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Ramsey Nuoah: Biography, Age & Net Worth (2023)

Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr, professionally known as Ramsy Nouah is a Nigerian actor and director. He won the award for the best Actor in Africa Movie Academy Award in 2010. In 2019, he made his directorial debut with the film Living in Bondage: Breaking Free. Ramsey Nouah has been a success in the Nigeria film industry and known widely as arguably one of the best Actors in Africa.

Ramsey Nouah’s Biography

Nouah was born in Lagos to a father who hails from Israel and a mother who hails from Owo, Ondo State. He spent most of his childhood days in Surulere, Lagos, where his primary education was at Atara Primary School and Community Grammar School. In mass communications he procured a degree in diploma at the University of Lagos, after which he went for a career in acting.

Ramsey Nouah Biography
Real Name: Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr
Date of Birth:  December 19, 1970 (53 years)
Place of Birth:    Lagos
State of Origin   Oyo State
Nationality:         Isreali – Nigerian
Marital Status:   Married
Occupation:        Actor
Net Worth          $10 million

Nouah’s acting career began when he starred in a popular Nigerian TV soap opera Fortunes advert. In numerous films he has since appeared starring as the lead role, and some address him as “Lover-Boy” for his numerous roles in romantic films. Best Actor in a Leading Role In African Movie Academy Award was won by Ramsey for his performance in The Figurine. No doubt that Nouah is considered to be one of the most sought-after actors in Nigeria. In 2015, he secured the rights to Living in Bondage: Breaking Free from Kenneth Nnebue which has to be remake  for an option to be filmed in Europe, America and including Nigeria. The news was later confirmed on a social media platform Instagram to be precise, which later appeared to be in development hell for three years.

In 2018, Nouah mad public his remake had become a sequel titled “Living in Bondage”: Breaking Free, slated for release on November 8, 2019 precisely. Ramsey, who played the new cult chief priest where he made his directorial debut, mostly with prominent actors like Okwonkwo, Udokwu, and Kanayo also reprising their roles. By the age of 23, he was seen in Fortunes from 1993 to 1994 which marked a major uplift for him. Fascinating the viewers with his performance as Jeff, a name he is widely called by Nigerians, he immediately rose to fame and became one of the most distinguished face in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The sequel centers specifically around Andy’s son Nnamdi and his pursuit for wealth. A Rapper and also a MBGN winner Muna Abii starred also in the sequel. He is an African household name that won’t be forgotten for his immense contribution to the African entertainment industry at large.

Ramsey Nuoah: Biography, Age & Net Worth ([year]) 1

In the year 1996, he made his significance screen movie debut in the well received Silent Night after performing in a several Nigeria home videos widely known as Nollywood projects which never got released as a result of the lack of completion funds and so many related issues. He mainly played romantic roles, from the 1990’s through the early 2000’s which were Succeeded by countless Nigerian home video projects where ; Nouah was quickly labelled “Lover Boy”. In 2004, Ramsey starred in Dangerous Twins (2004) for his outstanding performance as a good and bad twin, Taiye and Kehinde, conveyed him as a vasatile actor capable of much more of his “Lover Boy” image had suggested. By then, his fame had gone beyond the limits of the shores of Nigeria and was exceeding Africa.
Nouah is married to Emelia Philips-Nouah. The couples have two sons and a daughter, named as Quincy, Camil Nouah and Desiree Nouah respectively.

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Ramsey Nouah’s wife and kid

Ramsey is a family man who is happily married to Emilia Philips-Nouah; the couples got married in the year 2004 and they have a son and a daughter named Quincy Camil Noah and Desiree Noah respectively. His wife Emilia Philips-Nouah has kept a low-profile of herself which has made it difficult to find an article or an image of her on the internet. Many are of the opinion that a lasting marriage is a result of not publicizing and keeping it off social media. which remain the truth but Ramsey sees it from another perspective.

Ramsey Nuoah’s Age

Ramsey Nouah was given birth to on December 19, 1970. The 53 years old Actor who is 51 years old by December 19, 2021. Fans, Family & Friends awaits that very special and unique day. considering is appearance, many might be tempted to say that he looks quite younger than his age. He is still able to play the role of a young playboy, a young parent, and a middle-aged bad-ass, perfectly. This really shows how versatile this prominent Actor has been in years past.

