100 Sample Letter of Introduction Template – How To Write A Good LOI

A letter of introduction is a type of correspondence used to introduce someone you know to someone you don’t know. Professional relationships can be built through introduction letters, which can lead to job opportunities, business growth, and collaboration. Some student part-time job opportunity or admission process can also request for letters of introduction from referees or sponsors during job application or admission application. You could also write an introduction letter for yourself instead of introducing someone else in the hopes of getting a job or a placement in an organization. Here are a few examples of student introductory letters.

100 Sample Letter of Introduction Template - How To Write A Good LOI 1

Samples of Good Letter of Introduction

Sample 1

Dear Sir,

I am writing to introduce you to Agnes Nolan, with whom I have had the pleasure of working at the Axis Music Group. I’m the group’s Technical Director, and I’ve collaborated with Agnes on a number of musical concerts and rendition projects. With over ten years of experience, she is an excellent stage manager.

Agnes is very committed to any course she is enrolled in, and she completes the tasks assigned to her with zeal. She is also very creative and organized. I am confident that you will enjoy working with her because these qualities will aid her in completing assignments, research articles, and reviews on time. I would appreciate any scholarship recommendations you could make for her as well as any assistance you can provide.

I have attached her resume as well as a video clip of her hard work ethic for your consideration. For more information on Agnes, please contact me at +213 708 8447 922.


John Doe

Sample 2

Dear Sir

I would like to introduce Ms. Victoria Adi, who is applying to Royal Stallion Senior Secondary School for enrollment in class 1. Victoria has been a member of St Ann’s catholic church street way in Dublin where I have been a Parish Priest for the past five years. Victoria and her family are regulars at St Ann’s parish, where they attend mass and other church activities. Victoria is a respectful young lady. She treats everyone with great respect, whether they are younger or older than she is. As a result, she has gained a great deal of respect among the parishioners of St. Ann.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, she is also very humble. She exemplifies this quality by respecting people’s social classes and associating with people from all walks of life.

Victoria’s intelligence and leadership abilities are two qualities I am confident you will admire. She is the leader of the two parish groups to which she belongs. The lector and the choir are among them. For the past two years, she has been able to successfully apply her intelligence to leading these groups. She also has a natural talent for resolving conflicts, as evidenced by the ease with which she resolves disagreements among group members.

Victoria has a strong command of the English language, both written and spoken. This ability, combined with her strong leadership abilities, has enabled her to continue to lead our parish’s board of lectors.

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Victoria has a good moral character and follows the rules, and I have no doubt that if she is admitted to Royal Stallion Senior Secondary School, she will do the same.

Please contact me at if you require any additional information or details about Victoria that will assist her in being accepted into your prestigious school.



Fr, John Rose

Parish Priest

St Ann’s Catholic Church, Dublin


Sample 3

Dear Madame,

I would like to introduce Douglas Ameh, who is applying for admission to the department of political science at  St Paul’s University.

Douglas Ameh is a Delta state native from Idaho village in Oha town, Agako local government. He is a member of a local government in which I am the chairman. I have known him for nineteen years, starting when he was born, because his father is a close friend and former classmate of mine.

Douglas has matured into a bright, obedient young man with a keen interest in community development. He is someone who is very passionate about the community in which he lives and participates in activities that will ensure the community’s long-term development.

He has already been involved in a lot of community development service at Agako local government at such a young age, and this has endeared him not only to his peers but also to those older than him.

Douglas is interested in politics and is a member of a political party in his ward. Every conversation with him revolves around how he hopes to change politics and ensure transparency and accountability of public funds when the time comes for him to run for office. I am confident that he has applied for admission to your prestigious university’s political science program in order to obtain the formal education necessary to realize his dreams and ambitions.

I have no doubt that Douglas will follow your university’s code of conduct while a student. I’m also confident that he will uphold the university’s values while serving as a good scholarly and social role model for other students.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need more information on Douglas Ameh.


John Ogehenekaro,

Chairman, Agako Local Government Area


Sample 4

Dear Madame,

I am pleased to introduce Samuel Doe, who has applied to your prestigious university to pursue a doctorate degree in data journalism.

Samuel holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Edingburg University in Scotland.

Samuel’s dedication to work and pursuit of excellence in his chosen field of research and data analysis is both impressive and inspiring. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Samuel to build Data Journalism and Open Data practice in Nigeria, and his dedication to work and pursuit of excellence in his chosen field of research and data analysis is both impressive and inspiring. Mr Doe has a high level of dynamism that allows him to excel at a variety of tasks, and he is always looking for new ways to improve his research, data collection, and management.

