10 Resume Templates & Samples for Freelance Jobs Openings (Word Free Download)

Freelancers are self-employed people who provide services to their clientele. A freelancer might give almost any type of service required by most organizations. Accounting/Bookkeeping, Graphic Design, Marketing Project Management, Social Media Manager, Teaching/Tutoring, Virtual Assistant, Web Design/Development, and Writing are some of the most prevalent freelancing possibilities. Because this service is in high demand, many developing countries have freelancing jobs accessible. A freelancer is a candidate who does not need to be hired but can work flexibly. Like other job seekers, freelancers are always looking for work in a short amount of time. They must construct a resume to exhibit their job competency in any industry.

Making resumes can be difficult. Significantly if you have a short career, it is even more difficult for freelancers who work on various assignments. You must not only capture the client’s attention, pitch your skills, and demonstrate that you are the ideal person for the position; you must also ensure that the breadth of your expertise makes you appear accomplished rather than scattered.

Best Word Resume Templates

What to Include in a Freelance Resume?

1. Contact Information Section

What good is a resume if your client can’t readily contact you? Ensure this information is prominently displayed and includes all contact information, such as full name, work email, current phone number, social media links, website and address.

2. Summary/ Objective Section

Is it essential? Can’t I just offer a portfolio of projects demonstrating I am the most outstanding candidate for the job? Certainly not. On average, clients receive more than ten resumes for each assignment. This makes it exceedingly difficult for them to pick who to hire, which is why a decent summary section at the start of your resume might assist them in making a final decision. An excellent summary should be concise and exact, implying it should be brief and not ambiguous.

3. Work Experience (With Examples)

Instead of a chronological resume, try producing a “skills-focused” resume. Make your resume fit the job you seek by highlighting tasks that are relevant to the job. Also, make an effort to quantify your accomplishments as much as possible.

4. Education Section

Your degrees, courses, or certificates should be displayed in the Education section. If the job you are applying for is not your first, there is no purpose in providing your GPA. Unless, of course, your GPA is quite impressive.

5. Skills Set

This is a highly significant component of a freelancer’s resume because clients are looking for specific abilities that their employees must have to perform the work. The most straightforward approach to knowing which capabilities to include here is to look at the job description and include those skills and relevant skills in your skill section. Nonetheless, there are soft talents that every freelancer must possess. They are communication, detail-focused, honest, adaptable, and flexible.

6. Portfolio Section

Remember that you might have a separate portfolio or include the most outstanding work on your resume. This is one of the most crucial areas for a freelancer because it gives your client an idea of your previous work, which may be the determining factor in employing you.

7. Interests or Other Things Required

It’s a good idea to include things you do outside work and school to convince your clients that you’re genuinely passionate about the field. This is somewhat determined by the type of freelancing service you provide but will include professional bodies you belong to or awards you have received.

The rest of this article offers resume samples for freelance employment with free word document that you can download and modify to suit your need.

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Best Resume Templates for Freelance Job Openings

Template 1

First name and last name

Residential address

Cell number

Email address


Develop fascinating articles, papers, and social media posts for a wide range of clientele. Award-winning Freelance Writer, Editor, and Social Media Manager with over ten years of expertise crafting click-worthy web material and attractive documents and articles for various customers.


  • Expert in online traffic analysis and content creation for specific audiences
  • Expertise in the SEO process
  • Expertise in writing and editing articles about men’s health, sports, and parenting.
  • Can establish internal and external communications


Organization, location

Designation, duration

Notable achievements:

  • I interview key NFL, NBA, and MLB players for regular blogs and articles.
  • Manage a team of ten freelance writers and editors that generate weekly content.

Daily Trust, Abuja, Nigeria

Job title, duration

  • Contributed to the sports, health, and parenting sections.
  • Based on traffic research, I created tailored content, frequently producing the most-read pieces on the site.


University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.

Bachelor of Science in journalism, CGPA: 3.72,  March 2012

Certifications and Organizations

Member, Nigerian Society of Freelance Archeologists  and Authors (NSFA)

Other Skills

  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Template 2


Email: | Phone:  | Address:  | Linkedin:

Resume Objective

Professional [industry name] with [# of years] of on-the-job experience. I am interested in contributing my industry experience and related skill-set to [Company Name] as your newest [job title you are applying for]. A capable individual with [relevant talent #1] and [relevant skill #2] who wants to help [Company Name] grow and achieve its business goals today and in the future.

