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Official Cost of Processing Australian Graduate Student Visa (2023)

The cost of processing Australian student Visa is a popular topic among young people nowadays; Australia has emerged as a top destination for students and workers from every part of the world. The reasons are simple;

Australia has excellent learning institutions where people can arm themselves with knowledge, skills, and qualifications to be competitive in the job market. Furthermore, Australia has a great economy where one can find meaningful work, and experience career growth.

All these reasons combine to make Australia the country of choice for most people who wish to study abroad, and who wish to explore the options to have a better life.

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Breakdown Cost of Processing Australian Student Visa

The cost of obtaining an Australian student visa has been slightly reviewed, but is still within the reach of most students from third world countries. It is also important to note that unsteady nature of currency exchange rates may slightly affect what you pay in the end.

However, at the present time, this is how much you will have to pay.

How Much Does Australia Student Visa Fees Cost?

The student visa fee itself is AUD$650. However, there still other expenses to be incurred. You will still need to do a medical, as well as biometrics. Even the police certificates are not free.

ExpensesCostIn Naira
Student Visa FeeAUD$650N315,900
Medical ExamN60,000
Police CertificateN40,000
Health InsuranceAUD 438N212,868

The above fees do not include your airfare, or the tuition, or the money you will need to have with you to support yourself.

The above fees will not all be collected by the Australian government. They are only interested in the visa fee itself which must be paid via MasterCard, VISA, or American Express.

The other fees that will be paid such as the biometrics and medicals do not directly concern the Australian high commission. They are only interested in seeing that their requirements have been complied with.

What Are The Requirements For Australian Student Visas?

Travel Passport

This is not mentioned on the Australian Immigration website, but it is a no-brainer. The travel passport is your primary document of identification, and at the same time it is the document that will facilitate your travel.

This document is where basic information about you will be obtained, and where the visa will be affixed.

Depending on conditions in your country, it may be easy to obtain. However, the general advise is that students should get this document well in advance of the date when they are intending to travel. This is because it is not uncommon to hear that people have to wait for several months before the passports are delivered.

Health Check-up & Insurance

An important step towards getting an Australian student visa is having proof of good health. You get that at a medical facility in your home country. It is important to note that this health checkup must show that you are of sound physical health.

The checkup will need to show that the applicant does not have any highly contagious illness such as Tuberculosis or Covid 19. The Medical exam should also include chest x-rays which will prove that the applicant is in good health medically and anatomically.

You will also need to register for Health Insurance; in this case it is Overseas Student Health Insurance. It costs AUD 438 per person for 12 months. Your travel agent can help you with this.

It is also important to note that any family member you are bringing with you will need to have his own health insurance cover. Furthermore, the date on the health insurance must start on the day you are billed to land in Australia.

Language Requirements

You may be required to do an English Language proficiency exam, or to prove that you sufficient understanding of the English Language.

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Usually this is proven by a satisfactory score in international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAE, and some that may be specific to occupations. It is also important to note that the tests must have been taken in the 2 years preceding when the visa application is made.

If you do not meet the satisfactory score, you can still proceed by doing a language training course. Your travel agent will be able to help you with further details.

Unconditional Offer

An unconditional offer of admission is a document showing that one has an offer to study a specified course at an institution in Australia. Of course, this document will be issued to the applicant by the institution in question.

It should clearly state the date when the course is to start, and should also state the duration of the course of study. This document is usually received via email, and the applicant will print it out.

Age Limit

The Australian government does not specify any age limit. There are students who have made it into Australia for studies post the age of 40. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the number of successful student visa applications with the applicants over the age of 40 shows that there is some regulation- people of this age may not be so successful.

If the student is below the age of 18 then special conditions may apply. This includes consent forms indicating that the applicant has the full support of his parents or lawful guardians in undertaking this quest to study.

Financial Requirements aka Proof of Funds

Aside from the costs of processing the Australian student visa, and also the airfare, you will still need to show that you have the financial capacity to cover all your expenses during your intended stay. Yes, you will have to spend money on accommodation, travel, tuition fees, food, and clothing.

You will show that you have the financial power to meet these expenses by having a bank statement that shows a sufficient annual income or at least that it contains AUD 62,222 for a single applicant and AUD 72,592 for those who wish to have their family with them.

The bank statement does not have to be in the name of the applicant; it can be in the name of your sponsor.

You can also show financial capacity through other documents such as a sponsorship letter, or a government loan, or a loan from a financial institution.

Please note that the figures supplied above represent how much one is expected to have if the stay is expected to be for one year. Some study courses may take two years or more, and the amount of money needed may differ. Your travel agent may be able to help.

Police Character Certificate

One of the important documents that will enable one to successfully process this student visa is a Character Certificate. It is a document that shows that one is a person of good moral character, which naturally is what every country wants.

The Character Certificate is obtained from the police, and states clearly that the holder has no criminal records, and that he has never been involved in any illegal activities.

Australia Graduate Student Visa Application Process

Having gone through what you require to get the student visa, let us now go through the process proper- how to implement the things you need into your visa application.

Step 1 – Apply For A Course At An Institution In Australia

Register and apply to an educational institution in Australia. Remember that the whole basis of your travelling to Australia, or for the student visa to be issued in the first place is the fact that you wish to study in that country.

