50 Sample Letter of Deferment of Semester, Admission Or Annual Leave

In this article, our focus would be on letter of deferment for semester/admission and letter of deferment for annual leave. We would also be including samples of each, for those who are interested in seeing or using any of the available samples for the construction of their own deferment letter.

We will be starting with deferment letter for semester or admission before going to the other sample letter of deferment as mentioned in the heading.

As you continue your studies, you may face hurdles such as illness, lack of school fees, family troubles, or a work obligation, all of which may cause you to request for a study postponement. One may ask, if you are in any of these positions, what’s the best way to go about writing one?

Letter of Deferment

Before we answer that, we shall start by stating the best time to request for a deferral of your admission,

When should you request for a Deferment of your semester or admission?

You should only request for a deferment, if it is absolutely necessary. You were chosen and accepted for a new edition by admissions committee, not a future one, thus they don’t “owe” you a deferral, and they don’t enjoy giving them out. You will not lose your seat in your class if you request a deferral or postponement of your admission; however, you may create some frustration and extra scrambling in the admissions office as they strive to meet their target yield numbers for the year. Before you accept your spot in the class and pay your money, you must request a deferment.

Requesting a deferment after you’ve accepted a spot in the class and paid your deposit might pose a logistical burden for the admissions office, making your request far more likely to be denied. You should not ask for a deferment in order to apply to a “better” institution while still having a safety net. This is ethically wrong, and if your schools find out, you may run the risk of losing your admission to both schools. If you are accepted to a school that you do not want to attend, you can always decline your admission and reapply to schools that you do want to attend in the future.

Reasons why you should request for a deferment

One reason for requesting a delay is that you may need an extra year to work and save money or to reapply for fellowships and financial assistance since the financing you thought you had for school fell through. Another explanation might be that you’ve had to deal with a significant personal crisis, such as a death in your immediate family and the necessity to financially assist your surviving relatives. You could get a job offer you can’t refuse, or you might get accepted into a free master’s program at another institution that you would   like to begin before starting your other program.

Tips for Writing a Deferment letter

  • Begin the letter correctly. Include the complete contact information for the school/college/university to whom you’re writing your letter, as well as your own personal contact information.
  • Briefly describe the position you are now in and why you are sending the letter. One or two sentences should enough. This is the first section, and the shorter it is, the better.
  • Check with the policies of the school about deferment, before writing and submitting the deferment letter.
  • Learn about the correct format of writing the letter and to whom it should be addressed to.
  • Make sure to display your greeting on the eft side of the letter, just beneath the date
  • The date should be displayed just under your address.
  • Your address should be on the right top corner.
  • Then include the address of the person you are writing to at the left, just below your own address.
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Sample of Deferred Admission Letter

Your name —————–

Your Address ————-

Date ——————-

The Vice Chancellor

University Name ———–

Address —————

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Deferment of Admission (Make bold)

With the greatest respect, my name is (Name) and I live in…. I applied for (Course) at your prestigious university, and my application was accepted on / / (Date). However, owing to (insufficient funds/health concerns/pandemic/family issues – specify your explanation), I will be unable to attend lessons this year. I would want to study at your prominent institution since it would provide me with an excellent opportunity to develop as an educated and caring individual.

As a result, I respectfully request that you grant me permission to delay admission for (Session – Session Details). I suppose I will begin my course at (enter date) I really anticipate hearing from you.

Thank you,

Yours Truly

Name ——————-

Signature —————–

Phone number ————

Now we know how to address a letter properly, I would be providing another example of what a deferment body letter should look like;

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m writing to inquire about the possibility of deferring my schooling.

I would want to postpone my studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka from the first Semester of the second academic year until the end of Semester two of the second academic year, with the intention of returning in Semester one of the third academic year. I realize that I must continue in my class until the Department issues formal approval.

My argument for deferral is that I’m having financial difficulties that are making my time at university miserable. Within the one-year deferral period, I aim to have gathered enough money to cover my fee and costs. My fee arrears are attached.

I understand that deferring education is difficult, but this is a top priority for me. I would like to meet up with you in person.

Yours Sincerely,

Elvis Njoku


(Contact number)

With the above samples, one should easily draft a letter of deferment of admission.

Now, we can move on to sample letter for request of deferment of annual leave but before that, let’s go through some of the tips one needs to keep in mind while looking to draft a letter of deferment to the company.

What should you think about before obtaining yearly leave or leave deferment?

