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Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) 2023

Without doubt, Nigeria has more than 90 universities that are either privately owned or government (state and Federal) owned. Truth be told, many of these universities have befitting structures that gives them the bragging rights on this list. Nevertheless, we though it necessary to establish a standard for ranking the list of top 10 universities in Nigeria with the most beautiful or better put, finest campuses.

These standards are globally acceptable for ranking the beauty of an educational institution anywhere in the world, that is not to give it immunity from being questioned.

One confusion we need to clear here is the general idea of people, students most especially, attributing the beauty of a university to its academic versatility and performances, please note that being the most beautiful university does not in any way make it the best university in Nigeria as these are two different comparisons.

We do not intend to make this a controversial list as we know many would out of sentiments for their Alma mater dispute this compilation, it is expected because you are entitled to your opinion, however, we based our list on the following criteria;

Criteria For Ranking The Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria

  1. The main gate and drive-bys
  2. The serenity attributed to the school and its environs.
  3. The topographical nature of the campus and how it blends with the structures
  4. The current status of Lecture halls and the facilities attached to them.
  5. The availability of state of the art facilities present
  6. Hostel Accommodation halls
  7. Night view of the school environment amongst others.

Compiling this list has not come easy, aside doing our internal ground works, we also physically visited some these universities, conducted online polls and physically reached out to students to snap and send us pictures and videos of the structural and topographical nature of these school.

This list has no barrier, the most beautiful universities here includes both private and public universities. Polytechnics are not included here as we are already compiling the list of most beautiful polytechnics in Nigeria on another post.

After many visitations, online search and polls, we have been able to rank these universities based on the factors listed above so sitback, relax and glue your eyes to your device as we bring to you, the comprehensive list of the top ten (10) most beautiful universities in Nigeria from the least (10th position) to the number one (1) spot.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria With The Finest Campuses 2023

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 1

Landmark University Senate Building

  1. Landmark University (LMU)

LMU is a privately owned university in Nigeria that made this list. It is own by Pastor David Oyedepo. Landmark University is located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State. This is the second university owned by the church after Covenant University established in 2011. The major purpose that led to the establishment of the university was emphasized by Pastor David Oyedepo, the chancellor of the institution, he opined that the university unlike other schools will be known for breaking new grounds in the educational sector.

Upon visiting this school, the ambient and welcoming atmosphere, the structures and other factors is the reason, Landmark University made it to our list of top 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria despite being new when compared to other universities in Nigeria.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 2

Gombe State University

  1. Gombe State University (GOMSU)

There is no doubt that this university deserves accolades for making its way among the most beautiful universities in Nigeria. This is not a federal university, but, a state-owned. We have been talking and hearing about federal and private universities with their mouth-watering structures, do not get carried away as we present to you, Gombe state university. Yes GOMSU! When we search began, not many though Gombe State University would make even the top 20 list of most beautiful universities in Nigeria, talk less of making the top 10 list.

Undoubtedly, Gombe State University made the list because of the appealing landscape and the beautiful environs as this falls under some of the criteria we base our judgements.

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In fact, I never thought any state university could ever make the list, even if there would be, Gombe state university was never a part. Students of this university don’t show off the beauty alluded with their institution, many would relate it to the conservative nature of the Northerners. A trip to Gomsu would confirm while they rank as not just one of the finest schools in Nigeria but also among the top 5 most beautiful university in the North.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 3


  1. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

Have you ever been to UNIPORT? Many would argue about this school being the most beautiful university in the south-south region but hey! Remember UNIBEN being a south-south school has all it takes to compete with this university.

Established in 1975 as a College, but two years later (1997) UNIPORT gained full accreditation status to operate as a university and ever since, development has been on going. With the introduction of new faculties and departments, obviously, new structures are built and these projects are carried out by a combination of surveyors who take their time to carry out the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles of the land alongside Architects who draw out the final plan.

