Top 10 Aviation Schools in Nigeria: School Fees & Admission Requirements 2024

The Nigerian Aviation sector may have its own challenges, but air transport remains the fastest and the best choice for long distance travelers in Nigeria, and all over the world. About 4.5 billion travelers were conveyed in the latest report globally; with the global growth rate for air travel users measuring 4.6%, a remarkable scale indeed. Choosing a career in this kind of a sector is never a bad idea, and knowing the right aviation school in Nigeria to enroll for your studies is crucial for your success.

We discuss in this post, six of the best aviation schools in Nigeria. If you invest your time to read this carefully, you would have a good understanding to guide your choice. Let’s get started!!!!

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A Career in Aviation

Aviation industry is a very profitable one. Careers in the industry range from the aeronautical engineers and astronautical engineers that design and target improving aircraft and spaceships respectively; the air traffic controllers that monitor and regulate the air traffic; aircraft  and avionic equipment mechanics and technicians, that inspects, repair, and provide installations and maintenance on the aircraft; the Pilots, the most popular of them all, that are at the helm of things; to the flight attendants that provide assistance and refreshments to travelers on board.

Choosing the Right Aviation School

If you have considered the right career in the aviation industry for you, the next thing to do is find the aviation school that is the best fit for you. If you go online without a guide like this, you would find quite a number of them, some are so bad they have no International Air Transport Association, IATA certifications, and no websites of their own. We have made a list of what to consider before you choose the next destination for your aviation studies.

  1. Admission Requirement
  2. Good Education history of the School
  3. Facilities
  4. Student Welfare Scheme
  5. Availability of Practical experience
  6. Pricing and Terms of Payment
  7. IATA Certifications, e.t.c

Admission Requirement

The first thing to make enquiry about before your application is the admission requirements. Aviation schools generally do not have strict admission requirements, and there are usually  only small deviations from the general requirements.  The general requirement is explained in details below in the article.

Good Education History of the School

It is advisable to make a trip to the intended school of aviation to inquire from students about the situation of things in the School. You would also want to make research on the number of students, classroom, and academic staff. You would want to make enquiries on the quality of education, and compare your findings with other opinions and also with those from other aviation schools.


During your recommended trip to the school, take a view of the facilities around to see for yourself the system of learning and the facilities employed in the process. Also you would want to know if there are enough instructors on board.

Student Welfare Scheme

You would want to know if there are scholarships, discounts on tuition, and about the nature of accommodation amongst other things. It is important to note that most schools whose tuition is on the higher scale have better arrangements for students convenience—especially the private schools on the list.

Availability of Practical Experience

The tuition for aviation schools would have the expense for your practicals covered. It is important to ask students on campus and see for yourself if the school has the capabilities to go further than just the classroom theories, and show a lot of hands-on-practicals.

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Pricing and Terms of Payment

Aviation schools are usually very expensive. Some of the aviation schools have special arrangements like discounts on tuition fees to support students to pay for the expensive aviation school tuition. Please note that aviation schools usually receive payments of tuition upfront.

Aviation Schools In Nigeria General School Fees

The tuition fee for aviation schools largely depend on the course option you choose. Ticketing and introductory courses usually cost within the range of 50,000-80,000 naira while other higher courses can sell within the range of 200,000-250,000. Generally it is advisable to prepare for a tuition fee of 7 million naira. It is also important to point out that most aviation schools may request payment upfront

Duration of Programmes

The course duration for aviation schools largely depend on the course options you choose. Courses can be as short as 3 months and 6 months, while some may last for 2 to 3 years.

General Admission Requirements for Aviation Schools In Nigeria

Interested applicants for any of the aviation schools that will be listed below should note the following:

  1. Requests will be made for documents including WAEC result, OND or HND, BSc certificate or any equivalent qualification can be presented.
  2.  A proof of previous experience in the aviation industry may be accepted in the absence of the documents stated above.
  3. Age can be a factor for some of the aviation schools as applicants that are less than 17-18 years may be denied. Some of the schools may even request that the minimum age for any students at the time of completion of any course offered must be at least 18 years.

Admission Requirements

 Diploma Programme

  1. A credit grade in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry from WASSCE or General Certificate Examination/NECO/WAEC.

National Diploma Programme

  1. At least a credit in five subjects which must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry from WASSCE or General Certificate Examination/NECO/WAEC.
  2. At least 180 UTME scores.

Note: Applicants that do not choose the aviation school  but meet the UTME cut off mark may apply.

Higher National Diploma  Programmes

  1. Applicants  must have a National Diploma with at least a Lower Credit grade of CGPA of 2.50 in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology, Aircraft Engineering Technology with at least a  year of professional working experience.
  2. Applicants must have National Diploma in Aviation Management, Business Administration, Public Administration with at least a CGPA of 2.50 with at least a year of professional working experience.

Post Graduate Diploma

Applicants must have:

  • A first degree with at least two year of professional working experience
  • CAT Diploma and professional License or its equivalent with at least two years of working experience.

Top 10 Aviation Schools in Nigeria

  1. Gibair Aviation Academy, GibAir.

  2. Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy, LAMB.

  3. Lagos Aviation Academy, LAA

  4. Crew Training Institute, CTI.

  5. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management, ACATM.

  6. Landover aviation business school, LABS.

  7. Universal school of aviation

  8. Nigerian college of aviation technology

  9. Dhaewood aviation business school

  10. International aviation college

10. Gibair Aviation Academy, Ikotun, Lagos

Gibair Aviation Academy is located at No 26, Ikotun-Idimu Rd, Ikotun, Lagos.  A subsidiary of GibAir Services, Gibair Aviation Academy provides both Aviation and Maritime training to individuals and organizations interested in a career in the  Aviation and Maritime Industry. The School claims to offer career support services to assist graduates  after study; Although, there is no strong evidence to support the claim.

