Companies That Accept Corpers in Lagos State and How Much They Pay (2024)

A lot of youth corpers get excited when they realize that the state they are to undertake the National Youth Service is Lagos.  Lagos state, like many country’s commercial hubs, presents so many life changing opportunities; as well as lots of social activities and exposure. Corpers can get their career off to a great start by getting accepted in the right companies. In this article, we discussed companies that accept corpers in Lagos State and How much they pay for your services.

Serving in Lagos state is almost another experience entirely. Lagos state has policies that are quite unique to the state’s NYSC. One of the interesting  policies for the state’s National Youth Service Corp is a special bonus for the first 100 corpers to register. They get ₦15,000 from Lagos State Government– On receiving your PPA letter, head to Alausa Secretariat, at the Ministry of Special Duties to have your record taken.

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List of Companies That Accept Corpers in Lagos State and How Much They Pay

Although most companies  request for corpers from National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, to support their company’s workforce, corpers should offer their best possible. Companies often train corpers as potential staff members. Therefore, it is necessary to get deployed to a place that best serve your interest from the outset.

Below are some of the companies that accept corpers  in Lagos state and how much they pay.

1. Phoenix and Premium Concept

What They Do:

A company that provides Legal Services.

Job description:

Perform activities which include, but not restricted to Market research, Customer Engagement and administrative functions.

Criteria: A serving corper that has the skill set to perform all functions stated in the job description, or is willing to learn.

Salary: Pays thirty thousand naira (₦30,000)

2. Real logistics. Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State.

What They Do:

A company that offers Logistics services.

Job Description: Data Entry, Customer Service and Administrative assistant

Criteria for Acceptance:

  1. A serving corpers with excellent customer service and communication skills for Administrative Assistant
  2. One year experience in data entry (Preferred).
  3. One year Administrative Assistant (Preferred).

Salary: Pays thirty thousand naira (₦30,000)

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3. Bincom Development Center

What They Do:

An IT company that conceptualizes, designs, develops and provides support on software solutions.

Job Description:

  1. Successful applicants will collaborate with various project groups to think, design, create and provide support on software solutions.
  2. Provide needed assistance to the creative design team in graphics design and illustration, web and printing briefs, project documentations, administrative tasks e.t.c.

Criteria and Requirement:

  1. NYSC corpers seeking a Place of Primary Assignment, and with passion for Graphics related tasks and an eye for detail.
  2. Must be able to show basic knowledge of any of or all of the following Adobe suites: Corel Draw Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator.

Salary: Pays twenty five thousand naira (₦25,000)

4. Fadac Resources

What They Do:

Human Resource Company.

Details: The company provides businesses with needed human capital solutions that can help upgrade performance index while reducing employment practice risks. They assist organizations of all sizes–big or small– to establish, outsource and resolve  any human resources functions/ challenges .\

Job Description

  1. Corpers provides quality compliance and administrative support to our recruitment team, clients and teammates.
  2. Corpers are responsible for maintaining satisfied clients by delivering assistance and administrative support to our consultants on various projects.
  3. Stay informed about the new developments in the HR sector.
  4. Develop a practicable knowledge of HR information databases and searchable resources. Etc


  1. A corper with excellent customer service and communication skills for an Administrative Assistant.
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and use of e-mail
  3. Good Customer Service skills
  4. Must be willing to collaborate, share knowledge and work in a team-based environment.
  5. Must be Detail oriented.

Salary: Unspecified (₦10,000-xxxxx)

Companies That Accept Corpers in Lagos State and How Much They Pay ([year]) 2

5. Upperlink Limited

What They Do: A company that provides financial Services.

Details: Upperlink Limited is a financial technology service providing firm with the capacity to deliver cutting-edge quality solutions for top performers in the industries. Upperlink Limited is a Payment Service Solution Provider licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide e-payment services to the public and private sectors.

Job Description : Project Officer

Employment Criteria : NYSC Corpers seeking a Place of Primary Assignment with an eye for details.