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It’s crucial to consider how your absence will affect your team, department, and organization before requesting annual leave or deferring it to a later date. If your employer needs your services at a critical period, you may want to consider other dates for your leave. The following are some topics to think about:

  • Before making your request, check to see if your company’s policy demands a specific amount of notice. It’s also a good idea to make sure your boss has adequate time to plan for your absence and deal with it.
  • Check your annual leave balance to determine whether you have sufficient time to cover your request. Annual leave is normally accrued by the hour or day with each paycheck. If you don’t, your request can be refused or underpaid.
  • If you need to locate a coworker to cover for you and ensure that your chores are accomplished while you are away, you should find that coworker and speak with them before filing your leave request.
  • Holidays: When employees arrange time away from work, they typically ignore public holidays, which are already guaranteed days off. You can double-check your leave dates to see whether they have been covered by vacation leave.

What Are The Options for Deferring Your Annual Leave?

There are three common methods for requesting annual leave or deferment of one to another time, but it’s advisable to review your company’s policy or with your HR department for the appropriate method. The three options are as follows:

Online: Many firms provide an online portal or platform where you may apply for leave and log in. To submit the request, complete your company’s online procedure, then send a courteous email to your supervisor. If your leave is urgent and you need it authorized fast, if there’s extra information your employer needs to know that you can’t provide online, or if your superior doesn’t have access to see you, emailing your supervisor is a smart choice.

Verbally: Unless you work for a small business, this is the least suitable alternative because there is no paperwork. Obtaining a confirmation for your application before submitting it online or in writing might be beneficial since it lets you know what your chances of acceptance are and allows you to discuss any potential concerns before filing your request. It’s still a good idea to follow up on a verbal offer.

Email/Letter: If your organization does not have an online portal or platform, the usual alternative is to submit your request in writing via a physical letter or email. Check to see whether your organization has any particular policies, and if it doesn’t, send your written request to both your supervisor and the HR department. This is generally the best method to request for a deferment of annual leave, to a later date.

I believe by now, you must have decided the method best for you, when seeking for deferment of annual leave. If the chosen method is in writing or email format then the next samples presented in this article, is for your consumption and use.

Application format for Requesting a Change of Annual Leave Date

Change of annual leave plan date is the emphasis of this request application type. Employees of any organization or firm who wish to change their annual leave plan dates should use this letter. You also can modify the format to suit what you want. We understand that a good number of us may struggle on how to draft a proper annual leave deferment letter but you are in lucky because we are here to help. We would be providing tips as well as samples for this kind of letter below.

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Your name ——————————

Your Address ————————–

Date ———————————-

Authority name ———————-

Institute Name ———————–

Institute Address ——————–

To/Dear Sir/Madam —————–

SUB: Request for a Change in Vacation Leave

I am writing to you because I have a request to make. I would want to adjust the dates of my yearly leave plan. I would want my leave to be moved from this year (deadline) to next year (date). This is due to my sister’s wedding (show your cause). My wife and I had planned to have our honeymoon this year, but after more discussion, we have decided to postpone it until next year (give exact reason). This is owing to the fact that many of my relations on both sides are unable to attend this year due to the fact that they live abroad and are unable to afford it.

I am an excellent diligent worker that enjoys the work I perform here. I’m hoping you’ll grant me this because it took a long time to grant me leave this year, so I’m doing it ahead of time so there’s a better chance you’ll be able to do so.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Lawrence Ani



Another Sample;

Gilbert Job

37 Ridge Road

Atlanta, Maryland


Joneb Real Estate Company

Human Resources Department

37 Ridge Road

Atlanta, Maryland

Dear Madam,

Letter of Deferment of Annual Leave

I would like to seek permission to move my ten days yearly leave from July 1, 2020 to July 12, 2020, to August 7th to August 17th, for personal reasons. I am requesting for this deferment in my yearly vacation days to attend my wedding and honeymoon.

My boss has given me permission to move my vacation days, and Louis Neri will handle my obligations while I am away. You can reach me at my personal mobile phone number, which is on file, in the event of an emergency. Please find the company’s annual leave application form attached.

I do hope that my absence would not be felt so much.


Gilbert Job

———— (Signature)

———— (Contact)

At the end of this article, I expect you to be conversant with letter of deferment of semester/admission and then letter for deferment of annual leave. Samples have been provided for anybody going through a though time on how to draft any of the above listed type of letter.