can determine the success or failure of any restaurant business that fall victim of their negative reviews. Restaurants can also pay food critics to make a review on their food in order to enable them to know the areas to improve on to drive sales and a better return on investment. To optimize opportunities as a food critics, it is important to have the required knowledge and  experience, as well as good reasoning and communication skill.


Translation is a very relevant job today, from foreign companies’ negotiations to meetings between heads of states and individuals looking to understand the content of an application. The opportunities are almost endless. Working for clients directly and building up your own network of clients is a good way to start as a translator, then you proceed to translate for agencies: which helps you alleviate the problem of finding clients. When you have enough expertise you can proceed to start your own translation agency and spread workload to new translators to manage workload.

In conclusion, if you prefer to do little work and make money than look to earn through illegal means, then you must have found a job from our list of best jobs for lazy people above as anyone solves the issue and stress that comes with paid jobs. They may not be suitable for you, but there is no doubt about the joy, the freedom, and how much people can make from investing time and effort in mastering one or more from them. An important advantage of jobs like this is that you don’t need to have a degree, and you have all the time to focus on your personal development, and there is no distraction from bosses. You have all the time and you can make your own rules through most part of your time.