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NYSC Allowance Per State (2024) – See How Much States Pay Youth Corpers

The National Youth Service Corps is a program through which students who have recently graduated are posted to different locations within the country to serve; particularly in government establishments, and also in private enterprises. The students are mostly sent to places where they can have a direct impact on the people; where the local people can benefit from their expertise and the exposure that comes with their education.

The federal Government of Nigeria through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) pays the sum of 33,000 monthly stipend to graduates under the one year mandatory program. In this piece, we shall look at the NYSC allowance for each state in Nigeria. Aside the federal government allowance which stands at N33,000, corps members also receive “state allowance” from the state government they are serving. An important factor which determines people’s choice of state for NYSC is the allowance, because no one would like to serve where they receive no payment.

NYSC Allowance Per State ([year]) - See How Much States Pay Youth Corpers 1


The Federal government of Nigeria through NYSC, pays the sum of thirty-three thousand naira (N33,000) monthly to every serving youth corps member, aside that there are other compensation such as state allowance, place of primary assignment (PPA) allowance and lots more.


Yes, its very important, the N33,000 federal government pays the Sum of corpers is not sufficient to sustain them through the month regarding how inflation is on the rise, many corpers are usually stranded without food and money in the middle of the month, so paying them state allowance will go a long way in supporting and encouraging them


There is no specific amount for state allowance, payment per state varies, while some pay stipends in addition to the 33,000 naira NYSC allowance, some don’t youth Corpers at all.


Below is the list of states in Nigeria and how they pay corps members

  1. ANAMBRA pays the monthly Sum of  N 8,000 to those in town and N8,500 to those in rural areas
  2. JIGAWA pays the Sum of  N5,000 ( 15,000 for the first 3 months and 10,000 every 2 months)
  3. NASARAWA pays the Sum of  N 5,000 monthly.
  4. EBONYI pays the Sum of  N9,750, but they stopped paying
  5. IMO pays the monthly Sum of  00
  6. EDO pays the monthly Sum of  N 0.00
  7. AKWA IBOM pays the Sum of  N 5,000 monthly
  8. KANO pays the monthly Sum of   00
  9. OYO pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  10. ABIA pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  11. NIGER pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  12. RIVERS pays the monthly Sum of  N15,000 ; currently the highest paying state
  13. BENUE pays the Sum of monthly 00
  14. PLATEAU pays the monthly Sum of  00
  15. ENUGU pays the monthly Sum of  45 to those serving in towns and N3984 to those serving in rural areas
  16. SOKOTO pays the monthly Sum of  N45,000(accumulation of all months)
  17. EKITI pays the monthly Sum of  00
  18. OSUN pays the Sum of  N5,000 monthly
  19. BAYELSA pays the monthly Sum of  N6,000 to those serving within the state capital and N8,000 to those serving outside the capital and N10,000 to those serving across the water
  20. TARABA pays the monthly Sum of  N6,000
  21. ONDO pays the monthly Sum of 00
  22. OGUN pays the monthly Sum of  00
  23. BORNO pays the monthly Sum of  N10,000
  24. DELTA pays the monthly Sum of  N5,000
  25. GOMBE pays the monthly Sum of  00
  26. LAGOS pays the monthly Sum of  N15,000 to those under education and N10,000 to those under ministries
  27. KADUNA pays the monthly Sum of  00
  28. ZAMFARA pays the monthly Sum of  N5,000
  29. CROSS- RIVER pays the monthly Sum of  00
  30. KWARA pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  31. FCT ABUJA pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  32. KOGI pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  33. KATSINA pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  34. YOBE pays the Sum of  00 monthly
  35. KEBBI pays the Sum of  N2,000 monthly
  36. ADAMAWA pays the Sum of  N5,000 monthly
  37. BAUCHI pays the Sum of  00 monthly
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Where Should I Serve?

The choice of location of service for the NYSC scheme is not up to the corps member to decide for himself. While it is understandable that students may want to choose where to serve because of higher allowances; you must remember that certain metrics are used to decide where each person is sent. A student who has lived all his life in the Eastern part of the country will most likely be sent to serve in the northern part of the country; while a student from the South Western part of the Country may be sent to the Middle Belt, or the North central part of the country.

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If for any reason a student has an opportunity to decide where to serve he must make sure that he does not make that decision solely out of consideration of where he can make the most money. The NYSC scheme presents an opportunity to experience a different part of Nigeria; and the culture therein, so that you can better appreciate the country, and cultural diversity.

Please do not forget that many students have benefitted immensely from the NYSC scheme; they have been able to learn cultures, languages, skills and ideas that have helped them in life. Some students have fallen in love with their call up locations, and have decided to remain in those areas after the conclusion of their service years.

Ideas learned during NYSC will stay with you for the rest of your life. Some students have gone on to establish businesses, and other commercial ventures from some things they have picked up during their NYSC program. Remember the old saying; travelling is part of learning.

Why Should I Not Go To The Highest Paying Location

Please keep in mind that the purpose of the NYSC scheme is not to make money; but to imbibe in the corps members the spirit of service to the nation. The amounts quoted should therefore not be treated as payment; but rather as a compensation to enable them meet their needs during the period of their youth service.

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What Precautions Should I Take During NYSC

Due to the current state of things in Nigeria currently, the major point concern should be your safety. It is important to pay careful attention to how you travel to your call up location; air travel is the preferred method of travel to some areas. When you arrive at your location of service you must ensure to report to the NYSC location as soon as you arrive.

Please ensure that you stay within the allotted areas. Some states provide lodging for corpers serving within their states; where that is not available, they will at least be able to advice on which areas are safer, or relatively crime free.

Sometimes it is advisable to put on your NYSC uniform, especially when traveling to some locations. This will help you not to stand out, but rather blend in with the crowd. We say this because sometimes, corps members have been known to be targets of kidnapping; especially in the Northern part of the country where the level of insecurity is high.

Regardless of where you are sent to serve; please ensure that you abstain from moving about at night. This is mostly because you are new to the area, and you do not need to run into trouble with the locals, or with security outfits who may be protecting the area.

Please do not engage in alcohol or substance abuse; this could cause you to behave in a manner that can bring disrepute to the Corps. Sometimes, people who engage in alcohol or substance abuse can be involved in accidents or can find themselves in all kinds of trouble.

Please abstain from joining bad gangs or groups; such people can be quite subtle in their approach to getting innocent and otherwise gifted people to join their evil groups. Remember that the NYSC camp is full of new graduates, which means one must be just as careful as when one was in the University Campus.

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