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List of Courses Offered In Accounting Department For 1st And 2nd Semester

Accounting is one of the most dreaded courses under the faculty of Management science unknowingly to them, it is one of the most interesting courses you can offer as a commercial student. If you are reading this post, you most probably must have gained admission into a university or polytechnic and you are inquisitive about the courses that you would be offering under the department of Accounting or just making enquiries as regards the list of courses that are offered in Accounting department.

Accounting courses in 100 Level are basically borrowed course with the exception of Principles of Accounting which is known as a CORE or MAJOR course under Accounting. Other courses are borrowed. Let this sound as a warning to all intending Accounting students that if you fail Principles of Accounting or Financial Accounting as it is better known as, you cannot graduate from the university or polytechnic.

There have been cases where a student fails a borrowed course and the department waives it for the student so he or she can graduate with other students, such does not happen for core courses like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation and the likes. Though when you get to 300Level you will be introduced to the likes of Cost Accounting, Taxation, Public Sector Accounting and the likes.

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List of Courses Offered In Accounting Department For 1st And 2nd Semester 1

As a fresh student or prospective accounting student, you can make good use of the underlisted accounting courses in order to know what to expect when you gain admission to study this course. The course codes seen below vary from one school to another but the curriculum are basically the same.

As for the recommended text books for the courses offered in Accounting department, schools have their recommended text books written either by lecturers in the said university or polytechnic or an Accounting Scholar from another institution so there is no one particular Accounting Text books for the accounting courses listed below.

Another general course for all 100 level fresh students is the GST or GNS otherwise known as General Studies. These courses have to be taken seriously. It is a mixture of Science, English Language, History, Philosophy and logic. Whether you are an Accounting student or not, you must offer these courses and mind you, you must pass it or be ready to have an extra year in school. There is no waiver for this course. It is as important as your major courses.

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Many students have looked down on these courses in the past and has resulted in them spilling over to the next year. So you must pass GST or GNS before your final year or be ready to have an extra year. It is best advised you study really hard and pass it in your 100 Level to avoid the burden that comes along with carryover courses.

Based on the fact we known many students upon gaining admission do not know or have an idea of what Accounting courses they are most likely to offer, we thought it necessary to write up the list of courses that are offered in Accounting department in order to get them better prepared academically for the session ahead.

These courses are for both first and second semester ( one full academic session), we differentiated both semesters so you know which of the courses falls under first semester and which falls under second semester too.

List of Accounting Course For 100 Level Fresh Students

100 level First Semester Accounting Courses

Core Course

ACC 101 Principles of Accounting

Required Ancillary Courses

ECO 101 Principles of Economics

FMS 101 Business Mathematics

LAW 111 Nigeria Legal System

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General Studies Courses

GST 111 Communication in English

GST 113 Nigeria Peoples and Culture

GST 121 Use of Library, Study skills and ICT

GST 125 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies

Total 19

100 level (Yr 1) Second Semester Accounting Courses

Core Course

ACC 102 Principles of Accounting

Required Ancillary Courses

CSC 102 Computer Application

ECO 102 Principles of Economics

FMS 102 Business Mathematics

LAW 112 Nigeria Legal System

PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology

General Studies Courses

GST 102 Fundamental Philosophy

GST 112 Philosophy and Logic

GST 122 Communication in English

As said earlier, you can ignore the course codes because most schools have their various course codes, though it is similar to the above. But be rest assured that the courses listed above are the courses that all fresh students of Accounting must offer for both first and second semester before moving to 200 Level.

Is this information helpful? all questions related to courses offered in Accounting departments can be sent to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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