20 Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination (WASSCE)

Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects by most candidates sitting for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) because they fail to prepare properly for this subject. One strategy of passing mathematics in WAEC is studying hard and most importantly, knowing the compulsory questions that WAEC examiners test students on that is why we have listed the 20 most compulsory WAEC topics in Mathematics for you to test yourself on.

The importance of mathematics as a requirement for admission into various higher institution can not be over emphasized. According to various higher institutions, one of the numerous admission requirements is that candidate passes mathematics and English language. However, there are some courses offered in higher institutions that do not require mathematics or a Credit pass as a requirement but they are just a handful.

20 Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination (WASSCE) 1

Passing mathematics in WAEC is very simple so long as you are prepared for the questions ahead. Getting prepared as a result of being aware of the most likely Maths questions in WAEC makes it even more interesting.

The most likely topics listed below are compulsory topics in both Objective (Obj) and theory. To further break it down, we highlighted the most common topics under objective and theory for ease of understanding. Knowing the most compulsory topics in MathematicsĀ  for WAEC is not enough as adequate preparedness is key to passing maths in your exam that is why you are advised to get past questions and and answer papers and test yourself on the under-listed topics below to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses.

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WAEC examiners are very smart, they know it is very possible to attempt all questions adequately with the allotted time so they present you with time wasting questions like word problems that carries equal marks with other simpler and direct ones. In this case, you are advised to skip questions on word problems and come back to it after being done with the others. However, strengths and weaknesses differ so if you know you are very good at word problems, you could go ahead with it when confronted with one.

One last thing to note is that different marks are allotted to different questions. In the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) questions on Graphs carry the highest markĀ as well as time wasting so you must maintain a balance when solving questions on this topic. Questions on Graphs alone carry at least 12 marks in WASSCE.

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Much has been said not just about the 20 compulsory topics in Mathematics examination but how to attempt them and which question must be given priority in the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. Now i will be listing the 20 most common WAEC topics in Mathematics you must come accross in both Objective and theory section. These topics when mastered MUST guarantee you a distinction in Mathematics in WAEC or any examination in Nigeria or abroad.

20 Most Compulsory WAEC Topics in Mathematics Examination

The topics listed below are:

  1. Probability (Objective questions)
  2. Statistics (Theory questions)
  3. Circle Theorem (Theory questions)
  4. Logarithm (Theory questions)
  5. Quadratic equation
  6. Mensuration (Plane shapes and solid shapes)
  7. Fraction/Evaluation
  8. Polygons (Interior and exterior angles)
  9. Angles (Reflex, Obtuse and Acute Angles)
  10. Sets
  11. Indices
  12. Binary Operations
  13. Pie Charts
  14. Trigonometry
  15. Bearing
  16. Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
  17. Graphs ( This topic carries the highest mark in WAEC and NECO examination) (Theory questions)
  18. Word problems (Theory and Obj questions)
  19. Standard form
  20. Vehn Diagram

Please take the above topics very seriously. If you are willing and determined to pass maths in WAEC or NECO, your mastery of the 20 compulsory topics with the approved WAEC text book for senior secondary school and attempts on various past questions would do you a lot of positives in passing this subject.

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Do you have any questions as regards the above? please reach out to us via the comment section below and we shall respond immediately. Note that the most likely WAEC topics for Mathematics examination listed above does not mean you should avoid other topics, remember that the examiner isn’t testing you for maths topics in SS 3 classes only but on all maths topics ranging from SS 1 first term to the completion of your SS3. It is as a result of its cumbersomeness that i thought it necessary to list the exact topics that must come out yearly after thorough research.

Best of luck to all aspirants.

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