Please ensure that the institution you are applying to is a reputable institution. If possible, please do some background checks, and ensure that people have previously travelled on that basis.

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Step 2 – Receive An Unconditional Offer Letter

This is self-explanatory; it is a letter that shows that one has been accepted to study at an institution in Australia. The letter should be issued by the institution you plan on studying at, and it should have your name on it.

It should also be clear about the course you want to study, and the duration. For an improved chance of success, the letter should be titled as such.

The document should say that you have been given a place on the course; not that you will be offered the course after meeting some requirements.

Step 3 – Accept The Letter And Pay The Tuition Costs

The next step is to accept the offer from the school, and then pay the tuition fee. This effectively means that you are a student of a school in Australia. You will just need to go over to that country to start your studies.

Step 4 – Receive eCOE (electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) letter

When you pay the tuition fee you will receive a letter stating that you have been enrolled for the desired courses. You print that letter. You will probably need to send the electronic copy of that document to the consular office.

Step 5 – Enroll For Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

After enrolling for the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) you will receive evidence of enrollment. Details of the OSHC have been provided earlier. It requires you to make a payment, and the details of the payment have been provided earlier.

Step 6 – Evidence of Good Health Conditions

You will need to obtain evidence of good medical fitness. That is described as a medical certificate or health check-up. It will mean going to a reputable hospital and undergoing a health screening.

The test will show that you do not have any contagious disease like Tuberculosis or Covid 19. It will also include a chest X-ray.

Step 7 – Police Character Confirmation

You will need to go to the police to obtain a character attestation document. This will be a paper document, but you will need to scan it. It will be crucial to getting the visa.

Step 8 – Passport Sized Photos

You will be required to upload passport sized photos. They should have been taken within the last one year. The passports should also not have any shadows on them, and have a white background. The standard measurement is 2 inches by 2 inches.

Step 9 – Collect All The Required Documents & Apply For Visa

The travel agent will be able to look through the documents to ensure that everything is in order. Then you will have to go online to apply for the Visa. This includes filling a 2 page form in which you will provide all your details.

Please ensure that all the information that you provide is true. If there are any discrepancies it will ultimately lead to your application being disqualified.

If you want your family members to travel with you, please declare them on the application form.

Step 10 – Pay the Application Fee

The next step naturally is to pay the application fee. The cost of processing the Australian student visa has been highlighted previously. The application will only be considered for approval if the fee is paid in full.

The fee will be paid via credit or debit cards, and the most popular ones are accepted. In most cases the money will be automatically converted to Australian Dollar from your local currency.

Step 11 – Provide your Biometrics

It is necessary to provide your biometrics, but that will not be done immediately. The consular office will send you an email telling you where and when to go for your biometrics. At the biometrics taking office, a small fee may be taken from you.

You will have to pay the fee if applicable, and then they will take your biometrics. Also, they may give you some further instructions.

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After that you will have to wait for the outcome of the student visa application. Although the consular office may have to email you to send further details. You may do so via email in which case you will need to send additional documents.

If there is any change in your personal information, such as phone number, address, relationship status, passport, etc., you must immediately update the details in your immigration account.

If the visa application is successful then you will receive communication of that via email. If on the other hand the application is rejected then you will receive communication and the reason why it was rejected. However, please note that the money will not be refunded.

Things To Note About The Australian Visa

Australia makes it a lot easier for students to stay on after the conclusion of their studies. Your travel agent can immediately tell you how to go about this, or you can defer until later. Whatever you decide upon, the outcome is the same.

You can continue to stay in Australia after your study program by applying for a different visa, and then for permanent residency. The study visa is the easiest to get, and is commonly used as a stepping stone towards permanent residency and citizenship.

There are numerous economic opportunities in Australia. The economy is sound, and the society is good. Therefore the opportunity to work in Australia is one that is too good to miss.

The most sought after work opportunities in Australia include the medical field; including nurses and doctors, and so on. Engineers are also very welcome in Australia; especially because the country has a strong mining industry.

Details To Note About The Process

The fees quoted above do not include your payment to your travel agent. Travel agents can charge fees according to their various price ranges. Therefore, if you are using a travel agent, you should naturally expect that the fees you will pay will be higher than what is stated here.

However, please beware of scams. There are numerous visa frauds and fake visa agents patrolling the streets, claiming to be able to assure their clients of successful student visa application. In the end it usually leads to the people running away with victim’s hard earned money, sometimes running into millions.

Therefore, if you must use a visa agent, please ensure that they have been recommended by a trusted person; probably, a person who has successfully used their service before, and who is now studying abroad.

Please avoid the temptation to pump your bank account shortly before applying for the visa. That is most definitely a red flag; it will usually mean that the application will be rejected. Instead, it may be better to leave the money in the account where it is, but instead obtain a letter of sponsorship from the person instead.

It is possible to bring your family with you to Australia either immediately, or later after you have started your studies in Australia. However, for this to happen you will need to declare your family in your original application form.

The family you can bring will be your partner whom you have lived with for the past 12 months, and any children you have who are below the age of 18 years. The job rights of your partner may vary depending on the course you are studying.


This post has described in detail the costs of processing Australian student visa, and how to go about the procedure. However, it may still be necessary to register with a travel agent who has experience with this particular visa application.

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