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Jobs You Can Get With NABTEB Result in Nigeria (2024)

The acronym for NABTEB is National Business and Technical Examinations Board. The body is saddled with the responsibility of conducting Technical and Business Innovation certificate examinations in Nigeria. There has been a debate surrounding jobs you can get with this certificate. Getting a job with your NABTEB result is possible. It is not always a case of who is more intelligent but who is luckier because NABTEB qualified jobs obviously does not require any professional expertise or qualification. They are jobs that majorly require practical knowledge or experience.

Students with NABTEB results often search for part time or full time jobs upon completing their programme in any of the Government Technical Colleges, the hustle for practicing their handworks comes into mind and as usual, the search for where to do industrial attachments with companies pops up. Questions like where can I work with my NABTEB certificate? Which company accepts NABTEB result holders? How much can I earn as a NABTEB holder? These and many more have been answered in this post.

Jobs You Can Get With NABTEB Result in Nigeria ([year]) 1

In this article, we will be helping you with very vital information that many NABTEB holders lack when job hunting. Most people with NABTEB result upon completing their programme fear that they might not be able to secure a job, in the sense that ND and HND graduates are finding it hard to get jobs, how much more NABTEB certificate holder, this is very far from the truth, in fact NABTEB holders are getting jobs that ND holders are considering not fit enough for their educational qualifications. The lags or vacuums are where the NABTEB result holders fill up.

Where Can I With My NABTEB Result?

With your NABTEB result or certificate holder please note that you can work in almost every sector of the economy, let’s clear some anomalies surrounding jobs you can get with NABTEB results, there is a general belief that NABTEB result holders are restricted to roadside jobs like mechanic workshops, tailoring shops, art and crafts design workshops and the likes. In reality, NABTEB result holders get jobs in sectors like the Oil and Gas, Banking sector, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, Transportation, all federal government agencies and parastatals, Hospitality as well as others not on this list.

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Surprisingly, NABTEB result holders stand to gain employment faster than ND and HND holders because of their affordability which includes cheap the training fee because of the less professional position they occupy, affordable salary and lastly because most are outsourced from outsourcing agencies or handpicked based on referrals.

List of Companies NABTEB Holders Can Work in Nigeria

With your NABTEB result can work in any private or public corporate organization, federal and state government agencies and parastatals. Below are the list of places you can work you’re your NABTEB result as well as the salary scale;

Financial Institution:

Access Bank

First Bank

GT Bank

Union Bank

Polaris Bank

Zenith Bank

Heritage Bank


United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Sterling Bank

Between N20,000 to N30,000 per month.
Federal Government AgenciesFrom N30,000 per month, Check out the list of Govt. agencies and their salary scales.
ICT IndustryBetween N30,000 to N35,000 per month
Transportation IndustryBetween N20,000 to N40,000 per month
Hospitality SectorBetween N20,000 to N30,000 pending on the industry per month
Fintech Industry

Oil and Gas Sector (Downstream)

Between N25,000 to N40,000 per month

How To Get A Job With Your NABTEB Result?

Getting a job with your NABTEB result can be challenging, however, you need to be physically and mentally ready because you are going to get a lot of rejections emails in a diplomatic way (We will get to you when you fit into any future vacancy (ies)). To apply for a job with your NABTEB result, you must ensure you meet the job requirement. After confirming the above, you are to follow the outlined steps below;

Step 1 – Visit the company’s website/application portal

Step 2 – Fill all necessary details, some will be ticked in red show its compulsory

  • You will be required to fill in the following
  • Your personal details
  • Your educational qualifications

Step 3 – Upload your credentials

  • Statement of result
  • Proof of IT (Optional)

Step 4 – Attach a cover note (Not necessary but important)

Step 5 – Click on Submit application form button.

Note that you will be sent a confirmation email, so ensure you register with a personal active email address and you will not be required to make any payment when applying because companies that accept NABTEB result for vacant positions will never request you pay before, during or after application.

I hope the information provided here has helped you. Getting a job with your NABTEB result is very possible if you follow the instructions and information provided.

Please feel free to reach out via the comment section if you have any question and we shall respond accordingly.