Work Experience

Job title most recently held / start date – end date

Name of the company/city, state

Make a bulleted list of your achievements

Start each bullet with an exciting action verb

Add statistics to whatever bullet points you can to demonstrate your value on the job.

Previous position title/start date – end date

Name of the company/city, state

List significant achievements from a previous job (usually whatever job you had before your most recent appointment)

If you no longer work here, describe your achievements and tasks in the role using past tense verbs.

Background in Education

Degree title / major university / start date – end date

Honors / CGPA

Qualifications and Certifications

Include hard talents and certifications relevant to the position you’re applying for (like languages, computer software, etc.) first

Soft skills should be included (like team player or communication) only if you have enough room.

Interests and Hobbies

Do you have an interest in anything linked to the career you want? Do you have any relevant interests? Put them here.

These final elements show your potential cultural fit, may make you appear more fascinating and may be mentioned during an interview.

Template 3

First name and last name

Address: Phone:  E-mail: Website:


  • Language Quality Evaluation
  • Fundamental pharmaceutical knowledge


  • Medical, life sciences, chemistry & pharmacy
  • Hardware and localization
  • Documentation for clinical drug trials – translation, editing, and compliance. Included in this category are product information pamphlets, study protocols, advertisements, informed consent documents, contracts, posters, and so on
  • Clinical study linguistic debriefing and harmonization projects Includes phone and in-person patient interviews, as well as linguistic findings review
  • Sony, South Korea, manual translation of High Definition (HD) TV and Home Theater equipment
  • Translation of the power station electrical equipment instruction manual for the new Riga TEC in Japan

General Work Experience

2012–2015                                          Freelance medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, IT, and

business translator for numerous translation agencies and clients in the United States, Europe, and Worldwide.

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2010–2012                                          Bambam Translation Group Project Manager, The

Bams Book Trust International, Abuja, Nigeria

2006–2010                                          The Bambam Book Trust International, Abuja, Nigeria

Education Publishing Editor & Proofreader

2006–2006                                          Translation Theory and Practice, Moscow State University,

Moscow, Russia

On request, references are available.

Template 4

First name and last name


Phone number; email address

Objective        To work as a translator (Dutch-English, English-Dutch),

Professional Skills Summary

Graduate-level translation studies knowledge

Junior-level competence with text translation from Dutch to English and English to Dutch Knowledge of and familiarity with electronic translation tools                


20016-2020                 University name, master’s qualification, discipline

2010-2016                    University name, undergraduate  qualification, discipline

Work Experience

2017-present   Name of employer, location

Position: Translator

Responsibilities: Project-based translation and editing work

2016-present   Freelance translator

2009                                        Name of employer, location

Position: Trainee

Responsibilities: Correction and modification of translations from Dutch

to English and English to Dutch.

Related Experience

2016-2019      Portfolio, name of association, location

2008                                        Portfolio, name of association, location


Languages      French: native speaker; English: near native speaker;   Spanish: good;

German: good

Other Skills                 Computer savvy: Windows apps; translation software (Tradux; electronic


Publications:  (list the titles of your publication from the most recent. Also include links to access the articles)


Template 5



Contact information



Eight years of editorial expertise in print and online technical communication.

Oversaw consolidated Messenger’s editorial department, including four personnel who provided editorial coverage to the company’s then-21 writers for more than four years.

  • Professional Experience

Technical Editor, The Guardian, Awka, Anambra state, (month, year)– Present

  • Create and distribute editorial methods to aid the more than 80 writers that describe peer-to-peer services and network techniques in the e-commerce arena.
  • Specify and prototype solutions to improve editing efficiency at work and collaborate directly with writing teams to create customer-focused content.
  • Maintain the editorial schedule and ensure the six editors on my team have enough work.
  • At the weekly editorial board meetings, collaborate across teams to provide information and coordinate new ideas.

Managing Editor, Datawits, (city, state) (month, year)– (month, year)

  • Edited text, oversaw four editors, and gave usability comments for website development projects highlighting the company’s B2B wireless services.

Projects Editor, Embroids, (city, state) (month, year)– (month, year)

  • Researched, authored, and edited information for the department’s website. Conducted usability studies on the site and assisted with debugging as needed.