Salary: Unspecified (₦10,000-xxxxx)

6. Centdoor

What They Do:

An engineering company that provides solutions related to energy, telecommunication and infrastructural needs.

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for maintaining crucial project documents which track project progress.
  2. File all project documents in an appropriate database and ensure that all documents are accurate and have been accepted by the Project Manager.
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  1. A serving corper
  2. HND/BSc in any discipline.
  3. No previous experience required
  4. Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  5. Excellent critical and creative thinking and analytical skills

Salary: Unspecified (₦10,000–xxxxx)

7. Fosad Consulting

What they Do:

An IT and computer networking firm.

Job Description

  1. Interface with all functions and groups within the company and assist in two Fort Wayne facility locations.
  2. Must have a general understanding of how to set up computers and connect to network.
  3. There are multiple office conveys on a daily basis, and the IT Intern will be required to assist in the convey of all IT assets, and set-up in new offices.
  4. Possess basic knowledge of MIS concepts; ability to work well with numbers/math/statistics


  1. Company seeks a graduate currently observing NYSC with a degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline for an IT Internship in Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. The corper can work based on the directives of the supervisor.
  3. B.Sc. in Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline

I.T training is an added advantage.

  1. Ability to set up and connect computer equipment.
  2. Ability to achieve a network connection.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  4. Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Salary: Unspecified (₦20,000 and above)

8. Zerofinance Ltd.

What They Do:

Zerofinance is an online based retail company  that sells consumer goods such as Gadget, Electronics and other household appliances, Mobile phones, Tablets and much more!

Job Description:

They look to provide consumers with an interesting online retail experience through interactive websites. They offer a wide selection of authentic products from various reputable brands at competitive prices which are delivered in a speedy and reliable manner.

Criteria :

  1. A serving NYSC Corper looking for a primary place of assignment in Lagos state.
  2. Understands or is willing to learn Social media/digital marketing, Data entry, HR/Admin, Accounting e.t.c.

Salary: Unspecified (₦25,000 and above)

9. PFB Resource

What They Do: Human Resource and Consulting Firm.

Job Description:

Increase the quality and rate of recruitment by applying best practices and resource planning, that enable their clients to access  top talents in the industries for permanent roles. The recruitment activity is exceptionally reactive to the requirement of many industry sectors regarding agility of a temporary workforce.

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  1. A serving Corper with excellent customer service and communication skills for administrative Assistant.
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  3. Customer Service skills

Salary: Unspecified (₦15,000 and above)

10) Emzor Pharmaceuticals

Emzor Pharmaceuticals is an indigenuos multinational company with headoffice in Lagos, Nigeria. The company that started as a Chemist shop was founded in 1977. They are open to internship programmes as well as youth corpers seeking for jobs in Lagos so long as they meet the requirements. To apply for Job at Emzor, you are to make use of their recruitment portal. Fill the form and submit.

Salary Expectation (₦30,000 Monthly)

Bonus: It is important for all Corpers to note that they can influence their placement to a desirable place of primary assignment, PPA,  without having to pay anyone–if they act smartly of course.

There are a few ways to achieve a placement to you desired PPA even before the registration for NYSC; the first way is to get a request letter from your desired firm and obtain a rejection letter from the default PPA given in orientation camp, the second means is to be an active official in platoon activities. E.g. Sport official; active officials usually  get the opportunity to choose placement.

Finally, Youth Corpers, in a bid to find a place to serve, make a few mistakes. These mistakes are discussed and corrected as follows: Corpers should avoid being hasty with regards to making  decisions about the place of primary assignment.  You can do the monthly clearance without having been accepted by any place of primary assignment, PPA, for three months.

A common mistake is to accept any offer that comes your way just because other corpers have done documentation and have started to work. Take your time to ensure the job you have is relevant to your skills and qualifications. The number of times you’re rejected is not also a big deal. If the place of deployment has no need for your service at the period of your deployment, and you are considered an excess requirement, then it is no cause for alarm.