Samuel is a leader with a unique ability to build networks, form coalitions, and lead a team toward a common goal. He is deliberate in passing on knowledge, and he has used this ability to turn around the organization’s training unit by designing, developing, coordinating, and delivering training programs. Over 500 journalists and other change agents have been trained on how to use data as a research and advocacy tool to demand transparency and accountability from the supply side of democracy in the two years he has led the Training team.

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Samuel Doe is a committed, honest, humble, dependable, resourceful, trustworthy, innovative, and kind individual. He is determined and has excellent time management skills, a natural aptitude for problem-solving and a strong desire to learn. I am confident in his ability to succeed as a doctoral student.

I believe that Samuel’s knowledge of outcome-based research skills will have a multiplier effect on him and his work, shaping his project design with impact-driven strategy and policy programming, as he pursues a PhD.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you in making your decision.




Sample 5

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the Electronic Engineering Department to introduce you to Ms. FavourWill, who we would  like to represent our department and the University of Toronto in the inter-university exchange program.

Ms Favour is a final-year student in the department and one of our brightest students among the students we expect to graduate next year. She has maintained a GPA of 4.90 since her freshman year and is on the verge of breaking a more than 50-year-old record of a student graduating with a first class and a GPA of 4.90 out of 5.00.

Ms. Will’s research will focus on Australia’s Energy Transition Plan as well as climate change. Her study of Australia’s Energy Transition Plan and commitment to climate change comes at a critical time, following the election of a new president who is committed to green energy and reducing the country’s overreliance on fossil fuels for energy and revenue generation.

Ms. Will will require your assistance in locating pertinent documents, reports, people, and media content related to her research topic of climate change, green growth, and energy transition. She also wants to conduct interviews with relevant organizations and representatives.

I understand that requests for research interviews, particularly on this topic, are often met with skepticism. However, I want to reassure you that Will’s research does not contain any sensitive information or potential conflicts of interest that could harm you or your company. The University’s institutional support for the researcher (here copied), and all information given out will be treated with anonymity and utmost confidentiality.

During and after the interviews, as well as throughout the research process, she will discuss other relevant data protection issues with you.

You can count on Will’s commitment to complete other tasks that will help to promote the exchange program’s value, in addition to her university-approved research.

Please contact me via email if you’d like to discuss this further.

Thank you,

Prof. John Long

Head of Department

Department of Electronic Engineering

Toronto State University


Sample 6

Dear Sir,

I am delighted to introduce Donald Craig, who is applying for the MasterCard Foundation Young Impact Associate Program.

Donald Craig is one of my graduate students at the University of Oxford’s Department of Economics. On a scale of 1 to 5, he has a CGPA of 4.67, placing him in the top 1% of his class.

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Donald is a dedicated, humble, and trustworthy individual. He is physically, mentally, and emotionally stable and has good morale.

He possesses a wide range of abilities, but his research and analytical skills stand out for me, and I am confident that they will benefit your program. He is a smart researcher and data analyst who is passionate about using research tools to promote social, economic inclusion and environmental change.

Since I have known Donald for two years, he has demonstrated that he is a great project planner as well. He is meticulous, ensuring that each phase of the project is aligned with the project goal, and he can plan for and implement changes throughout the project’s life cycle.

I encouraged him to join the Young Impact Associates Program as part of his one-year mandatory internship when he told me about his plans. I am confident he will be a valuable addition to the network of impact-driven evaluators you are building.

If you require additional information about Donald, please contact me at [add your email address]

Thank you.


Prof. Pulis Snow

Department of Economics

University of Oxford

Sample 7

Dear Sir,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you. Ruth Obama is my name, and I was born and raised in the United States of America.

I am a 400-level electrical and electronic engineering student at Michigan State University in the United States. I am a Digital Electronics and Computer Science major.

My greatest strength is my eagerness to take on new challenges. My short-term goal is to work as an intern for a company where I can gain practical experience with the theoretical skills I’ve learned so far. My long-term ambition is to work for a company where I can contribute to the development of digital systems that complement human efforts in the delivery of security and health services for human consumption.

To accomplish these objectives, I have developed a sufficient skill set in machine learning, Python programming, agile project development, and digital system design.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball and football. I’m a decent football player who also serves as captain of my department and school team. Hiking is also enjoyable to me because it allows me to engage in retrospective thinking and the development of new project ideas.

I hope my qualifications match the intern profile your organization is looking for.

I am looking forward to discussing my motivation and aspirations with you in greater detail, as well as how I intend to contribute to the growth of your organization during my 6-month internship with you.

This isn’t the only method for composing a motivation letter. There are other points of view and strategies that are effective. However, you will need a method to assist you in writing a good letter of introduction. That is what we are aiming for here. Goodluck and please keep us updated on your progress.