Huge amount are sunk into these projects to bring out the best structure that best fits the nature of the soil. University of Port Harcourt without doubts, ranks as number 8 on our list of top 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 4

Covenant University

  1. Covenant University (CU)

Covenant University has the most beautiful campus amongst all other private universities in Nigeria. Let me hit the nail, it is one of the best private universities in Nigeria, also being one of the youngest private universities so far in terms of year of establishment. This university happens to be the seventh most beautiful universities in Nigeria on my list. This was owned by Pastor David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Covenant University is sited in Ota, Ogun State. State-wise, this university has the most beautiful campus among the other institutions in Ogun State. Covenant University was created in the year 2002.

The university, a member of Commonwealth association, was established as a Private Christian University currently known to be the fastest growing university in Nigeria with the fastest academic calendar. The school has enough infrastructures and beautiful structures that make life comfortable for learners.

In 2019, according webometrics, the institution was ranked to be the best university in Nigeria.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 5

Uniben Main Gate

  1. University Of Benin (UNIBEN)

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) but fondly regarded as UNIBEST, that is, best university in Nigeria is known for her elegance. The appealing and eye catching landscape around its gigantic auditorium is one to behold.

Owing to the beauty of this school is the reason year after year, they attract one of the highest candidates in JAMB. UNIBEN is one of the popular universities In Nigeria with the finest structures. Many have compared UNIBEN to UNILAG in terms of facilities and her unique modern structures, many have argued about Uniben being the most beautiful university in Nigeria while some say it is UNILAG, at the end, your personal opinion is what matters.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 6

University of Lagos (UNILAG)

  1. University Of Lagos (UNILAG)

Just before I proceed to write about this school, let me quickly say this, “Great Baddest!” lol… Dear readers, you may not understand this brief charge! I believe the student of this university will understand better. This university is not only one of the top 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria but also the number one university in Nigeria that houses the Nigerian most beautiful babes.

However, it is popularly called Federal University of “swag.” This university really worth visiting, even if you are not aspiring to be a student of this beautiful institution. The name doesn’t end as people also call it “baddest” University i.e home of enjoyment.

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The university has a way of infusing a bit of self confidence into her students when they stand amongst students from other universities, many may see this as pride but they call it self confidence which is what makes the institution one of the most sought amongst other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Leave beauty and fun aside, UNILAG stands out in her academic activities, infact till date, according to statistics, UNILAG has the best postgraduate school after UI and OAU.

There was plan to rename the university from the current name, University of Lagos (UNILAG) to Moshood Abiola University by the former President, Dr Ebele Goodluck Jonathan, this met with stiff resistance and protest from the students, many misjudged the reason for the protest but candidly speaking, the protest was born out of pride, self-aggrandizement of the students, that is, they could not phantom being known as being referred to as MAU students instead of the stylish UNILAG Students.

Being among the list of finest universities in Nigeria, UNILAG’s Senate house is second no none in the Nigerian standard, it is widely regarded as the university with the most beautiful senate building in Nigeria, the architectural designs are unique and one that you can never find in any other Nigerian University?  Therefore on the list of finest universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos (UNILAG is number 5 on the ranking).

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 7


  1. Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB)

Not until you pay a visit to this school would you adore the beauty it beholds beautiful. FUNAAB (Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta) as the name implies is a school built by the Federal government to harness the vast opportunities in Agriculture as a whole, carry out research and development in the sector and most importantly, produce credible graduates, trained in the various sectors of Agriculture.

When students are applying for admission in universities, the irony of it all is that most choose the schools based on the beauty and non-academic activities attached to them. They chose based on hearsays about the school and FUNAAB is one of them.

Compared to other federal universities of Agriculture in Nigeria, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) is the most beautiful of them all.

Being the most beautiful university comes with a price, which is maintenance of the structures, which involves renovation, paintings, paying a gardener to plant and trim over extending branches of trees and flowers and so on, so if you have to be the best, be ready to pay the price.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 8

ABU Zaria Campus

  1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU Zaria)

Ahmadu Bello university made the third position on our list of the top 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria. The history of this school can be traced down to the Northern Region, ABU Zaria as it is widely called is the most beai=utiful university in the North.