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9. Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy, Ijegun, Ije Ododo

The Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy famously started as a small center for training young people and the staff. Today, LAMB is affiliated with Federal University of Owerri, ESM Benin University, Benin Republic and West Coast University.

LAMB was recognized in 2017 and the following year, 2018, at the PAN Africa international recognition awards for the most effective Aviation and Maritime academy; approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, as well as the National Board for Technical Education.

8. Lagos Aviation Academy, Ikeja, Lagos.

LAA is one of the best aviation academies in Nigeria, it has over 500 certified teachers and 675 approved subjects. It is stated on the official website that the academy is competent on all areas of airline-related businesses — and this is a strong claim indeed.

Lagos Aviation Academy boasts of a sufficient number of experienced instructors, for academics and practicals, to guide students through their aviation career. Courses offered at the Lagos Aviation Academy includes IATA Airport and Aircraft Operations, IATA Foundation In Travel & Tourism, Air Ticketing with Computer Reservation System amongst many others.

7. Crew Training Institute, Ikeja, Lagos.

The online based crew training institute, the very first one in Nigeria. Crew Training Institute was able to build on the experience of its senior staff members in the aviation industry. The aviation school claims to expose aspiring crew members to the secrets and everything required to succeed in the aviation industry.

The courses offered at Crew Training institute includes Private Pilot Programs, Professional Pilot Programs, Commercial Pilot programs, Flight Instructor Programs,Add On Programs, Multi Engine Instructor, Glass Cockpit Transition.

6. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management,

IATA and NCAA accredited, Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management, a subsidiary of the prestigious AEROPORT TRAVELS & TOURS LTD stands proud, having achieved a lot within a short period of its founding. ACATM is registered with the association of travel agencies at home, in nigeria, and abroad. ACATM claims that the highly professional environment delivers educational and career related guidance to their increasing population of students interested in a career in airline, airport, travel and tourism.

The following courses are offered in the Aeroport College of aviation and Travel Management: Air Ticketing and Reservations, Introduction to Tourism and Travel Agency Management, Customer Service Expertise,  Cabin Crew Beginner Training, Advanced Global Distribution System (Computer Reservation System) Training, IATA/UFTAA Foundation Diploma, Hospitality Management amongst others.

5. Landover Aviation Business School

Founded in Lagos almost two decades ago, Landover aviation business school, otherwise called LABS rose to a comfortable position as one of the biggest aviation schools in Nigeria.

LABS has the necessary accreditation, the right facilities and competent tutors as assets in its faculty of aviation management operations, and the faculty of aviation technical and operations; and faculty of Travel and Tourism.

4. Universal School of Aviation, Ejigbo, Lagos.

The Universal school of aviation, like the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, is one of the earliest aviation schools in Nigeria that stood the test of time; therefore, it should not be a surprise that there are enough facilities, certified instructors, past student network and partnership programs and hands-on-experience. The following courses are offered at the Universal school of aviation: Air Ticketing and Reservation, Travel and Tour Management, Flight Attendant and Entertainment,  Electronic Booking Tools, Travel and Tour Management, Hotel Management, IATA Certification Training

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There are a few interesting Terms to payment of fees in Universal School of Aviation: discount structures and other numerous support. You should contact the school before you enrol.

3. Nigerian College of Aviation technology (NCAT)

The premier school of Aviation in Nigeria, founded in 1964, in the city of Zaria, Kaduna State; It’s exactly fifty-six years from its start and it is still waxing strong today.

If you are looking to get a school with a fleet of aircraft for hands-on-learning, then this is for you. Nigerian College of Aviation technology has the aircrafts and the reliable partnership opportunities with airlines across the country.

The following courses are offered at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology: Private, Commercial and standard Pilot Training Courses, Flight Planning and instructor courses (International flight inclusive), Basic and Refresher courses for crew, Air Traffic Service and Communication, Aviation management courses, Aircraft maintenance engineering, Aeronautical telecommunications engineering, Air traffic services and communication.

2. Dhaewood Aviation Business School, DABS

Dhaewood aviation business school was founded in 2005 and is currently one of the best three Aviation School in Nigeria. The competition for admission into DABS is so high that only those who merit the admission are considered. The school is a private school; therefore expensive, and indeed worth it.

DABS have all the certifications you would like to see as an aspirant. The quality of education is guaranteed with international and indegenous instructors being available to demystify over 40 aviation courses; as well as over thirty other related courses which includes: Travel & Tourism Courses, 2D/3D Animation Course, Travel Visa Processing & Management, Airport Security & Safety, Shipping, Imports & Export, Airline Call Center e.t.c

  1. The International Aviation College

If you are wondering what exactly the International Aviation College is doing at the number one spot in our list, then you need take a deep breath and sit back to read about it. The International Aviation College is the first privately owned aviation school in Nigeria, and it was established by the Kwara state government In 2011—What Irony.

The International Aviation College, IAC, is the aviation school with the largest modern facilities and methodology. The instructors are world class because they have all they need to give the students a first hand experience; and also because they are from all over the world, and with more diverse experiences too.

Getting admitted into the IAC requires at least a credit score in five WAEC or NECO subjects, four of the following  subjects: English, Mathematics, Geography, Physics; and any other subject.

In summary of the above, the Nigerian aviation sector is without doubt expensive, but it provides a wide range of career opportunities and will not only make you a  potential high salary earner, but also put you in a great service to humanity. We believe that now you are better informed about the best aviation schools in Nigeria, and you would make a great choice of the school for your studies; you would consider the school fees of aviation schools, terms of payment, the level of facilities and the number of instructors available, access to practicals, and most importantly whether the school is recognized by the official certification bodies like IATA, ICON, or not.