WAEC Syllabus for Yoruba Language – PDF File 2023/2024 Session

Yoruba language as an optional subject for students in Art, commercial and Science classes in Junior and Senior secondary schools in Nigeria. To pass Yoruba language in your WAEC you need to be aware of the approved WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language for 2021 which is the current academic session and work alongside the information provided in the syllabus.

The Yoruba language syllabus for WAEC is simply a guide on how to approach the examination, what to expect in the examination and how the examination will be set so students are not caught unaware. Back in the days most especially in the early and late 90s when internet was a big deal, WAEC candidates could not place their hands WAEC syllabuses for Arts, Commercial or Science inclined subjects but now the internet has been flooded with such useful material for students to download at their comfort zones.

The current 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language as a subject is largely required by students in SSS (Senior Secondary Schools) since they are preparing for their West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) however, this is not to rule out the fact that it cannot be used even before the exams, in fact having it on ground months before the examination is at the candidate’s advantage. It would guide you in your reading pattern and know where to focus your strength based on the topics and sub topics with the highest marks and lastly it would give you a list of suggested reading text books for Yoruba language and their Authors.

Based on our online and offline findings, we were able to draw a conclusion that 70% of potential WAEC candidates have been searching for the 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Yoruba language. In order to wet your appetites I took went extra miles in making this material available online for free in PDF Format, that is candidates can now download for free the WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language as a subject for free without any extra cost.

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WAEC Syllabus for Yoruba Language - PDF File 2023/2024 Session 1

We have already made available on our blog the 2021 WAEC syllabus for Igbo and Hausa language, they are all available for free in PDF format and it is most beneficial for science students. We are on the verge of making the WAEC syllabus for all subjects available but we shall be breaking them down in a systematic order for ease of understanding for candidates.

For the sake of this post, we will be providing the 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language but let us make it clear to you that we have the WAEC syllabus for the following subjects;

  1. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Igbo language
  2. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Hausa language
  3. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Ibibio
  4. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English
  5. WAEC 2021 Syllabus for Yoruba language
  6. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Financial Accounting
  7. WAEC Syllabus for Biology for 2021 session
  8. WAEC syllabus for all Science subjects
  9. 2021 WAEC Syllabus for all Art Subjects
  10. WAEC Syllabus for all Commercial Subjects

WAEC Syllabus For Yoruba language 2023/2024 Session

Having the 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language at your beck and call alongside dedication to your studies, candidates are sure of being successful in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. For the sake of this post as said at the beginning of this write up, we will be making available for candidates, the approved 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language below, we will give a summary of what the 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language contains before providing a free PDF document download link containing details of what to expect in the coming examination.


This examination syllabus is based entirely on the Yoruba curriculum.


The syllabus is designed to:

  • Enable candidates speak, read and write competently in Yoruba and communicate effectively with other speakers of the language;
  • Familiarize candidates with the sound system, grammatical structures and other features of Yoruba Language;
  • Acquaint candidates with the necessary tools needed for a thorough appreciation of Yoruba speech usage, literature and culture (customs and institutions).
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The examination will consist of two papers, Papers 1 and 2. It will test the following aspects of Yoruba Language: comprehension, composition, sound system, grammar and translation. It will also test selected texts of oral and written literature as well as Basic Principles of Literary Appreciation, Customs and Institutions. The rubrics shall be written in Yoruba.

PAPER 1 shall contain 60 multiple-choice objective questions on Language, Literature and Culture. The paper shall have three sections, Section A, B and C. Candidates will be required to answer all the questions in 1 hour for 60 marks. The questions shall be distributed as follows:


Comprehension (2 short passages) –  10 items

Composition                                     –  4 items

Sound System                                    – 6 items

Grammar                                            – 6 items

Translation                                          – 4 items

30 items


Basic Principles of Literary Appreciation    –   4 items

Oral Literature          –   Prose  –  3

–           Poetry –  3      –      9 items

–           Drama –  3

Written Literature    –        Prose  –  3

–           Poetry –  3      –     9 items

–           Drama –  3            22 items

Section C: CULTURE

Customs        –   4 items

Institutions     –   4 items

8 items

Total   = (30 + 22 + 8) = 60 items


The content for Paper 1 shall be the same as for Paper 2

In Section B, all questions other than those on Basic Principles of Literary Appreciation will be on the set books for Paper 2.

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PAPER 2:      Shall be essay type questions on language, literature and culture. It will also have three sections, Sections A, B and C, have 2 hour duration and carry 100 marks.

Candidates will be required to answer six questions in all: three questions from Section A; two questions from Section B and one question from Section C. They will also be required to answer all the questions in Yoruba using the official Yoruba orthography and metalanguage.

The paper shall carry 60 marks.

See below, the PDF file of 2021 WAEC Syllabus for Yoruba language, you can download for free and share the link and documents with candidates that it would be beneficial to.


When you enter the above link, a preamble of the syllabus is the first information before you will see the aims and objective of the 2021 WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language, furthermore, a detailed marking scheme and marks allotted to various topics have also been described in the syllabus.

Lastly, the WAEC recommended text books for Yoruba language is also made available, this helps candidates focus and align with what is expected of them in the examination which in-turn makes marking easier for WAEC representatives.

We hope the above has been helpful so far? hence, you are satisfied with the information. Questions are however entertained here so if you have questions as regards the WAEC 2021 Syllabus for Yoruba language, kindly get through to us through the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly. Please all WAEC candidates in Art and Commercial classes should treat the above utmost seriousness as it is the approved WAEC syllabus for Yoruba language for 2023/2024 academic session.

Best of luck to all students.

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