Best Online Coaching Courses in Nigeria and How To Apply

The term coaching is a very wide one. Most people automatically classify coaching to football coaches. Here we are referring to coaching in every field. Be it sports from a holistic view, counselling, business and politics. However, we shall streamline our energy to sports, business and jobs generally.

Much have been provided online as regards acquiring online training courses in coaching in Nigeria. Coaching is fun and at the same time emotionally and psychologically draining sometimes be it in the area of sports, business and other related fields. If you are an ardent football lover, you would have been conversant with the physical changes of coaches before and after taking up a coaching job in a new club.

Best Online Coaching Courses in Nigeria and How To Apply 1

Talking about football, Nigerians are known generally for the love of the game which is why the search for online training courses in coaching has been on the rise. The COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world has taken its toll on football around the world and according to, the British premier league alone has lost over £500 Million since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced the government to close it does to businesses and tourists as well as mandating citizens to sit at home.

Here in Nigeria, the government introduced a national lock-down and interstate travel bans which automatically forced everyone to sit at home thereby automatically increasing the search on the web for online training courses in coaching in Nigeria coupled with the fact that there are very few coaching schools in Nigeria.

Be rest assure that the information in this post will be all encompassing, well detailed and fully broken down for ease of understanding as regards the list of all available coaching courses in Nigeria. Coaching Courses specialize in training professionals who can assist others overcome all challenging situations in certain fields.
Coaching Courses often start with theory coaching which is later applied practically to real-life situations. Coaches are trained to show their clients the way to reach their full potential through practices. This Career teaches the way to use effective techniques and tools to help learners to get solutions to realize their personal or professional goals.

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Courses on coaching generally have connections with training, management, education, mental psychology, social sciences neuroscience, and other counselling courses. Upon completion of any online coaching programme, you can be gainfully employed not just in the field of coaching a club rather, fields like sport, human resources, business, politics, welfare work , health, and private development. Other fields of specialization in coaching career include marriage counselling, conflict coaching, and each other field that needs mentoring.

A coach is typically trained to be self-ed disciplined by giving himself a private self-coaching. knowledgeable coach possesses the power to use a good range of communication skills together with his or her clients: knowledgeable Coach uses the subsequent skills in coaching:

• Restatements.
• Listening.
• Questioning.
• Clarifying, etc.

Anybody can enrol for any coaching course in Nigeria and as such, will be trained to make their unique coaching strategies and decisions. So if you enrol in any coaching courses, then you ought to know that you simply are going to be trained to use practical skills handling people’s situations in their strengths and weaknesses and the way to develop analytical awareness of handling emotional problems and more.

List of Online Coaching Courses in Nigeria

Coaching Courses and Training on Coach Transformation Academy:

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) offers a licensed Professional Coach (CPC) training course which takes about 60 hours of coaching under ICF ACSTH. They train aspirants that want to become professionals in career coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and executive coaches. They accept applicants from different fields and company executives, managers, and educators also can participate . Their Certified Professional Coach courses train coaches to realize a heightened state to make self-sustained awareness, and motivational action plans to rework their coaching skills.

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Course Structure

CTA Certified Professional Coach (CPC) training course which takes about 60 hours of coaching is approved and accredited by ICF ACSTH for aspiring coaches trying to find any ICF accredited coach-specific training which will help him or her to satisfy the wants for an ICF Credential.

Aims and Objectives

According to CTA, their aim is to form coaching possible for everyone at a really flexible standard. As a participant, you’ve got your own freedom to find out or to fast-track at your own schedule without conflicting together with your daily work. On completion of your training, you’ll be ready to coach anybody, anywhere, anytime in any field together with your own branded coaching skills.

Available Online Coaching Courses are:

• Life Coach Certification
• Executive Coach Certification
• Business Coach Certification
• Career Coach Certification.

Courses and Training Overview:

• Total 60 hours of coaching (classroom or online)
• Face to face training – 48 hours
• Assignments and fieldwork – 12 hours
• Mentor Coaching – 10 hours
• Duration within the classroom – 6 days
• Duration of Online –16 weeks
• Course Accreditation – CTA, ICF, SHRM

Other coaching courses which Nigerian can study are often found on Coursera and Udemy. In Coursera, you’ll study the subsequent coaching courses:

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• Managing as a teacher
• Setting Expectations & Assessing Performance Issues
• Match Teacher Residency
• Sports Coaching
• The Art and Science of Coaching
• Designing and Implementing Your Coaching Strategy
• Coaching Conversations
• Coaching Practices
• Applications of Everyday Leadership

In Udemy, you’ll study the subsequent coaching courses:

• From Athlete to teach
• Team Coaching
• Coaching the Mental Game
• Coaching within the Knowledge Era
• Player-centred Coaching
• The Self-aware Coach
• Leadership Coaching through Turbulent Times: twiddling with eFIRE
• Life Coaching Certificate Course (Beginner to Advanced)
• Professional Life Coach Certification & Guide (Accredited)
• Life Purpose Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
• Happiness Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
• Life Coach Training Course: Introduction to Life Coaching

How To Apply for an Online Training Coaching Course in Nigeria

The registration for online coaching is simple. All you need do is visit their website on and fill the blank spaces with the required information and then click on the REGISTER button.

You will receive an email via your registered email and then you can proceed from there.

The above are the current best online coaching courses in Nigeria you can apply for at your comfort zone. As usual, we are open to questions as related to online coaching courses you can apply for, we shall offer you advise on how to apply as well as the fees required for undertaking any of the above listed coaching courses.