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7 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Thesis and Academic Writing (2023)

To avoid plagiarism, you should carefully paraphrase your thesis and research articles. In fact, if you’re not a linguist, you should avoid paraphrasing by hand to minimize inaccuracies and stress.

But there are a number of paraphrase tools available to aid you however, I will be listing the best free paraphrasing tools for thesis and academic writing as well as for other research works.

7 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Thesis and Academic Writing ([year]) 1

7 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Thesis and Academic Writing

Since there are various paraphrasing tools online, choosing the best can be somewhat difficult, this is why listing the 7 best free paraphrasing tools for your research work and literature reviews will make your work much easier to achieve within the shortest possible period. Please note that being free has limitations because they all have premium versions. The premium versions are quite affordable so its easier to switch pending on the volume of work you have at hand.

1. QuillBot

The AI used in this paraphrase tool is cutting edge. It’s the finest tool for paraphrasing out there, according to millions of individuals who use it every day.

Because it’s a full-sentence thesaurus, you may use it for more than just paraphrasing.

There are seven settings to choose from when using the QuillBot paraphraser. Modes of expression range from standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand and shorten.  As per your goal, you should employ one of these modes or another.

Fluency mode, for example, allows you to write in a more conversational tone, while formal mode tends to make your writing sound more polished for a more professional audience. Expand mode, on the other hand, adds extra words to your study, thereby lengthening your article.

To change words, you should use the Word Flipper tool to do it. It merely substitutes words with synonyms. ” Slide the slider to change the rate at which the Word Flipper replaces words.

QuillBot’s Word extension allows you to utilize it within Microsoft Word. Google Chrome extensions and add-ons for Google Docs are also included with this program. QuillBot’s API allows you to connect it into a variety of different online platforms.

Pricing for QuillBot

Free QuillBot accounts are limited to 700 characters of paraphrases per session. You’d need to spend a lot of time doing this for a research paper or a thesis. It is possible to rephrase about 10,000 characters with a premium account.

Listed here are the various premium plans:

Every month, you’ll pay $7.95 for the Monthly Plan.

It costs $29.50 every six months for a semi-annual plan.

Annual Subscription – $39.95 annually

No free version of the QuillBot Developer API is offered, as is the API itself. The following price options are available:

$20 a month for the Pro Plan

For $150 each month, you can get the Ultra Plan.

$1,300 per month for the Mega Plan

In a matter of seconds, Quillbot’s accurately designed AI can help you paraphrase your text. Quillbot is the paraphrasing tool of choice for millions of authors, students, and professionals across the world.

2. Spinbot

Spinbot is a worthy rival to QuillBot in terms of quality.

Article spinner and content generator are all terms used to describe Spinbot. However, you can accomplish quite a bit with it even with the free edition, as it allows you to use a phrase up to 10,000 characters long. For thesis and research paper paraphrase, Spinbot is an excellent choice.

Using the tool, you may choose which phrases to disregard while paraphrasing, or you can ask it to ignore capitalized terms when doing so. You’ll get your paraphrased outcome in a matter of seconds thanks to the tool’s lightning-fast operation.

The Spinbot app also doesn’t require a user account to use. To prove your humanity, all you have to do is solve a CAPTCHA.

But the Spinbot platform does have an API, thus there are no extensions available. Spinbot may be used on any website because to the API, which makes it easy to paraphrase vast amounts of text. However, you’ll have to pay a fee to use it.

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Spinbot Pricing

It is possible to paraphrase your thesis and research papers without having to complete any CAPTCHAs or be bothered by adverts with a premium Spinbot account. The only benefit of a premium account is that it comes with a price tag that includes:

Plan for one month – $10 per month

Every six months, you’ll pay $50.

A one-year subscription costs $75 every year.

You may also purchase Spin credits as an alternative. As credits are only depleted when you use the tool, you can pay based on the quantity of words you spin. Credits are priced as follows:

The cost of a thousand credits is $5.00.

Cost: $20.00 per 5,000 Credits

$40.00 for 10,000 Credits

20,000 Credits = $80 in-game currency.

