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MAUTECH School Fees For New Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola (MAUTECH) school fees and acceptance fee for 2021/2022 academic session has been released by the management and school authority.

This information is for newly admitted students or prospective students who have chosen MAUTECH as their preferred choice of Institution during the UTME registration or just want to inquire about MAUTECH school fees for fresh students 2021/2022 academic session?

The table below is a detailed schedule of MAUTECH School fees for all courses offered in the institution, and please note that this fee is strictly undergraduate students.

The fees payable at the Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH) as seen in the table below includes MAUTECH acceptance fee, school/tuition fee for new and returning students and other fees payable by new students as mandated by the management of the university.

MAUTECH School Fees For New Students 2021/2022 Academic Session 1

All newly admitted students are to take note:

  • MAUTECH acceptance fee is to be paid first upon admission into the University, this is a process applicable in all universities in Nigeria, be it private universities, Federal or state universities. It serves as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB.
  • Late payment of MAUTECH school or acceptance fee would attract extra charges and failure to pay the fees on time could lead to the student’s inability to seat for their semester examination or forfeiture of admission as approved by the management of the institution.

MAUTECH, like most Federal Universities in Nigeria, do not offer the option of paying school fees in installments due to the affordability, unlike their states and private counterparts.

See breakdown of MAUTECH School fees for new and returning students 2021/2022 academic session below.

Upon completion of this post, readers ought to be clear about the following;

  • Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH) School fees for new students 2021/2022 academic session
  • MAUTECH School fees for all courses 2021/2022 academic session
  • MAUTECH school fees for foreign students 2021/2022 academic session
  • Other fees and charges as seen in the table below.

Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola  (MAUTECH) School Fees Schedule for New &Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

All fresh/newly admitted students of Modibbo Adama University of Technology, (MAUTECH) are advised to pay their tuition fees for 2021/2022 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.


Agric Economics & Extension (AGE) 37,300.00 37,300.00
Animal Science & Range Management 37,300.00 37,300.00
Crop Prods & Horticulture CPH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Crop Protection                                  CPT 37,300.00 37,300.00
Forestry & Wildlife Mgt. (FWM) 38,300 38,300
Fisheries (FSH) 39,800 39,800
Food Science & Tech. (FST) 38,300 38,300
Soil Science (SOS) 39,800 39,800
Architecture (ARC) 39,800 39,800
Industrial Design  (IDS) 39,800 39,800
Geography (GEY) 39,800 39,800
Surveying (SVG) 39,800 39,800
Urban & Regional Planning (URP) 39,800 39,800
Agric. & Env. Engineering (AEE) 40,300 40,300
Chemical Engineering (CHE) 40,300 40,300
Civil Engineering (CVE) 41,300 41,300
Elect/Elect. Engineering (EEE) 40,300 40,300
Mechanical Engineering (MCE) 40,300 40,300
Information Technology (IMT) 37,300 37,300
Economics (ECO) 27,300 27,300
Management Tech. (MGT) 37,300 37,300
Banking and Finance (BAF) 37,300 37,300
Accountancy (ACC) 37,300 37,300
Library Science & Info.Tech. 37,300 37,300
Zoology (ZOO) 38,300 38,300
Plant Science (Botony) 38,300 38,300
Microbiology (MCB) 38,800 38,800
Biochemistry 37,300 37,300
Pure Chemistry (CHM) 37,300 37,300
Industrial chemistry (ICH) 37,300 37,300
Computer Sciences (CSC) 37,300 37,300
Mathematics (MTH) 37,300 37,300
Maths with Economics (MEC) 37,300 37,300
Physics (PHY) 37,300 37,300
Statistics (STA) 37,300 37,300
Operations Research (OPR) 37,300 37,300
Geology (GLY) 42,300 42,300
Laboratory Technology (LTH) 37,300 37,300
Biotechnology (BTH) 37,300 37,300
Biology Education (BLE) 38,300 38,300
Geography Education (GED) 38,300 38,300
Maths. Education (MED) 38,300 38,300
Physics Education (PHE) 38,300 38,300
Statistics Education (STE) 38,300 38,300
Chemistry Education (CME) 38,300 38,300
Business Education (BED) 38,300 38,300
Agric Technology Education (ATE) 38,300 38,300
Home Economic Education    (HEE) 38,300 38,300
Electrical Tech. Education (EED) 38,300 38,300
Mech. Tehnology Education (MTE) 38,300 38,300
Construction Tech. Education (CTE) 38,300 38,300
*Note.All foreign students are to pay additional =N=20,000.000 UTME DE
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We get hundreds of questions daily, we reply and answer accordingly, therefore if you have any question(s) as regards MAUTECH school fees for new students 2021/2022 academic session, hit us up via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly but you are advised to read the information provided carefully before sending down your requests.

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