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Ramsey Nouah was born Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr in Edo State. His father is from Israel while his mom is from Ondo State. Ramsey Nouah is no doubt a biracial, and Nouah is well conscious of this and has specifically made relation to this, mostly in an amusive way, in several interviews. If Ramsey was obliged to choose for the sake of filling a form, he definitely would tick Ondo State.

Ramsey Nuoah: Biography, Age & Net Worth ([year]) 2

Ramsey Nouah’s Net Worth (2023) – 10Million USD

One might ask, What is Ramsey’s net worth this 2023 according to Forbes? Well from very reliable and credible media outfits and reports, Ramsey Noah is estimatedly worth 10,000,000 USDollars.

Net-worth is everything you own of great importance which is also known as Assets and that excludes what is owed in debts. Assets include cash and investments, real estate, cars and anything else of which you cherish most.

Ramsey Nouah has an estimated net worth of about $150 million, which when converted to Naira tells how exorbitant the figures are. He is also an ambassador of Globacom, Nigeria’s indigenous telecommunication company.

Ramsey Nouah Movies

  1. Silent night (1996)
  2. Dirty game (1998)
  3. King of money (1999)
  4. End of the wicked (1999)
  5. Camouflage (1999)
  6. Vuga (2000)
  7. The battle of Love (2001)
  8. Love boat (2001)
  9. Valentino (2002)
  10. The pastor and harlot (2002)
  11. Tears and sorrows (2002)
  12. Power of love (2002)
  13. My love (2002)
  14. More money (2002)
  15. Love of my life (2002)
  16. Battle line (2002)
  17. You broke my heart (2003)
  18. Working for love (2003)
  19. When love dies (2003)
  20. True love (2003)
  21. The price of love (2003)
  22. The last offer (2003)
  23. Super love (2003)
  24. Real love (2003)
  25. Passion and pain (2003)
  26. Never say goodbye (2003)
  27. My turn (2003)
  28. My sweetheart (2003)
  29. My only love (2003)
  30. Mortal sin (2003)
  31. Last weekend (2003)
  32. Honey (2003)
  33. Handsome (2003)
  34. Emotional crack (2003)
  35. Dying for love (2003)
  36. Contractors (2003)
  37. Church business (2003)
  38. Butterfly (2003)
  39. Break up (2003)
  40. Bad boys (2003)
  41. Above death: In God we trust (2003)
  42. Veno (2004)
  43. Unbreakable (2004)
  44. The staff of Odo (2004)
  45. The London boy (2004)
  46. The Champ (2004)
  47. Silent for life (2004)
  48. Separate lives (2004)
  49. Not yours! (2004)
  50. Mr Lover boy in Ghana (2004)
  51. Last wedding (2004)
  52. Into temptation (2004)
  53. Heavy rain (2004)
  54. Fateful love (2004)
  55. Dangerous twins (2004)
  56. 419 dangerous game (2004)
  57. Coming to South Africa (2004)
  58. Across the Niger (2004)
  59. Super hero (2005)
  60. Rip off (2005)
  61. Real love (2005)
  62. Paradise to hell (2005)
  63. Azima (2005)
  64. Under the sky (2006)
  65. She: you must obey (2006)
  66. Serious issue (2006)
  67. Passionate appeal (2006)
  68. End of discussion (2006)
  69. Different world (2006)
  70. Dancing heart (2006)
  71. Consequences (2006)
  72. To love an angel (2007)
  73. The faculty (2007)
  74. Missing rib (2007)
  75. Last faculty (2007)
  76. Governor’s wife (2007)
  77. Battle for battle (2007)
  78. True sacrifice (2008)
  79. Tears in my eyes (2008)
  80. Sweet tomorrow (2008)
  81. Solid affection (2008)
  82. Hidden treasure (2008)
  83. Nnenda (2009)
  84. A private storm (2010)
  85. The figurine (2010)

Ramsey Nuoah have stamped his name in the Nollywood industry and have impacted positively in the younger generations. He has also been widely admired greatly by his role in the more recent movie he featured title “30 days in Atlanta” which many are familiar with. To get more fascinating updates as regards your favorite Celebrities, kindly subscribe to our website.

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