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First Technical University – Tech-U School Fees for Fresh & Returning Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

The First Technical University (TECH-U) school fees and acceptance fee for 2021/2022 academic session has been released by the management and school authority.

This information is for newly admitted students or prospective students who have chosen TECH-U as their preferred choice of Institution during the UTME registration or just want to inquire about TECH-U school fees for fresh students 2021/2022 academic session?

The table below is a detailed schedule of TECH-U School fees for all courses offered in the institution, and please note that this fee is strictly undergraduate students.

The fees payable at the First Technical University (TECH-U) as seen in the table below includes TECH-U acceptance fee, school/tuition fee for new and returning students and a host of other fees payable by new students as mandated by the management of the university.

First Technical University - Tech-U School Fees for Fresh & Returning Students 2021/2022 Academic Session 1

All newly admitted students are to take note:

TECH-U acceptance fee is to be paid first upon admission into the University, this is a process applicable in all universities in Nigeria, be it private universities, Federal or state universities. It serves as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB.

Please be informed that fresh students will not be offered admission letter into the university until school fees and other compulsory fees have been paid. As for returning students, late payment of tuition fee would attract an extra fee and if student still fails to pay within the stipulated period, such student will now be allowed to partake in the semester examination.

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Most private Universities in Nigeria, often offer fresh students the option of paying their school feeson installments basis due to the enormous amount, unlike their states and federal counterparts where tuition fees are paid in one lump-sum based on its affordability. TECH-U in this case has approved the payment of school fees on a maximum of three installments though this is applicable to returning students only.

See breakdown of TECH-U School fees for fresh students 2021/2022 academic session below.

Upon completion of this post, readers ought to be clear about the following;

i) First Technical University (TECH-U) School fees for new students 2021/2022 academic session

ii) TECH-U School fees for all courses 2021/2022 academic session.

iii) TECH-U acceptance fee 2021/2022 academic session

iv) TECH-U School fees for returning students

v) Other fees and charges as seen in the table below.

TECH-U School Fees Schedule for Fresh Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

Admission Service Charges
1 Result Verification N 10,000.00 Once
2 Caution Fee N 25,000.00 Once
3 Medical Test N 15,000.00 Once
4 Student Handbook/Prospectus N 2,000.00 Once
5 Matriculation Fees/Gown Rent N 10,000.00 Once
6 Branded University Items (T-Shirt, N 37,000.00 Once
7 Tie/Scarf, School Pin, Lab-Coat)
TOTAL N 99,000.00 Once
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 IMPORTANT NOTE: All newly admitted students are meant to pay the sum of N 99,000 service charge; a one-off payment, then proceed to make payment of school fees, structured below.)

Tuition 400000 Per Session
Development Levy 40,000 Per Session
Per Session
Medical Health Insurance 20000 Per Session
Course Registration 10,000.00 Per Session
Examination Fee 20,000.00 Per Session
ICT (E-mail, Internet access, E-Portal) 20,000.00 Per Session
ID Card 2,000.00 Per Session
Library 30,000.00 Per Session
Laboratory Practical 50,000.00 Per Session
Workshop/Studio Practice 30,000.00 Per Session
Excursion/Field Trip 10,000.00 Per Session
Sports Development Levy 20,000.00 Per Session
Entrepreneurship & Language Studies 50,000.00 Per Session
SUB – TOTAL 2 722,000.00
Per Session
Municipal Services Charges
Accommodation & Municipal Services 200,000.00 Per Session
Bus Service 20,000.00 Per Session
Parent Forum 5,000.00 Per Session
Association Due 2,500.00 Per Session
SUB – TOTAL 3 227,500.00
GRAND TOTAL 949,500.00 Per Session

I receive very many questions daily here, we reply and answer accordingly, should you have any question(s) as regards TECH-U school fees for new students 2021/2022 academic session, you can reach me via the comment section below and I shall respond accordingly. However, you are advised to read the information provided carefully before sending down your questions.

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