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Untouchable Comedy Biography, Age, State and Net Worth (2023)

There are literally hundreds of comedians in the Nigerian entertainment space, but non seems to be rising more quickly than Untouchable Comedy, yes! that is his name. This young man has taken the comedy industry by storm with his different, bold, and sometimes scary approach to comedy. He is presently one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria; with viral videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

His comedies often go along with audience participation although the audience mostly does not know it is a prank. Untouchable Comedy has been known to start fights between friends and lovers, bring tears to people, and frighten people to the point of running away. He does it so well that people eagerly anticipate his next video because they want to know what prank he will do next.

In this post we want to find out all we can about him, his background, how he came to find himself doing comedy, and what led to his peculiar brand of entertainment.

Untouchable Comedy Biography, Age, State and Net Worth ([year]) 1

Untouchable Comedy AKA Chibuike Ugwu

Untouchable Comedy Biodata

Stage Name: Untouchable Comedy

Real Name: Chibuike Gabriel

Date Of Birth: July 5, 1995

Place of Birth: Enugu State

State of Origin: Enugu State

Profession: Comedian

Nationality: Nigerian

Comedian Untouchable Biography

Untouchable Comedy as he is known, is a Nigerian comic actor who is known for his pranks and comedies which are very popular in the country and beyond. He is the one who usually goes about making pranks involving young people, sometimes causing them to fight, but all the while bringing laughter and happiness to his numerous fans.

With over 1.5 million followers on Facebook, and also growing very fast on Instagram, one can see that he has already established a huge fan-base, and that his brand is already quite strong.

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Untouchable Comedy is now one of the most sought after internet personalities in the country; his comedy and audience have given him the platform to do brand endorsements for which he is well paid.

Early Life

Untouchable Comedy was born Chibuike Gabriel Ugwu on July 5, 1995, in Enugu State, Nigeria. His state of birth is also his state of origin; he has lied all his life in the eastern part of Nigeria. He attended both primary and secondary schools in Enugu State, and then studied at an unspecified university in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ugwu. Not much is known about his family aside from the fact that they reside in Enugu State, and that he has siblings.

According to an online source Untouchable already knew what he wanted to do with his life even when he was in school; he started his comedy production while in university. As fate would have it, it was not an instant success; he struggled to make any impact for the first few years of working as a comedian.

Nevertheless, with the determination that is often found in people who have no doubt about their own potential, he persevered, and continued to make those short videos, until the general public started to take notice of him.

Career Progression

The comedy sector was already quite robust before he came on board, so it took some time to build a niche for himself. He did that by sometimes dressing up as a native doctor. While his pranks are funny and relatable; they also have some moral lessons to pass to the audience.

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He sometimes test lover’s loyalty to one another, and most times they fail his tests woefully. For one thing, his comedies teach people to be truthful and sincere with those whom they profess to love.

Another important part of his videos is the generosity for which he has become known. He is naturally a compassionate person; he sometimes asks people (girls especially) to do some silly things such as removing some items of their clothing. He then proceeds to ask them a little about themselves, and why they are desperate to do such things for money.

Thereafter, he proceeds to give them some money to help them out. In one case he rented an apartment for a girl who was staying in less than idea; conditions with her mother. He even went on to bring the girl into his production crew such that she is now able to earn a decent living and take care of her mother.

The Journey So Far

Untouchable Comedy has already come so far in the comedy business; he has garnered over 1.5 million fans on his Facebook, and another 50 thousand on Instagram. He also has fans on tiktok and YouTube which also go so far to boost his popularity. His work is compassionate and appealing; which is why many of the videos are shared from person to person via their phones.

Untouchable Comedies also has also received endorsement deals from big brands such as 1XBet, and other brands, to drive publicity to their brands and products.

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Untouchable Comedy Net Worth (2023)

Untouchable comedy is estimated to have a net worth of about $300,000. The money comes from his work as a comedian, and the social media accounts he maintains pay him by featuring advertisements on his videos.

He also makes a considerable amount of money from the endorsement deals he does with big brands such as the one he recently did with 1XBet; an international sports betting website.

Date Of Birth

Untouchable Comedy was born on July 5, 1995, which makes him 28 years as at the time of writing this post. However, one can notice that he looks quite big; being somewhat tall and heavily built. Some would be led to doubt his age, but all indications show that he is actually a 28 years old.

Real Name

Comedian Untouchable’s real name is Chibuike Gabriel Ugwu. This is evident because his parents name is Mr. and Mrs. Ugwu; while we know that his name is Chibuike Gabriel.

Comedian Untouchable State of Origin

Comedian Untouchable comes from Enugu State; which is also his state of birth. He has lived there ever since.

Untouchable Comedy has been called the king of pranks; his comedy videos are mostly about meeting members of the public and asking them to test the loyalty of their lovers, or tempting them with money to do something silly. He has become very popular; with millions of followers on social media.

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