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Mr. Sabinus Biography, Real Name, State Of Origin, Cars and Net Worth 2024

Mr Sabinus, also called Oga Sabinus or Investor Sabinus, or even Mumu Man is a popular skit maker and comedian in Nigeria. He is best known for the greeting “How Family?” and the phrase “Something Hooge.” His comedy persona is that of an overconfident but incompetent person who makes his audience laugh with a series of epic fails.

Most of his work short clips which make equal use of voice and visual content. His videos are widely circulated via mobile to mobile sharing, via Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook, and also on YouTube. Mr. Sabinus is one of the most recognized faces among the younger generation because he is genuinely funny.

Having hidden behind the comedic persona; the public is not in the know about Mr. Sabinus and the personal details of the person behind that comedic mask. In this post we will touch all the facts surrounding him as a person.

Mr. Sabinus Biography, Real Name, State Of Origin, Cars and Net Worth [year] 1

Mr. Sabinus

Mr. Sabinus Biography

Real Name: Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu

Date Of Birth: 30th January, 1995

State of Origin: Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Career Path: Content Creator/ Skit Maker

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, popularly known as Mr Sabinus, Oga Sabinus, Mr Funny or Investor Sabinus is a Nigerian popular skit maker and comedian. He was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in Southern Nigeria on 30th January, 1995. Mr Sabinus attended both his primary and secondary schools in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and then proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt to study Linguistics and Communication Studies.

Emmanuel Ejekwu discovered his talent as a comedian at a young age. He used to tell jokes and make people laugh both in secondary school and at home; this made him quite popular among his peers. He started to branch out into stand up at around 2015 when he launched his career as a comedian.

He did Stand Up comedy in University, during his school’s Student Union Week, and the reception he got from his fellow students convinced him that he has sufficient talent to make a career out of comedy.

Oga Sabinus then started making comedy videos and posting them on his social media pages such as on youtube and instagram. It was on instagram that he started having traction, popular people started seeing his posts and liking them. These likes brought more attention and before long his comedy began to be shared among people both online and offline.

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Mr Sabinus’ comedy is akin to Mr Ibu; a veteran actor and comedian who is known to include facial expressions, voice and visual content in his comedy. Sabinus’ genres can be identified as Everyday Life, Insult Comedy, and Satire. He makes people laugh by feigning stupidity or incompetence despite walking boldly as if to show bravado or overconfidence.

Oga Sabinus Real Name

Mr. Sabinus Real Name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, although he is better known with any of his comedic monikers such as Mr Sabinus, Oga Sabinus, Investor Sabinus, or Mumu Man. However, it appears that the name Mr Funny is his moniker of choice; it may have been the one he started with during his early days in comedy.

Mr. Sabinus State of Origin

Mr. Sabinus was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria; he is from the Igbo Tribe of Southern Nigeria.

Mr. Sabinus Cars

There is a viral picture of Mr. Sabinus posing in front of a black Mercedes Benz 4 Matic Jeep. The car has no plate numbers; indicating that it is brand new and probably costs a lot of money.

Mr Sabinus also known as Mr. Funny on his IG also has a Mercedes Benz GLE 450 4 Matic Coupe, which is a Sedan. This car is also coloured black; it is possible that this is the comedian’s favoured car colour.

Oga Sabinus Net Worth

Oga Sabinus’s Net Worth is a lot more speculative than other celebrities because there are wild and widely varying estimates in the public domain about how much this vastly talented individual truly is. Nevertheless, we can come to an agreement of a modest estimate of about N200 Million.

The money comes from his comedy videos which are very popular on both Instagram and YouTube and which attract a very high number of views and engagements. These in turn allow him to make a lot of money from adverts which are of course shared with the social media companies.

Oga Sabinus also makes money from shows most of which he holds from city to city in Southern Nigeria. However, his comedy has gone global; as marked by his successfully holding a show at the Light House Event Center in London on the 22 of September 2022.

