Tems: Biography, Age, Record Label and Net Worth (2022)

Ever since the song “Essence” was released on the internet, who is Tems and what is her net worth? has become one of the most frequently asked queries on the internet. So, if you are one of those who has been eager to learn a thing or two about Tems, then this article is for you.

Biography of Tems

Temilade Openiyi was born in Lagos, Nigeria on June 11, 1995. Tems, who was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian mother and a British father, came to the United Kingdom shortly after his birth. When she was five years old, her parents separated, and she went to Ilupeju, then to Lekki, and eventually to Ajah. Her music instructor spotted her at school and she began learning the piano. She would sing in front of the mirror with her brother’s guitar accompaniment. She attended Dowen College in Lekki before going on to study and graduate in Economics in Johannesburg.


Tems was raised in a modest home and found her musical potential after joining a local chorus. During her childhood, she made the first steps toward becoming a fantastic musician by recording songs with her school choir.

When she doubted her skills, her music teacher pushed her to sing with her true voice, according to a documentary produced by MU Narratives.

So how old is our young talented singer? We would be answering that below.

Age: Just like we initially stated, she was born on 11th June 1995 and as at the time of writing this article, she is 26 years old.

At this point, one would like to know about her career as a singer. What she has been up to, whom she must have collaborated with in the past and how she has fared so far in the music industry.

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In 2018, she released Mr. Rebel, a song she wrote. Then in August 2019, “Try Me” was released. It quickly became a viral sensation, with over 4.6 million views on YouTube. In 2020, DJ Edu called her one of the “ten talents to watch.” In the same year, she was asked by American musician Khalid to work on an Afrobeats remix of ”Know Your Worth” with him and fellow Nigerian Davido. Damages, from her For Broken Ears EP, turned into her second biggest success after Try Me, peaking at number six on the newly established “TurnTable Top 50” (a Nigerian chart) and getting 2.7 million YouTube views. Her duet with Wizkid on their song Essence won her the top place on the BBC 1Xtra Airplay Chart on January 30, 2020.

Tems was motivated to write her song after listening to Beyonce’s songs. She also enjoyed belting out Destiny’s Child’s popular songs “Soldier” and “Survivor.”

Tems chose to learn music production on YouTube after being dissatisfied with her undergraduate education. She created and released her first hit single, “Mr Rebel,” off her debut album, “Illumination,” in 2018.

What record label is Tems signed to? I believe that is one of the questions on the mind of our readers. We would be answering that question below.

Tems Record Label

Tems record labels are Reset Industries and HUMAN MUSIC record labels.

Let’s now look into all the songs done by Tems.

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Songs by Tem’s

Tems has released quite a few tracks after her debut single. Among them are the following:

Mr Rebel (2018)

Looku Looku (2019)

Try Me (2019)

Illumination EP (2018)

Come In

Old School

Plunge Down Cascades

Voice of Nature

Sound of the Underground




For Broken Ears EP (2020)


These Days

Ice T

Free Mind



The Key

If You then I

Her Collaborations:

Know Your Worth with Khalid, Disclosure and Davido (2020) and Essence with Wizkid (2020). Tems has been putting in a lot of work since she came into the music industry. Another question a lot of people may now ask is, what is her net worth with all these good songs on the internet?

Nominations for Tems

  • Tems has received both local and international acclaim, but she is yet to win any local awards.
  • Tems was nominated in two categories at the 2019 Headies: Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Alte Song. She was nominated for the prestigious Next Rated Award in 2020. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, named Tems and Wizkid’s collaboration, ‘Essence,’ as one of his 30 favourite tracks of the year 2020.
  • Khalid, a multi-award-winning American musician, recently collaborated with Tems and Davido on an Afrobeat remix of his hit “Know Your Worth.

Tems: Biography, Age, Record Label and Net Worth ([year]) 1

Tems Net Worth

Tems estimated net worth is said to be between $500,000 to $700,000, which is over 200million naira.


Tems Arrest in Uganda: Tem’s biggest issue occurred when she was jailed in Uganda for breaking the country’s Covid-19 lockup regulations. Tems and fast-rising artist Omah Lay were detained on December 12, 2020, only hours after performing live in the nation. The stunning screen diva was presented in the courtroom, eliciting comments from Nigerians both on and off social media. Top celebrities from all areas of life also expressed their support for their release. It was also reported that during that time, Tems embarked on a hunger strike before being freed on December 15 with all accusations against her and Omah Lay dismissed.

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Tems Personal Life

Little or nothing is known about whom our beautiful songwriter is dating, as she seems to be keeping her personal life private. But we can convincingly say that she was not married, as at the time this article was written. This is quite impressive as most celebrities find it hard to keep their relationship away from social media.

We understand that Tems must have a lot of fans among our readers, so we would be sharing her social media handles below, for those who would like to follow her and catch up with recent happenings in her life.

Tems Social Media Handles

You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud through the following handles;

  • Instagram: @Temsbaby
  • Twitter: @Temsbaby
  • Soundcloud: Temsbaby

In Conclusion, this article provides you with every detail out there on Tems and from what we have seen so far on this article, there is so much more to expect from our talented singer.

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