Established In 1960 as the School of Arabic Studies, ABU Zaria is well placed in the main city of Kano state.

If you are familiar with the terrain of the North, you would agree with me that the north is associated with desert like plain lands and from the engineering point of view, erecting structures there can be a bit cheap especially from the foundation stage unlike the south, east and west known for its humid soil textures.

ABU Zaria ABU kick started with just four (4) faculties and less than fifteen departments and since development is a gradual process, the university today has grown and expanded so much it practically accommodates courses that cuts across every sector of the economy.

This university has so many wonderful mouthwatering gigantic structures that makes it the biggest university in Nigeria in terms of Landmass and the second largest in Africa too.

We are pleased to present to you, the 3rd top most beautiful school in Nigeria on our top 10 ranking.

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Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 9

  1. University Of Ibadan

Being the oldest university is not synonymous with its beauty as many would agree but here UI has defied that claim as it stands as the most beautiful university in Nigeria after OAU Ile-ife.

The University of Ibadan was established in 1948 with the bragging right as the oldest Nigerian University. The university got its full accreditation status in year 1962 and some academic programmes in three faculties namely: Science, Medicine and Arts; which has now become a citadel of learning having sixteen faculties with numerous academic programmes.

UI is also one of the biggest universities in Nigeria, not in Landmass this time but academically speaking. The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, though with a future plan of becoming the best Postgraduate school in Nigeria, a full blown one for that matter, a move the management haw kick-started as they are the school with the least UTME candidates every academic session. They allot 30% of admission to undergraduates while 70% goes to postgraduate candidates.

At UI, quality speaks for itself. We would advise you take a trip down to the school, visit their halls, Library, faculties and hostel facilities among other and see the quality of materials used. As for leisure, the University of Ibadan has got a Zoo, which serves as a tourist attraction to the university, thereby attracting more funds to the university’s coffers as many travel far and wide from other states to catch a glimpse of the different species of animals.

From the main gate of the school to your destination within the campus is eye catching, in everything, the school stands out. Many critics have it that UI as at 2021 ranked as the top 3 most beautiful university and of the opinion that OAU being tagged as the most beautiful university are basking on old glory, well said, they are critics, so they have a say just like you and I.

Top Ten (10) Most Beautiful Universities In Nigeria (Finest Campuses) [year] 10

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU Ile-Ife)

This list would not be valid without the inclusion of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU Ile-ife), popularly referred to as the Great Ife.

Established in 1962 and till date, one of the oldest most beautiful universities in Nigeria. For quite some years now, OAU Ile-ife has retained the tag ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSITY IN NIGERIA”, we are not surprised as the structure in this institution speaks for itself.

If you were to be blindfolded and dropped off at OAU’s campus, many would confuse the environment for a foreign one, the natural topographical nature, landscape designs, colorful trees and leisure spots makes this institution once regarded as the most beautiful in West Africa and among the top 20 most beautiful universities in Africa.

More so, the university started with only 5 Faculties namely: Law, Arts, Social studies, Agriculture and Science and ever since, Six (6) new faculties have been added which gives more options to UTME and postgraduate aspirants, a feat worth emulating.

We can’t but acknowledge the beauty of this university. OAU till date retains the position of the most beautiful university in Nigeria. Thumbs up to the management of the institution.

In conclusion, all the universities, both private and public listed above have done well in their respective areas. They are worthy being acknowledged as the top ten (10) most beautiful universities in Nigeria and they deserve some accolades owing to the fact that they came out top 10 out of the over 90 universities in Nigeria, however, there are still rooms for improvements.

What is your opinion as regards the top 10 list of most beautiful universities in Nigeria with the finest campuses for 2023? Have you visited or schooled in any of the institutions listed above? your opinions will be highly regarded as they are presented with facts and figures if need be.

Thank you for reading.

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