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He is also making a lot of money from acting in Nollywood movies although he is as yet very fresh in that career path. Mr. Sabinus also made a lot of money from the Dangote Cement endorsement deal he bagged; it was rumored to be worth 100 million naira.

Mr. Sabinus Biography, Real Name, State Of Origin, Cars and Net Worth [year] 2

Oga Sabinus, his car and house he bought for his parents

Investor Sabinus Career Growth

Investor Sabinus is still the same person. The name only came about after Mr. Sabinus had attained some fame and success. He went on to become an actor, featuring in several Nollywood films, most notable among them being ‘Billionaire’s Bride’, and ‘Man of War.’

That changed Sabinus from just an obscure face making 3 minute comedy videos, to a real actor; one capable of making people laugh for hours. Combining his production skills with his new found acceptance in the movie industry could set Investor Sabinus up for more glory in the future; he has all it takes to have a successful film production house.

Investor Sabinus has also hosted and participated in Stand Up comedy shows all over Nigeria. He is one of the most popular and most consistent comedians that the country has seen in recent times. To show that his brand is well received abroad; he held his first London show at the light house event center on the 30th of September 2022.

Mr Sabinus Awards And Recognition

Mr Sabinus has received several awards and accolades for his work as a content maker and comedian. He received the DENSA awards for The Creative Social Media in 2021, and he also won the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for the Best Online Social Content Creator for the year 2022.

Perhaps the biggest award so far has been the love and admiration of the people. Mr Sabinus is extremely popular among the Nigerian communities within and outside the country. His comedy is in fact global; especially as it is promoted online through Social Media.

Mr Sabinus Endorsements

Mr. Sabinus has received several endorsements from brands engaged in diverse niches of business. Mr Sabinus has recently signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Dangote Group. He has also has endorsements with Fearless Energy Drink, Oddstakr, and many other companies in the country.

In January 2023, Mr. Funny, the popular comic act was unveiled as the Brand ambassador for Accessbet which is one of the top betting bonus sites according to giant online betting affiliate, Betting Bonus Nigeria where he raked in over 50million naira in the endorsement deal.

Mr. Sabinus Biography, Real Name, State Of Origin, Cars and Net Worth [year] 3

One of his endorsement deals

Mr. Sabi The Legal Fighter

He has had to be a legal fighter to as to avoid bug money trampling on his intellectual and image rights; Oga Sabinus has fought several legal battles, and is still fighting. For example: Peak Milk used the trademarked slogan ‘Something Hooge’ for the promotion of their product on instagram on the 24th of May 2022.

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That constituted an affront to Mr Sabinus, and prompted legal action.

Another Example was UAC Foods which made an animated image of Mr Sabinus, and used same for the promotion of their product Gala Sausage Rolls without the consent and authorization of the man. Said promo was done on instagram on the 23rd of May 2022.

Mr Sabinus sued both companies for a combined 1.1 billion naira. He has properly documented his intellectual properties with the relevant authorities, meaning that he is quite prepared for any infringements, even though his legal counsel will cite emotional, mental and psychological trauma when demanding compensation.

Oga Sabinus Personal Life

Investor Sabinus is as yet unmarried; he is known to be an introvert, living quietly, while trying to stay out of the public eye. Investor Sabinus still lives in Port Harcourt where he was born and raised, obviously because he likes the environment, and also because Port Harcourt is very conducive to Skit Making.

Mr Sabinus parents and siblings all live in Port Harcourt, and feelers indicate that the Ejekwu family is quite close. A source says that he has maintained cordial relationships with his family and friends, and that his production crew includes one of his brothers.

Investor Sabinus, also known as Mumu Man, or Mr Sabinus, or Mr Funny is one of the most hilarious comedians in Nigeria at the moment. He is a recipient of several awards and accolades, and has distinguished himself both locally and internationally. He has done endorsement work for several top brands in the country, and has featured in a number of Hollywood movies.

Investor Sabinus is worth around N200 million; and if that figure is alarming, then consider the fact that he could be worth up to 1.1 billion naira if the court grants him his demands on the copyrights infringement cases he has filed.