50,000 Credits = $200

500,000 Credits – $2,000.00.00

3. Spin Rewriter

An article-spinning tool for SEO gurus has been built with this in mind. Despite this, it’s an excellent tool for summarizing academic studies. Since its inception in 2009, the tool has grown to a user base of almost 200,000. Spin Rewriter is incredibly effective because to ENL technology.

Spin Rewriter is a easy to use. When you’re through typing, hit rewrite to paraphrase to have it rewritten for you. Once the rewriting process is complete, you may export your content in the format of your choice. With Spin Rewriter, you have the ability to export many articles at once.

For example, you may download up to 1,000 different versions of the same research. This is called “mass export,” and it is a common practice. It is possible to simultaneously rewrite many articles with Spin Rewriter. You may also select from five prominent syntax patterns to organize your thesis or dissertations the best way possible.

A side-by-side comparison is available in this software. Comparisons can be made between your original articles’ terms and those that appear in the paraphrased version. Textual distinctions are underlined, making it easy to identify a fresh piece of writing’s individuality.

As a cloud-based service, Spin Writer may be used anywhere. Since it works on any device, you may use it on anything from a computer to a smartphone or tablet. The website offers a variety of video lessons to assist you in learning how to use the tool.

Several third-party systems are supported by the tool’s API, and it may be used in conjunction with them. However, the primary goal of these integrations is to improve SEO.

Spin Rewriter’s Costs

While there are several free paraphrase tools available, Spin Rewriter is one of the most expensive. For the yearly subscription, there is only a five-day free trial available. The premium plans include the following:

Every month, you’ll pay $47 for this plan.

For $77 each year, you can get the Yearly Plan.

For $497 each year, you’ll have access to the Lifetime Plan.

4. SpinnerChief

SpinnerChief is an excellent thesis paraphraser for group projects. It now employs artificial intelligence (AI) in its 6th version to ensure a high degree of originality. Part-of-speech analysis as well as statistical replacement are also employed by SpinnerChief.

In a short period of time, you can spin a large number of works. To paraphrase many files at once, you may either upload a folder or use the tool’s drop-down menu to select them.

As an additional option, you may manually paraphrase text, or you can tweak the paraphrasing rules to suit your needs, as well.

There are no limitations to the languages you may use SpinnerChief on; it can be used for thesis and journal articles and much more. You’ll need a translation API, such as the Bing API, to make this work.

SpinnerChief is more than simply a web-based paraphraser. This software may be used on both computers and mobile devices. As a result, it works on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Not to mention, there’s a team version that allows numerous people to work on the same assignment from various computers simultaneously.

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SpinnerChief Pricing

Using SpinnerChief with the simplest features is free. You can do more with the premium versions, and the price variations include:

One-time payment of $197

The Premium Version costs $107 annually ($307 in total).

A one-time payment of $627 is required for the Team Version, which costs $277 annually.

In addition, the premium version is available for $7. ContentBomb (a content generation tool) is included free of charge in all premium editions.

5. CleverSpinner

CleverSpinner is a thesis and research paper paraphraser that only requires a single click.

It rewrites text in a manner comparable to that of a human content writer by examining individual words, phrases, and sentences. Only the finest and most accurate synonyms may be selected by the program since it fully comprehends the meaning and context of each word.

In order to use CleverSpinner, you first need to register. Overall, its user interface is quite fast and straightforward to use. Your material should simply be entered into the box and then spun. In about 10 seconds, your content will be rewritten using synonyms that are the most relevant to the topic at hand.

Before spinning, the paraphraser has several default parameters that could be readily changed to suit your needs. Rewriting quality, CS, sentence spin, synonym frequency and settings are all included in this category.

There are eight choices to chose from when it comes to spin quality. By default, the tool does not allow you to alter text; instead, it displays a list of suggested synonyms for each word.

Compare your original text with the paraphrased text using CleverSpinner, which allows mass spinning. You may use this function to upload a zip file containing many work files and have them all paraphrased at once. This only works with txt-formatted files, though.

