How to Solve Simultaneous Equations Using Graphical Method in WAEC & JAMB

Simultaneous equation is quite an easy mathematics to solve if you are familiar with the prescribed formula. Note that there are two methods of solving any simultaneous equations either in WAEC, NECO, JAMB or any examination or test you are tried on this topic.

Simultaneous equation is one of the most common topics in mathematics that the West African Examination Council, WAEC test candidates for every year. You will either see it as an objective question or as a theoretical question and sometimes it could appear on both sections.

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When simultaneous equation appears under theory section, most likely, you would be mandated to attempt the question using Graphical method because the body wants to test your in-depth understanding on this maths topic. Not to worry, we have broken down the steps on how to solve simultaneous equation graphically, it would assist candidates or students in a long way in achieving the full score awarded to the question.

For the sake of this post, i will be putting you through the simple and complete breakdown on how to solve simultaneous equations using Graphical method.

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The 2 methods of solving simultaneous equations are likened to;

  1. Graphical method
  2. Algebraic methods (Substitution and Elimination)

By going through the example below, you should be able to solve any simultaneous equation question you are faced with using the Graphical method.

Note that there are steps and procedure that must be strictly adhered to when solving simultaneous equations using the graphical method. Follow the breakdown below.

Example  1– For each equation, find coordinates for two points on the graph. An easy way of doing this is finding corresponding values when x = 0 and when y = 0. (Note: this will give 2 sets of coordinates which, since the equation is linear, is enough although it is a god idea to check at least one more point on the line.)

For x + y = 4 this gives (0,4) and (4,0) which we plot and then extend a straight line through.

How to Solve Simultaneous Equations Using Graphical Method in WAEC & JAMB 2

equations 4x – 2y = 10 and x + y = 4 shown plotted on coordinate plane.

Note that the coordinates through which the lines pass are solutions to each equation. And the coordinates of the point at which they cross, (3,1)is the solution to the pair of simultaneous equations.

It is pertinent to note that after getting your x and y variables, always confirm the correctness of your workings by checking the values for x and y in the other equation.

Did you find this simple to understand? if you have questions on how to graphically solve simultaneous equation in WAEC or any examination, please reach us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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