Freelance Writer, Embroids, (city, state) (month, year)– (month, year)

  • Interviewed scientific experts and authored instructive pieces on current scientific methods and theory as they related to the museum’s aim.
  • Purchased essays were printed in the museum’s quarterly 32-page magazine.

Freelance Editor, Embroids, (city, state) (month, year)– (month, year)

  • Under tight constraints, wrote and edited feature news items and press releases for a daily metropolitan newspaper.


Degree obtained, college name,  location (city, state), year

Degree received, college name,  location (city, state), year

Template 6

Full name

Email address

Phone number

Permanent address


A very skilled artist with a background in traditional fine art. Expert in web design and enjoy bringing the client’s vision to life by building their websites from conception to completion—professional, experienced, and enthusiastic individual driven by her work.


2020- Present, Freelance

  • A web designer on various tiny sites, mainly for local businesses in west London.
  • Selected by TNS Research International to be a member of a ‘Super Group’ — an innovative team of creatives carefully picked for their imagination and creative thinking capabilities.

2018 – 2020, Legit Tech, Senior Designer

  • Created and managed the company’s website, which included communication with management and support employees and engaged in all print and graphic work.
  • Online support for workers includes advice on utilising the web-based Human Resources Management System and training others to provide support.
  • Created the visual layout for a new web-based diary application.
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 2017 –  2018, Larfarge, Artistic Designer 

  • Researched and created the organization’s brand in photographic image modification and print presentations, email marketing campaigns, and all facets of promotion.
  • Created and developed the e-commerce website utilizing the 1&1 Eshop software, fixing issues, collecting customer feedback, tracking orders, arranging stock management, and optimizing search engine results (SEO).
  • Planned and carried out a display at Erotica, London Olympia, where over £1,500 in merchandise was sold to the general public.


1999 – 2000    Name of university

Qualification, Honors


1999 – 2000    Name of university

Qualification, Honors



Fascinated by all areas of art and design and enjoy going to galleries and seeing exhibitions. I look forward to travelling and combining these two passions in landscape painting trips abroad.

Template 7

Rodri Lotanna Hogan

411 Bradford St. Gwarimpa, Abuja, MI 49503 | | 07035867321


Name of university, location

Qualification, discipline, major


Name of university, location

Qualification, discipline, major



Adjunct Instructor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, May 2015-present

GE 101, Inquiry and Expression: A first-year writing course to assist students in developing writing and research abilities for college and beyond.

  • Discussed learning strategies for the twenty-first century.
  • Encouraged students to participate in reading and writing activities such as collaboration, discussion, and reflection.
  • Made intellectual resources available to first-year college students.
  • Developed collegiate writing abilities such as organization, details, argumentation, research, clarity, and focus.
  • Made use of metacognition to help pupils comprehend how to bridge oral and written analysis of concepts.

Teaching Fellow, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, March 2010-May 2015

English Composition I (ENGL 1101),  an essay-based course for first-year students.

English Composition II (ENGL 1102), a literature-based subject for first-year students.

  • Honed good collegiate writing skills such as organization, information, argument, source use, clarity, and concentration
  • Evaluated critical thinking through student papers; provided an environment for the development of research skills, critical thinking, and analysis
  • Incorporated literature that students may be unfamiliar with in order to broaden students’ global viewpoint
  • Prepared and constructed, including scheduling, reading, and homework assignments.
  • Introduced to creative writing discussion of creative craft in poetry, prose, and theater with students
  • Helped students establish their own writing techniques/aesthetic

Professional Development 

  • Title of the conference, date(month, year), the title of presentation
  • Title of research course, date(month, year), sponsor, course description
  • Title of the festival, date(month, year), description of the festival

Writing Experience


Title of publication, channel published, date(month, year)



Category of the award, year

Title of award entry

Editing experience

Freelance Editor, Eleganza, May 2014-present

  • Read and edit college admission essays for Marlboro, New Jersey kids, looking for macro-and micro-level changes.

Volunteer Work

Job title, organization, duration


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When producing or using a freelancer resume, never add any unnecessary employment details that could jeopardize your job application; instead, check online for unique forms such as parse resumes that can increase your chances of being hired.

Also, do not create your resume in many layouts and font styles since this will make your document appear amateurish when reviewed by an employer. Never include any job-related initiatives in your resume that you are not involved with, as this can reflect poorly on your integrity as a freelancer.