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Best German Language Schools In Lagos and Their Tuition Fees (2023)

The German language is a Western Germanic language popularly known as an official language in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, The German language is not only restricted to those countries alone but also one of the co-official spoken language in European countries. In Europe, the German language is the most popular mother tongue language which beats other languages such as English, French and Spanish.

A recent research carried out shows that approximately 16% of the population in Europe speaks German as their first language. However, German is what you should learn if you want to study in Europe or start a business in any country in Europe. It has been the major problem of Nigerians to find where they can learn German asides English language (the official language in Nigeria).

We thought it necessary to publish this important information based on calls, texts and emails from our readers on where they can learn the German language in Lagos, We put effort, gather the list of the German language schools in Lagos for us to meet the demand of our readers, please do not get this wrong, French Language too is another predominant language in Africa, during the colonial Era, the French were able to conquer many territories and enforce their language, style and tradition on them, it is one of the major reasons many a=African nations speak the french language too, so business executives and tourists find it difficult in communicating with it, so we helped out by writing an article on the list of best french schools in Lagos, their contact details and tuition fee, a write up which has so far assisted many in need of learning the language.

Back to the onus of this post, before we unleash the list of the German language schools in Lagos, you will need to know some facts about this language before you learn about it.

German words have three genders– When it comes to the aspect of gender, the two nouns are masculine and feminine which makes it quite difficult for English language learners. The case is more complicated in German language because of the three genders(neuter, masculine and feminine).

German share 60% of English language vocabulary– English and German share almost 60% of the same vocabulary which makes it easy to learn for those that understand the English language.

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It’s the third most commonly taught language– German outshines Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, making it be among the most commonly taught languages after English and French in the world.

Best German Language Schools In Lagos and Their Tuition Fees ([year]) 1

Finally, below are the list of the German language schools in Lagos:

Best German Language Schools In Lagos and Their Tuition Fees

  1. Lextorah School of Languages

Lextorah School of Languages is a language school in Lagos that offer quality language education for people(Young and Old), and all students that really need to learn German language in Nigeria.

They majorly focus on prospective students willing and with desire to effectively communicate in a foreign language. However, Lextorah School of Languages do not just focus on effective communication in German language, but also, offer training in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese Mandarin.

The school fee is affordable as it ranges from N35,000 to N75,000, this depends on your financial muscle as a trainee.

  1. Foursquare Language School

Foursquare Language School is also one of the language school in Lagos. This school teaches different level of courses in German, they teach students how to effectively communicate in German and also how they can write in German. Not only that, they also offer training in other languages such as Spanish, Chinese and French. The school fee which also includes accommodation ranges from N75,000 to N85,000.

  1. Graceville school

Graceville School is also one of the German language school in Lagos offering quality training to those that are willing to learn German language. They teach German including Spanish and French. The school teaches students of all ages ranging from 5years to the adult. Not only that, they make use of technology to enhance quality teaching and for students benefits. In the process of learning, students are taught how to read, speak and write with German. The school has produced many graduates that are able to speak and write with German and the school fee is pocket-friendly (N65, 000).

  1. Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut is an institute of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos, they are unarguably the best School if German Language not just within Nigeria but Western Africa too, they mainly focus on German language, unlike other foreign language schools that teach other languages.

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Goethe Institut training in the German Language and their major aim is to promote German language in Nigeria. Goethe Institut is located in Lagos Island (Nigeria). They offer both offline training and online training for the benefits of those that are not in Lagos. However, online training is free while offline training involves a fee which is pocket-friendly (N75,000).

  1. Strongbridge School of Languages

If you live within the Festac, Staellite, Mile 2 down along Nadagry express way, Strongbridge School of languages is for you.  Just like other foreign language schools, Strongbridge School of languages provide effective, efficient and conducive environment for teaching German language asides others. They are located in Akanbi Soetan Street, Alakija, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos state,.

Strongbridge School allows students of all ages to participate in the training. Their tuition training fee ranges between N35,000 and N70,000.

  1. Globolingua Consult

Globolingua consult is another language school in Lagos that offers rigorous training in the German language, French and English language. This school teaches their students how to speak German fluently and also how to write and read German. The school fee is pocket-friendly ranging from N25,000 to N65,000. It is where you can learn the German language at an affordable price.

  1. Easy Language School

Easy school of languages (ESL) is the oldest language school in Lagos, The school offers qualitative and functional training in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese. Not only that, they also offer linguistic services such as language translation. However, the school’s management uses quality programs such as excursion, social activities, etc. to enhance the students understanding in learning foreign languages and helping them to understand the basic communication process.

The programs are in three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level) which make them be able to engage students of a different age range.

  1. Ambassadors’ Language School

Ambassadors’ Language School is a German language school in Ikeja, Lagos. They offer quality training to students willing to learn foreign language most especially German, Ambassadors’ language school is where you can learn German at an affordable price(N65,000 – N75,000). Beyond teaching German Language, they also offer linguistic services such as Language translation and more.

  1. Fsnlink Communication

Fsnlink communication is also one of the language schools in Lagos that offer training to students desiring to learn German. The training fee is pocket-friendly (N35,000 – N65,000) and qualified instructors are available to teach you an easy way on how you can speak German fluently.

  1. Sheban Sprachshule

Sheban Sprachshule is also a German language school in Lagos where you can learn how to speak and write German. Their school fee is also affordable ranging from N45,000 to N60,000.

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The above are not the complete list of German Schools of Language in Lagos, Nigeria but we can confidently brag about them being among the top 10 best school of German language in Lagos state as at 2023.

As seen in the post above, you would agree with us that their school fees or better put, registration fee and tuition fee is pocket friendly compared to the services rendered by these foreign Language schools. Judging from above, we can also confirm that some of the language training schools go as far as offering accommodation for their students, though this comes with extra costs.

So from the above so far, making a choice as regards the German school of language closest to you should not be a challenge and if you do not have any nearby, you can opt in for an online training class as offered by Goethe Institute so the decision at the end rests with you.

Your opinions as regards the list of German language schools in Lagos and their tuition fee (estimated) is very valuable to other readers in need, therefore if you know of any German Language schools on the Island or Mainland, kindly reach out to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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