Copyscape is integrated with this paraphrasing tool, allowing you to examine your work for plagiarism in instantaneously. There’s also an API, allowing for more customized integration options. It can only be viewed via a desktop computer and not a mobile device because it is web-based exclusively.

Pricing for CleverSpinner

CleverSpinner employs a simple and economical monthly subscription strategy.

Monthly Plan – $9.90 a month

To be clear, the free trial gives you full access to the software for three days.

6. WordAi

Artificial intelligence is used to rewrite words, as stated in the site’s description. Automated and high-level paraphrasing are employed by the technology to ensure that the material will pass any plagiarism test.

WordAi is a rapid paraphrase tool. You may rewrite your thesis and research papers in a matter of seconds using the current version, which is 150 times quicker than the previous version. You can spin as many as 1,000 articles at once.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the greatest paraphrasing tools out there. A  Sophisticated title spinners, known as “title brains,” are included in the software.

WordAi, like several of the other thesis paraphrasing tools listed, requires that you register an account before you can use it. After three days of free use, you may upgrade to a premium subscription to continue using the tool.

Article forge, on the other hand, is integrated with WordAi. With an Article Forge account, moving created text to WordAi and paraphrasing will be an easy. If you’re using the internet to gather information for your thesis or study, this is an excellent tool to have.

Perfect Tense is also built into the program, making grammatical checks much easier. WordAi also has an API. WordAi may help you translate words from English, Italian, French and Spanish into their original language.

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WordAi’s Price

You can choose from one of the following cost options to utilize WordAi:

A monthly fee of $49.95

For $347 per year, you can get the Yearly Plan.

The WordAi API is also a premium service, costing $2 for every 10,000 words you use it to process. To get a better deal if you plan to process a significant number of words, you should contact the developers.

Fast, high-quality, and unique content can be created in a flash. WordAi is the rewriting program of choice because of features like mass rewriting, downloading, and HTML support.

7. The Best Spinner

Thousands of people rely on this paraphrase tool to create dozens of fresh works from any source. The Instant Pin feature of the application makes paraphrasing text a simple.

According to The Best Spinner, it has a world-record-breaking collection of synonyms for you to choose from.

Based on your desired outcome, you can paraphrase your work at several levels using this tool. Full sentence rewriting is supported, and four nested layers are available. Documents can be generated using a visual spinner. You may also compare your paraphrased text to the original after you’ve done so.

The Best Spinner’s text-to-speech technology makes it ideal for generating an electronic thesis. You may create audio and MP3 files from written text using this technique.

It works with ArticleBuilder to provide users with material – Seed Articles – that may be used as a starting point. There are more than 130,000 developed articles available to you as a user of The Best Spinner and you can use this to build your thesis. You may now download as much as 1.7 GB of high-quality photos with The Best Spinner.

Using the API, you can connect The Best Spinner with Copyscape to verify that your paraphrased work is original and free of plagiarism.

The Best Spinner may be used on a wide range of devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, and Android and iOS tablets, among others. If you’re on a mobile device, you may access the web version.

The Best Spinner Pricing

There are three premium programs to choose from with the Best Spinner:

For $67 a year, you get the basic plan.

A yearly cost of $127 for the Standard Plan

The Pro Plan costs $297 annually.

To Wrap Up

The paraphrase tools provided above are excellent choices for a client’s job and may be used at various points in time. There is no need to download anything to use these online tools for changing synonyms. This website’s vocabulary is enormous and provides a wide range of synonyms and antonyms for the same phrase. Paraphrasing tools helps make a difficult text more accessible to the audience by removing unnecessary words and phrases.

There are technologies that may be used to publish more thorough information on a certain topic on a website. The websites are able to rank highly for the type of content because of their SEO-friendly article production. A better version of an article may be created by simply copying and pasting it from Google or Wikipedia. The Websites also include a list of synonyms that may be used in their place. Web pages may be accessed on any platform, regardless of the operating system.

They’re compatible with Windows, Mac, and UNIX systems. In the event that a blogger is unable to come up with a decent concept, they might conduct research on Google and then rephrase sentences on their website in a more interesting and engaging manner.